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Welcome my friend how are you? if you are a fan of WordPress especially Elementor plugin then welcome you are in the right place

I present to you a plugin for Elementor to make great slider

What is the purpose of this plugin

The purpose is bringing out your posts and pages in a simple slider or modern one you are who choose it :]

How the posts are selected

You are the one who chooses the posts for sure. You can simply select posts or you can select the author you want to bring posts from. You can also exclude some posts no problem too. You can exclude some categories. There are many options in our powerfull Query Builder

Is the plugin only for posts and pages

Are you kidding me? of course no, for example, you can use this slider for testimonials or perhaps you can simply make a modern gallery of some pictures of your company or your store .. etc. You can simply make a slider to show us your team . Awesome right ?

All this beautiful what about support

Certainly we have not forgotten this part, so there is technical support for any problem you face for free for 6 months

Hi Slider – Post Carousel For Elementor

Hi Slider is a Elementor add-on to give you the ability to make post carousel fully customized , powerfull query builder, and responsive design . With this add-on you can create unique carousels


  • User friendly design
  • Unique layouts
  • Customize build query
  • Custom styles for every inch in the carousel
  • Powerfull carousel options
  • Lazy load

Hi before you leave the plugin is on the sale for the first 10 buyers. Bey see you later


Version 1.0 Release Date 09.11.2019
Version 1.0.1 Release Date 17.11.2019
- Added more options to responsive section
- Fixed a bug
- Added 3D Layout
- Added image effects
Version Release Date 2.12.2019
- Fixed a bug

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Hi Slider – Post Carousel

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Hi Slider - Post Carousel

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Preview : Hi Slider – Post Carousel

Download : hi-slider-post-carousel(optimized).zip

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