ARB | Appointment Reservation and Booking Plugin for WooCommerce

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ARB version 2.0 Released

We are excited to announce the availability of ARB version 2.0. This latest release of ARB Plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce version 4.0.1+ and included so many cool features. Check out the Live Demo Cheers

ARB Reservations plugin is an easy-to-use and easy-to-manage booking tool, which is the most flexible Booking Platform based on WooCommerce. This WooCommerce extension plugin allows your customers reserve hotel rooms or resorts, appointments for courses, doctors, salons, renting products, and any other businesses which require appointment booking. In addition It has Request for Quote feature as well. With this feature users can negotiate and as admin you can set custom pricing for that person who requests for quote.

Current Version of ARB Plugin is: Version 2.0

Synchronize ARB Bookings with your Google Calendar

With ARB Google Calendar add-on you can manage your bookings with maximum efficiency.

You can sync all your booking orders from your WordPress to your Google Calendar. The syncing is automated. That means, whenever a new booking order is paid, completed or confirmed, that booking order will be synced automatically to your Google Calendar. You’ll be able to explore and manage the appointments straight up from your mobile using your Google Calendar app. Even you can email the user directly from your Google Calendar.

If a booking is cancelled, that will be removed automatically from your Google Calendar as well. So, you will be finding only the active bookings in your Google Calendar. No need to worry about removing cancelled bookings from calendar yourself.

Manage Hourly or even Fraction of Hour Bookings

You can let your clients book by Months, Days, Hours and even Minutes. For example, If you want to make a 10 minutes online course bookable, you can do so easily with ARB reservation plugin

Configuring Tax Options

ARB works with WooCommerce Tax system. WooCommerce Tax tab displays several options that can be set to suit your needs — settings you choose are based on the tax jurisdiction under which your store is located.

Also, you can set different tax rates for different countries or even different states.

Discount Coupons

WooCommerce supports four discount types by default:

1. Cart Discount — a fixed discount on your whole cart
2. Cart % Discount — a percentage discount on your whole cart
3. Product Discount — a fixed discount on a specific product/s
4. Product % Discount — a percentage discount on a specific product/s

With ARB booking products you can apply any of the above discount coupons.

You can configure your coupon’s specific requirements — in other words, how it’s activated.

For example, you can set which minimum/maximum subtotals the coupon is valid between — great for ‘10% off orders over $100’ promotions.

You can also check the checkboxes to restrict one coupon code per order and prevent the coupon being applied to sale items.

Let your customers view and edit reservations online

Customers can have an account in your WordPress site and with that account they can manage various things like view bookings, edit bookings, cancel bookings, make payment etc.

Confirm your bookings manually

With ARB Reservations plugin you can confirm reservations manually. New reservations with pending status will be shows, so that you could know that they are waiting for approval and approve them manually.

Add unlimited number of booking forms on your site

ARB allows you to create and publish multiple booking forms in your WordPress website. No matter how many booking forms you add to your site. You will manage to find all your bookings in a single calendar.

Translation Ready

ARB plugin is translation ready and supports Multi-language. POT file is included with all the translated strings you need for the plugin.

WooCommerce compatibility

ARB is an Add-on for WooCommerce. So, it is fully compatible with WooCommerce latest versions. All the functionality of WooCommerce you can use with ARB.

Customizable Design

Match the booking form’s design with your website. You can change the look and color of the plugin’s front-end.

6 Months Customer Support

Not only detailed Documentation and Video Tutorials, but also Support team is ready to help you with setting up the plugin to your site.

Why do I need ARB?

You need ARB if you are trying to find a booking engine that has flexible pricing machine to handle a complex type of pricing grid like this:

Adults: 1 & 2 = $150/night (flat rate for couple)
Adults: 3, 4 & 5 or more = add $30/night / person

Children: 6 to 12 years = add $15/night
Child 0 to 6 years = free

You need ARB if you have complex situation like this:

Lets say you sell courses and your course is available from Sunday to Friday.
Your course duration is 1:30 hours. And they are available as follows:
Monday to Friday your course run from 10:00 – 17:30
Friday your course run from 10:00 – 16:00.

If a duration of a course is booked (lets say from 10:00 – 11:30 is booked), you do not want to display that time slot to any other clients. So that no double booking happens.

If a full day is booked, you do not want users to click on that data and make the color of that date different from other dates.

Your scenario is anything like the above or a bit more complex? No problem, you can handle these scenario easily with ARB reservation plugin

You need ARB if you are searching for a booking plugin that can send notification and reminder emails with nice and polish email templates to the persons who booked your product.

You need ARB if you need any of the features listed above or any of the following features:

  • Choose Different Pricing for Different Resource Types
  • Choose Different Pricing for Different Person Types
  • Ajax Pricing Calculation Makes things Automatic
  • Set Minimum and Maximum Number of Participants
  • Send Reminder to Clients about their Reservations
  • View and Manage orders from Admin panel
  • Option to switch on/off Require Confirmation
  • Option to switch on/off Cancellation
  • Never get Reserved when Slots are Full
  • Accepts multiple Payment Gateways like PayPal Payments
  • Cash on Delivery, Bank Transfer, Check Payments etc
  • Certain days you can select in a week as not reservable
  • Already reserved rooms cannot be booked again by customers


Which Payment Gateways are Supported by ARB?

ARB works with all supported WooCommerce extensions, thus you can use any payment gateways supported by WooCommerce. Some popular payment gateways you can use with ARB are:
PayPal, Stripe, Square, Google Ads, Amazon Pay, PayFast, eWay etc. As addition you can also use Cheque Payments, Bank Transfer or Cash on Delivery payment methods.

How can I integrate Google Calendar?

ARB Google Calendar (Add-On) is required to integrate Google Calendar with ARB. This will sync all your booking orders from your website to your Google Calendar. The syncing is automated.

Can I use the Reservation Form as a Shortcode?

Yes, you can. After creating a Reservable product you can use this shortcode [product_page id="your_product_id"] to display the product with reservation form.

Can I use the Booking form as Quote Request form instead of normal booking?

Yes, you can.

Can I change the price/rate of a reservation depending on how many days a customer books?

Yes, you can.

Can I change the Colors of the Reservation Form?

Yes, you can.

Can I charge a different price for adults and children?

Yes, you can.

Can I offer Discount for certain types of Persons and/or for certain days?

Yes, you can.

Why reservation orders set to Processing instead of Completed?

Once an order has been paid, ARB only sets the status of the order to Completed if the reservable product purchased in the order is virtual and downloadable. If the reservable product in an order is physical and/or virtual without being downloadable, the order is marked as Processing. This helps you manage the shipping of physical items.

When an order only contains a reservable product that is virtual, the order will be marked as Completed automatically if the payment has gone through.

Can I have demo data to see how the live demo products are made?

Yes, you can. The demo data is included with the plugin purchase files.


v2.0 – 16th March 2020

1. Improvements: WooCommerce latest version 4.0.0 Compatible.
2. Fixed: Cart page was showing incorrect number of items for checkbox items. 

v1.6 – 19th February 2020

1. Improvements: Checkbox items will be added as per the main item (person types), when 'count persons as items' option is enabled.
2. WooCommerce version 3.9.2 compatible.

v1.5 – 7th February 2020

1. Fixed: New option included to display cost details in ajax result
2. Language file updated

v1.4 – 18th January 2020

1. Fixed: Checkbox items were being counted as persons.

v1.3 – 23rd December 2019

1. Improvements: Quote Request Functionality Added.

v1.2 – 20th November 2019

1. Improvements: Checkbox Items can be added in Booking Form.

v1.0 – 2nd November 2019

1. Initial release.
Note: Some images in the live preview are used for preview purpose only and not included in the final purchase files.

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ARB | Appointment Reservation and Booking Plugin for WooCommerce

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ARB | Appointment Reservation and Booking Plugin for WooCommerce

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