Cookiteer – Food & Recipe WordPress Theme

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Cookiteer – Food & Recipe WordPress Theme

Cookiteer – Food & Recipe WordPress Theme. Cookiteer is a clean, premium and modern WordPress Theme which can be used to create any site for multiple scenarios.
Some of the templates that Cookiteer can be used for are: Food Blogs, Restaurant websites, Recipe tutorials and much more
Cookiteer comes with all the required functionality to create your stunning website. This theme is responsive on literally any screen size, this way you can worry less about interface,
and focus on what is important.
Use Cookiteer, and create something amazing!

Build your site in literally 5 minutes

We have built a custom framework which allows you to Import ANY of our demos with a single click. So import, customize and finalize your website with just a few easy and well documented steps.

Less hassle, more productivity

Update the theme or the core theme plugin Directly from your WordPress dashboard with our custom solution auto updated feature. Don’t worry about having to redownload and unpack the theme every time a new update hits. Simply click 1 button from your WordPress admin, and let us do the heavy lifting for you

Recipes made easy

With Cooked plugin being our go-to recipe plugin, creating a recipe is as easy as drag and drop. Use the simple and powerful Cooked Plugin interface along with our clean Recipe page designs to create your ultimate recipe online look book.

Variations are key

We added as many pages and page styles for the first version to give you the freedom of choice. With 5 Unique home pages, 2 blog styles, 4 recipe styles, and 15+ custom made shortcodes, the choices are scarce. We will not stop there though, as many more pages, options and styles are gonna keep rolling with new update Completely Free!

Theme Options & Customization

With redux framework being our options framework, we provide you with 100+ options to customize your site. From Unlimited colors, to 800+ FREE Google fonts, to multiple header or footer styles, you take your pick and create something great.

Build Your Own Store

Even though this might be a Recipe WordPress Theme, it can’t hurt to add WooCommerce support for the stores out there. With version 1, WooCommerce is fully supported with all of its pages and functionality.

Gutenberg Friendly

With Gutenberg being the next big thing, we have styles and adjusted all core Gutenberg blocks to match the way they are supposed to show on your website. Soon, we will also be having custom made Gutenberg blocks to provide you with a seamless experience of creating your beautiful website.

Documentation & Support

We write documentation articles on the daily. Every time a question is asked, gets thrown as an article in the documentation center, which means that It keeps growing based on customer feedback and concerns. On top of that, we also have Live Chat Support on our website between 9am and 5pm GMT +2. Yes, a full 8 hours of Real Time support with instant reply during working hours.


  • Includes Cooked Pro Save 49$
  • Includes Slider Revolution Save 29$
  • One click demo import
  • Translation Ready
  • Automatic theme updates directly from WordPress admin
  • Easy Drag and Drop Recipe Creator
  • Google Adsense Integration
  • KingComposer Drag and Drop Builder
  • Elementor Drag and Drop Page Builder
  • Contact Form 7
  • Mailchimp Newsletter Ready
  • Built With Redux Options Framework
  • Cooked Recipe Plugin
  • Schema Markup
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • 5 Unique Home pages
  • 20+ Custom Shortcodes
  • Fully responsive Layout
  • Advanced recipe filter
  • Filter by ingredient
  • Recipe Timer
  • Recipe Directions
  • Recipe Nutritional Facts
  • Recipe Gallery
  • Supports WordPress 5.0+
  • Google Fonts
  • Cross Browser compatibility
  • Unlimited Colors
  • 4 Recipe card Styles
  • 2 Recipe details Styles
  • 3 Blog styles
  • 5 Banner Styles
  • 2 Header Styles
  • 2 Footer Styles
  • Widget Ready
  • Instagram Widget
  • Weekly Updates
  • and much more…

3rd Party Libraries used:

  • Flaticon
  • Fontawesome
  • Google Fonts
  • Bootstrap 4.3
  • jQuery
  • jquery Slim Scroll
  • Popper
  • Magnific Popup
  • Slick Sliders

Fonts used:

  • Playfair Display
  • Open Sans


  • Pexels
  • Pixabay


Check the docs here

Update Log

Below is the list of changes in all our previous updates

UPDATE 1.3.6 / 18May 2020

-Added: back to top button (and its respective options in the General Tab of theme options)
-Improvement: All shortcodes with an option to select categories, now include category children and not only parent categories
-Improvement: Errors coming from our Synergy Framework importer now explain what has gone wrong
-Fix: Issue where user submitted recipes didn't show in recipe shortcodes
-Improvement: Recipe Slider/Recipe Shortcode now have options to select recipes in a specific category, user, cuisine, and cooking method
-Improvement: Recipe slider shortcode has a new option to specify the amount of text that goes in it.
-Fixed: Cooked recipe share shortcode broken layout
-Improvement: Blog posts shortcode now includes a custom category option
-Improvement: overall code cleanup
-Added: New Shortcode Called Recipe Tabs (Can be seen in Home v1 above the featured recipes section)
-Fixed: Issue where elementor shortcodes displayed differently than from the front end
-Improvement: Added options to change background images of register/login pages
-Change: Updated the translation file with new text
-Change: Cookiteer theme plugin is now version 1.1.8
-Premium Plugin Update: Slider revolution 5 latest update included in the package

UPDATE 1.3.5 / 1 May 2020

Added a new feature in our Synergy Framework which shows you the Elapsed time when importing a demo.

UPDATE 1.3.4 / 29 April 2020

Improvement: Changed the markup for the Ingredients in recipes ( Text is now clickable and not only the checkbox )
Fixed: CSS Issue where recipe rating stars in comments overlapped the text
Fix: Dynamic CSS for recipe video section title

UPDATE 1.3.3 / 25 April 2020

Fixed: Bug where having multiple lines of text in the recipe directions would break the layout
Updated core plugin to 1.1.7

UPDATE 1.3.2 / 25 April 2020

Improvement: Recipe and blog layout options now apply to similar recipes and posts
Fixed: CSS Issues
Improvement: Fixed a bug in the demo importer where it conflicts with the wordpress importer plugin
Improvement: Demo Importer now imports widgets as well
Fixed: Issue where demo importer was not importing recipes
Fixed: Bug where the Cookiteer Options > Blog Options > Hide Post Categories option was not working
Improvement: Recipe Direction images now can be opened in a lightbox window
Added: New Recipe Theme option to open recipe direction images in a lightbox
Added: Product Shortcode option to select products from a specific category
Improvement: Added hover effect for recipe print icon and recipe full width icon
Change: Updated core plugin to 1.1.6

UPDATE 1.3.1 / 24 April 2020

Improvement: CSS for Thumbs up on recipe archives has been tweaked
Fix: Dynamic CSS Color not applying
Improvement: Adjusted image width for recipe directions

UPDATE 1.3.0 / 23 April 2020

Improvement: Search ingredients will only display ingredients on published recipes
Improvement: Fixed some recipe CSS issues
Improvement: Thumbs up CSS adjustments
Add: New option in shortcodes to adjust the length of the excerpt
Improvement: Recipes now support Elementor shortcodes
Added: Recipe Directions Elementor shortcode
Added: Recipe Ingredients Elementor shortcode
Added: Single Recipe Elementor shortcode ( All 4 styles available )
Improvement: Added Options to enable/disable everything for Recipes shortcode – Blog posts shortcode
Added: Option to hide/show similar recipes
Added: Option to hide/show similar posts
Added: Theme options to enable/disable everything for Recipe archive
Added: Theme options to enable/disable everything for Post archive
Change: Updated core plugin to 1.1.5

UPDATE 1.2.5 / 18 April 2020

Improvement: Synergy framework added some more help to ease the process of demo import
Improvement: Overall code cleaning
Change: Instagram widget UI
Added: Recipe details style 2
Added: Smash Balloon Instagram Feed support
Added: New header style
Improvement: Spacing across elementor sections

UPDATE 1.2.6 / 16 April 2020

Added Premium Revolution Slider in the package (To access it redownload from your downloads)

UPDATE 1.2.4 / 15 April 2020

Added: Bundled latest Cooked Pro version in theme download file
Added: Recipe Rating support ( Recipe shortcodes - Recipe archive - Similar recipes )
Added: Favorite recipe support ( Recipe shortcodes - Recipe archive - Similar recipes )
Improvement: Page support for Cooked Pro 1.7.2
Improvement: Cooked pro widgets support
Change: Cookiteer core plugin updated to 1.1.4

UPDATE 1.2.3 / 15 April 2020

Fix: Removed pending recipes from the recipe list
Fix: Ajax pagination loading the wrong recipe design
Improvement: Recipe styles now are: Grid (Previously Style 2) - List - Modern - Default (Previously style 1)
Added: 2 more recipe archive styles in theme options (List / Modern)
Added: option to change the behavior of recipe search
Improvement: Aligned all recipe shortcodes to match the recipe archive designs (Elementor & Kingcomposer)
Improvement: Restructed recipe slider shortcode to allow more control over the way it looks (Elementor only)
Improvement: Under the hood code cleaning
Change: Core plugin update to 1.1.3
Improvement: Updated the demo content on import

UPDATE 1.2.2 / 14 April 2020

Added: Home page 5
Added: New Recipe shortcode style
Added: New Recipe slider style
Improvement: decreased import time for demos

UPDATE 1.2.1 / 13 April 2020

Fixed: Fontawesome icons issue
Fixed: Spacing in some sections
Improvement: Change logo size option maximum from 300px to 1000px
Added: More styling options in shortcodes
Improvement: Minor tweeks in shortcode validation
Change: Updated core plugin to 1.1.1

UPDATE 1.2.0 / 13 April 2020

Added: Elementor Support
Fixed: Spacing issues in recipe search
Added: A section in Synergy Framework Support tab to contact us directly through our live chat
Change: Core plugin updated
Added: Typography theme options
Enhancement: Adjusted the style of global form inputs
Enhancement: Adjusted the style of global form inputs
Fixed: Linkedin top header link not showing
Added: Option to open social media links in a new tab
Default theme now is built with elementor instead of KingComposer
Enhancement: Code cleanup and security improvements

UPDATE 1.1.5 / 9 April 2020

Fixed: Search Recipe dropdown width when only 1 or 2 taxonomies are listed
Added: Typography Options (You can now change font family for all the template to better match your brand)

UPDATE 1.1.4 / 8 April 2020

Fixed: Dynamic CSS Color issue

UPDATE 1.1.3 / 8 April 2020

Fix: Some CSS issues
Fix: Dynamic CSS tweeks
Added: Theme options to include google ads at the start and end of posts/recipes archives & details
Change: translation file with more strings
Improvement: Schema markup for recipes
Added: New Subheader style
Added: Background color option and background attachment option to subheader
Improvement: Synergy Framework issues when child theme is active
Improvement: Synergy Framework System Status report

UPDATE 1.1.2 / 7 April 2020

Improvement: Security & Overall loading speed
Added: Lazy loading mechanism on images
Added: Advanced recipe filtering
Added: Cuisine & Cooking method to recipe search form
Added: Filter by ingredient in search form
Added: Theme option to change between cooked's default search or the theme's advanced search form
Change: Header search
Change: Plugin updated to 1.0.5

UPDATE 1.1.1 / 5 April 2020

Change: Moved login option from topbar to bottom header
Added: Submit recipe button in the top bar
Added: Submit recipe option in the top bar
Added: Support to all Cooked Pro pages and functionality
Added: More theme options

UPDATE 1.1.0 / 4 April 2020

Added: Theme option to change logo size on mobile and on desktop
Added: Option to change the content container size
Change: Search form in the header from post to recipe (Users can now search for recipes from any page)
Change: Recipe shortcodes now show the video icon if they have any videos in the gallery
Added: Footer dark theme
Added: Newsletter popup with its respective theme options
Added: New home page
Change: Home v1 UI changed to Home v4
Change: Translation file
Change: Updated theme plugin to 1.0.3

UPDATE 1.0.3 / 3 April 2020

Added: new recipe archive style
Added: new recipe shortcode style
Added: a Recipe section in theme options
Change: the header burger icon
Plugin: Update to v1.0.2

UPDATE 1.0.2 / 31 March 2020

Fixed: A bug where banner arrows displayed even if only 1 slide exists
Fixed: Banner items now all have the same height regardless of other slide's height
Fixed: Dynamic style color issue
Added: Social Share option to blog posts and recipes
Added: Automatic cookiteer-plugin update from the WordPress plugins page

UPDATE 1.0.1 / 27 March 2020

Added: Theme auto update
Added: One click demo import
Added: Theme verification
Added: Support Center

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Cookiteer – Food & Recipe WordPress Theme

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Cookiteer - Food & Recipe WordPress Theme

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