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Latest Version 1.0.2 – Dec 02, 2019 – view changelog

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Fitsica is an advanced job board WordPress Theme built with Elementor which is the best hand-crafted page builder for WordPress with more than 1 million active users. It brings you the solution to build up a job board site concerning fitness, gym & yoga. Using Fitsica, you can create a complete & fully responsive job site with lots of powerful features and elements.

Fitsica comes with 5 home pages and all necessary pages. It is loaded with options, both for candidates and employers. Employers and candidates fell easy and convenient to sign up, log in to find jobs, post jobs, job details, manage their profiles, blogs, resume, applications from Dashboard.

Additionally, this theme integrated with premium plugins to save you tons of time to build your site including WooCommerce, Slider Revolution, Contact Form 7 and so on. Last but not least, this theme comes with lots of outstanding features such as Smart Job Advanced Search, Front-end Job & Resume, Top Job/Resume & Company Listing,etc.

That’s why we call Fitsica – Fitness, Gym & Yoga Job Board WordPress Theme is the perfect combination of power, simplicity and professional design with tons of powerful features. Do you find a quality Job Board WordPress theme? Don’t hesitate to explore it now! Fitsica has all you need for an amazing website.

Beautiful Home Demos for Fitness Jobs

We create 5 unique Demos with Different Theme Features. Choose from these beautiful homepages and quickly set up your job site.

New Page Builder Elementor

Fitsica is powered by Elementor which is a great drag and drop page builder. Create or edit pages easily and effortlessly, with live preview of your changes.

Find jobs and resumes for faster than ever before with our search sections including Job Search and Resume Search. This theme provides advanced filters allow you expand the filter options for job listings and resume listings.

Job/Resume Layout for Posting Form

The theme supports simple job and resume posting forms so that you can easily style and the workflow be much easier.

Front-end Management Dashboard

The theme supports front-end dashboard design to add, edit and manage jobs, resumes, and companies.

Convenient Filters to Get Relevant Jobs

Fitsica has convenient search filters for categories and location making it much easier for candidates to filter and find relevant jobs.

Different Top Job and Resume Single Pages

The theme supports different single pages which show description and information in a clean format.

Bing Map and Google Map Integration

The theme supports Google Maps and free open source Bing Maps which are useful in Job location for an exact result. Job search results are immediately updated on map. You can also search with certain radius based on location.

WooCommerce Payment Methods

100% compatible with WooCommerce plugin which allows users to easily build packages, create add-ons for packages, selling packages with more payment gateways including Paypal, Mastercard and so on.

All core features

Fitsica comes with many features. We can list some trending features here, you can find other features in the theme.

Fitsica – Fitness and Gym Job Board WordPress Theme Features

  • Responsive and Retina Ready

    Fitsica is 100% responsive, each and every element are fully responsive. This theme will work on any device and browser that your visitors are using.

  • 5 Home Variations

    • Modern Home
    • Classic Home
    • Yoga Home
    • Fitness Home
    • Gym Home
  • Front-end Job & Resume Submissions

    Both employers and candidates can easily list and edit jobs on the front-end following submission step and choose one is the best. With the employers, they can review to approve or reject a job.

  • Job Posting Pricing Plan with WooCommerce Integrated

    You can set the number of job posting plan. Paid listing functionality powered by WooCommerce.

  • Resume Posting Pricing Plan

    You can set the number of resume posting plan effortlessly.

  • Employer Management Dashboard

    Employer can edit Company profile, manage jobs, view and response to applications from candidates.

  • Advanced Custom Fields with Search

    Fitsica includes tons of advanced custom fields with search, such as: Text, Number, Email, URL, TextArea, Select, Multiple Select, Radio, Checkbox, DetePicker, Image Upload, File Upload, Video.

  • Private Messages

    The theme comes with optimized support for private messages plugin – Frontend PM Plugin which allows employers and candidates to send messages to each other.

  • Candidate Management Dashboard

    Candidate can edit profile, manage resumes, view jobs applied, bookmarked jobs and manage job alert.

  • Apply for Jobs in many ways

    Candidate can apply for jobs by uploading CV, choosing from their online resumes on Fitsica or apply via your social profile.

  • Employers Approve or Reject Applications with Message to Candidate

    Fitsica allows you to enable admin to review then approve or reject job submission from Admin panel.

  • Company Directory in 2 Layouts: Alphabet & Grid

    View Company listing in Alphabet and Grid and Company profile with their available jobs.

  • 2 Layouts for Single Company Page

    Fitsica provides 2 layouts available for Single Company Page.

  • Job Alerts and Bookmark Jobs

    With Bookmark Jobs and Job Alerts features, candidates can easily add the option to bookmark listings and schedule job alerts based on custom criteria.

  • Elementor – Front-end Page Builder

    This theme is perfect design with world’s best visual page builder – Elementor.

  • Slider Revolution Built-in (Save $25)

    It also includes powerful Slider Revolution Plugin that enables you to impress both candidates and employers.

  • Every Actions Comes with Email Notifications

    Now you will receive email notification following every action on the website.

  • Powerful Customizer

    All NooTheme themes are equipped with the super powerful Customizer. Working as the familiar original WordPress customizer, Fitsica Customizer is much more versatile where you can configure and change settings of almost every element on your site. It is easy to use with the Custom bar on the left side and live preview screen on the right side that adjusts along with your changes in real time. Play around until you are satisfied with your website’s look and just after click Save & Publish, all the setting then will be public in the frontend. No need to shift back and forward between dashboard and frontend to see your changes and keep it private from visitors. You also can import and export your setting to use for next website using Fitsica.

  • Login with Social networks

    Thanks to integrated social networking like Facebook and Google, your users can easily login to your site.

  • Indeed Integration

    The theme integrates with Indeed which is the most comprehensive search engine for jobs.

  • ReCaptcha Integration

    ReCaptcha available in Login Form, Register Form, Apply Job Form and Company Contact Form.

  • WooCommerce integrated

    The theme integrated with WooCommerce so that you can create job posting packages and enable on-site payment.

  • Translation Ready

    Translate your website to any language with WPML.

  • Unlimited color and Google Font

    Fitsica is super flexible. Almost its elements’ color can be changed handily in our Theme Customizer.

  • Extension Documentation

    Whether you’re a new or legacy user, our easy to navigate documentation will make your experience enjoyable. We included in theme package dedicated document file to guide you step by step installing and customizing the theme. You also can find the detailed online guide on our support center here.

  • Regular Update

    We keep updating the theme regularly with more addon features and minor bug fixed. Just one time payment, you will get the update lifetime for free.

  • Top Notch Support

    In addition to dedicated documentation, the very developers of Fitsica will support you. We are happy to support you to build your amazing website.

Change log

1.0.2 |Dec 2,2019|
    - [Fix] Forgot Password issue.
    - [Fix] Modal popup login display issue.
    - [Fix] Front-end Dashboard mobile issue.
    - [Fix] Package icon display issue.
     - [Fix] Job/ Resume details select issue.
    - [Fix] Footer overlay issue.
    - [Fix] Other minor bugs fixed. 
1.0.1 |Nov 26,2019|
    - [Fix] Front-end dashboard: menu style issue.
    - [Fix] Footer issue.
    - [Fix] Location Bing map issue.
    - [Fix] MailChimp, Resume & Job alert issue.
    - [Check] The latest version of WordPress and Plugins.
        - [Fix] Other minor bugs fixed. 
    - First stable release


All support is handled in our Support Center. We encourage you to post all your questions concerning our theme there as your questions may have already been answered or may be of help to other people that have also purchased the theme.

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Fitsica – Yoga Jobboard WordPress Theme

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Fitsica - Yoga Jobboard WordPress Theme

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