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Advanced iFrame Pro v 2020

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Include content the way YOU like in an iframe that can hide and modify elements and forward parameters. You can also embed content directly or show a part of an iframe.

Please check the quickstart section before you buy! There you find out which features are available for you! E.g. to resize the content to the height or modify css of a remote iframe YOU NEED TO ADD ONE LINE OF JAVASCRIPT TO THE REMOTE PAGE !!!!! Also you can not include HTTP pages into HTTPS pages!
You should have basic html/css knowhow to be able to identify elements of your webpage.

Live demos

Check the pro demo for working examples of most of the main features. The examples are a good start for any feature you want to use.

Resize the iframe to the content height or width
On the same domain or if you are able to use the external workaround you can resize the iframe to the iframe height. Also dynamic size changes in the iframe are detected and even auto height of hidden elements is supported.

Show only specifiy areas of the iframe
Even if you are NOT on the same domain and you are NOT able to modify the external page you can show a part of the remote iframe. With the included area selector you can simply select the area you want to show with your mouse. Also you can hide certain areas of the other page. For perfect integration zoom is also supported!

Zoom iframe content
You can zoom the content of an iframe with a fixed ratio and also by auto zoom which does calculate the factor depending on the browser size. Especially on non responsive pages this can be the only solution for mobile devices.

Modify css styles

You can dynamically change the css of the parent and depending on your setup even of the iframe page too. So you can hide elements like header and footers or overwrite static sizes to make a page more responsive.

Lazy load
Lazy load is the perfect feature to enhance the loading time of your page. So first your main page is loaded and afterwards the iframe. You can also load the iframe when it is visible only or load the iframe with a click on a button.

Loading indicator
Loading iframes often takes additional time. So now you can show your users a loading icon until the iframe is fully loaded.

Responsive iframes/videos
Advanced iframe pro has several options to make your iframes responsive. Also videos are supported. Please see this blog entry for details.

Browser detection
Many websites look different on different devices. With the included browser detection you are able to show different iframes or different parts of an iframe depending on the detected device.

Change link targets and urls and show iframes as layer with header/footer
You can dynamically change the link targets of the parent and depending on your setup even of the iframe page too. In the iframe even links can be changed now! This also enables the feature that links can be directly opened in an extra layer in an iframe. So users don’t leave your webpage even when they select external links! A custom header/footer can also be included to the layer.

Scrolling on ipad and iphone
By default not all IOS versions do support scrolling inside an iframe. An IOS workaround combined with the browser detection is done in the plugin as the IOS workaround does not work on other systems!

Advanced url parameter handling
Many options to parse parameters are supported. You can forward parameters from the parent and you have many placeholders like the current WordPress username. You can even add the iframe url as parameter to the parent url to be able to bookmark the current selected page.

Use iframes in the widget areas

A widget is included to add iframes or even any shortcode in your widget areas.

Provide parts of your website to other domains
This feature does enable you to offer parts of your website by only 2 lines of code (js + iframe). See the “content filter” and the “Add ai_external.js local” solution.

Check your iframes
The iframe checker is now included internally and can also check once every day all of your iframes! Since version 2020 this is done in parallel AND also checks iframe which are NOT advanced iframe iframes! So can monitor already existing iframes if they are still can be included! Everyone who uses iframes should use this features to make sure that users don’t see blank pages suddenly.

Standalone version included!
You can use this plugin not only in WordPress but any php page where you can insert a few lines of code!

Cookie iframe support!
Safari and IE do not support Cookies in iframes very well by default. Also all other browsers can be configured that this does not work. The 3rd party cookie in iframe workaround provides a possible fix for this!

Gutenberg support!
A Gutenberg block is now also included.

Quick start guide

The quickstart guide is also available as video tutorial.

To include a webpage to your page please check the following things first:

Most likely you have one of the following setups:

  1. iframe cannot be included: You cannot include the content because the owner does not allow this.
  2. iframe can be included and you are on a different domain: See the feature comparison chart and the features availability overview. To resize the content to the height/width or modify css you need to modify the remote iframe page by adding one line of Javascript to enable the provided workaround.
  3. Iframe can be included and you are on the same domain: All features of the plugin can be used.

Check the feature comparison chart which features are available in detail for your setup. Please do this before you buy!

To enter a simple iframe please go to the administration and follow the instructions on the basic settings tab. There you can either use a basic shortcode and set the settings in the administration or overwrite the settings directly in the shortcode. Please also read the FAQ and look at the free and pro examples.

Advanced users that have their own server might also setup a reverse proxy if the iframe page is on a different domain and cannot use the external workaround. See this blog for details.
If you mix http and https read this blog. Parent https and iframe http does not work on all mayor browsers!


  • Upload the folder ‘advanced-iframe’ from the zip file to the ’/wp-content/plugins ’ directory. Make sure the file advanced-iframe.php is in the directory /wp-content/plugins/advanced-iframe
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  • Place ‘[advanced_iframe]’ in your pages or posts. The optional security key can be found at Settings -> Advanced iFrame Pro


Simply download the zip from codecanyon and overwrite all files from your previous installation with ftp or unistall the plugin (free or pro) and install the new version again. All settings are stored in the database so you don’t loose anything. Also use this way if you have used the personal version you can get on
If you have some radio elements empty after the update simply select the one you like and save again.

Please save the advanced iframe settings once to update the generated ai_external.js to the latest version! On production systems you should add a version counter to the ai_external.js to avoid caching if you use the external workaround e.g.: …/ai_external.js?version=6


Go to Settings -> Advanced iFrame Pro

Advanced iFrame Pro attributes

Please go to the administration for all possible short code attributes. If you only use one iframe please use the settings in the administration because there each parameter is explained in detail and also the defaults are set there.

[advanced_iframe securitykey=”123451234512345” src=”” width=”100%” height=”500”]

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the latest FAQ here:
Please go there if you e.g. want to include several iframes on the same page.

You also find the documentation included in the download on the FAQ page.

Rate Advanced iFrame Pro

Please feel free to leave an item rating from your items download page if you haven’t already done so.

Please get in contact with me before giving a bad rating because most of the problems are easy to solve. Also make sure that you took a look at the quick start guide to make sure the feature you like can be used!

Change log and features of advanced iframe pro v2020

By entering the shortcode ‘[advanced_iframe]’ you can include any webpage to any page or article.
The following cool features compared to a normal iframe are implemented:

  • New: Pro demo with the most important pro features. Please allow the demo to load because there are 10 different iframes on this page which takes a while to load.
  • New: Graphical interface to select the area you want to show: See area selector.
  • Hide areas of the parent layout to give the iframe more space
  • Show only specific areas of the iframe even when the iframe is on a different domain (see the FAQ for limitations) or include parts directly (same domain) by jQuery
  • Hide areas of an iframe
  • Modify css styles in the parent and the iframe to e.g. change the width of the content area
  • Forward parameters to the iframe
  • Resize the iframe to the content height (same domain or with the external workaround) or width (same domain) on loading, AJAX or click
  • Scroll the parent to the top when the iframe is loaded
  • Hide the content until it is fully loaded
  • Add a css and js file to the parent page
  • Security code: You can only insert the shortcode with a valid security code from the administration.
  • Widget support
  • Browser detection: browser dependent iframes are possible
  • Modify link targets on the parent and in the iframe (external workaround)
  • Url forward parameter mapping
  • Redirect direct access of the iframe page to the parent page.
  • Zoom iframe content
  • Iframe loading icon
  • Accordion admin menu
  • Map parameter/value pairs to urls
  • Support for auto resize of hidden iframes.
  • Responsive iframes – *See this blog entry
  • Read only iframes
  • New 5.8: Shortcode generator
  • New 5.8: Open parameter url in iframe
  • New 5.8: Responsive video iframes
  • New 5.9: Lazy load of iframes
  • New 5.10: Write css directly
  • New 5.10: Resize iframe on element resize
  • New 5.10: Write css as script directly to the header
  • New 5.10: Add a css style to each parent element of the iframe
  • New 5.10: Dynamic src parameter + support of shortcodes
  • New 5.10: Include additional js to the iframe
  • New 6.0: Auto zoom
  • New 6.0: Lazy load with hidden elements
  • New 6.0: Support for the BBCode iframe
  • New 6.3: Support for configuration files for the external workaround
  • New 6.3: Standalone version included: Use the plugin also without WordPress!
  • New 6.4: 29 new features and 6 bug fixes. See the history
  • New 6.5: 15 new features and 8 bug fixes. Especially the administration was improved a lot!
  • New 7.0 The „show iframe as layer feature“ has now a fullscreen mode with custom header and footer!
  • New 7.0: Scrolling on ipad and iphone is supported!
  • New 7.0: Show only a port of an iframe support now zoom
  • New 7.0: 21 new features and 4 bug fixes. See the history
  • New 7.1: 11 new features and 4 bug fixes. See the history
  • New 7.2: 3 new features and 4 bug fixes. See the history
  • New 7.3: 19 (!) new features and 1 bug fix. See the history
  • New 7.4.x: 11 new features and 2 bug fixes. See the history
  • New 7.5: 20 new features/improvements and 7 bug fixes. See the history
  • New 7.5.1: 4 new features/improvements and 6 bug fixes. See the history There is an important bugfix for IE. So if you have version 7.5 you NEED to update to 7.5.1
  • New 7.5.2: 16 new features/improvements and 2 bug fixes. See the history
  • New 7.5.3: The external workaround was broken in 7.5.2 which does now work again. See the history
  • New 7.5.4: 9 new features/improvements and 4 bug fixes. See the history
  • New 7.5.5: 5 new features/improvements and 4 bug fixes. See the history
  • New 7.5.6: 2 new features/improvements and 1 bug fixes. See the history
  • New 7.5.7: 5 new features/improvements and 4 bug fixes. See the history
  • New 7.6: 19 new features/improvements and 7 bug fixes. See the history
  • New 2019.x: Full Gutenberg and anchor support! many new features/improvements and bug fixes. See the history
  • New 2020.x: Administration redesign + parallel iframe checker + many new features/improvements and bug fixes. See the history

See the full feature list on the comparison chart:

Please note: Modification inside the iframe and auto height are only possible if you are on the same domain or use a workaround like described in the settings.

All settings can be set with shortcode attributes as well. If you only use one iframe please use the settings in the administration because there each parameter is explained in detail and also the defaults are set there.

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Advanced iFrame Pro

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Advanced iFrame Pro

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