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HighWayPro is the ultimate URL shortener & link cloaker for WordPress. Innovative user interface, powerful targeting options, automated link insertion, advanced analytics & more!

  • Store your links in one place, use them everywhere.
  • 8 Condition Types (1 new): From country of origin to device used, send your traffic to different destinations
  • Advanced Analytics: Analyze who, where and how clicked on your links.
  • Automatic link insertion: Insert links into existing posts with the click of a button!
  • Track your social media traffic by creating and setting a short URL for every post, automatically!
  • Gorgeous Dashboard: Create URLs, view stats and more easily with the API-powered HighWayPro Dashboard


Send Users to Different Targets

Conditions are one of the most exciting and powerful features of HighWayPro. Redirect your traffic to different URLs based on the location they are, the device they are using, the web page they are coming from, and much more!

8 Conditions to Choose From

  • Device
  • Country
  • Disposable
  • Date Limit
  • Hour Range (NEW)
  • Referrer (Origin)
  • User Agent
  • Roles & Capabilities

6 Different Targets

  • Direct
  • Rotating (NEW)
  • Post Type (Post, Page, Product + more)
  • Content (Post type without redirecting) (NEW)
  • Taxonomy (Categories, Tags + more)
  • Not Found (404)

Private Analytics

Popular hosted url shortener services like bit.ly expose your link stats to everyone, including your competitors. With HighWayPro, your analytics are fully private.

Detailed Analytics

You shared the same link on different websites/pages. How do you know what’s the best performant source? With HighWayPro, you get detailed analytics such as country, device used and the referring page.

* Please note: If your site serves visitors from the European Union, it is your responsibility to compile with the GDPR law.

Premium Support & Online Documentation

Have a pre-sales question or having trouble using HighWayPro? Contact us at: [email protected] neblabs.com . You can read the online documentation here: https://neblabs.com/products/highwaypro/documentation/docs/understanding-highwaypro/

Full Feature List

  • 8 Condition Types:
    • Device
    • Country
    • Disposable
    • Date Limit
    • Hour Range (NEW)
    • Referrer (Origin)
    • User Agent
    • Roles & Capabilities
  • 6 Target Types:
    • Direct
    • Rotating (NEW)
    • Post Type (Post, Page, Product + more)
    • Content (Post type without redirecting) (NEW)
    • Taxonomy (Categories, Tags + more)
    • Not Found (404)
  • Advanced Analytics:
    • Clicks count for the current day, the day before, the current month and all time clicks
    • Total count and percentage of country stats
    • Total count and percentage of device stats
    • Total count and percentage of origin (HTTP Referer) stats
    • Stats for all URLs combined or by individual URL
  • Organize URLs by type
  • Add a different base paths to your URLs
  • Automatic link insertion: Insert links into existing posts. Limit the post type and the number of times a URL can be inserted
  • Control the behavior of the links within your post content:
    • Open in current tab
    • Open in new tab
    • Set the follow type to do-follow or nofollow, individually or globally
  • Track your social media traffic by creating and setting a short URL for every post, automatically!
  • Automatically create a new short URL for every new or updated post
    • Choose the generated path length
    • Generate paths:
      • Alphabetical
      • Numeric
      • Alphanumeric
  • Set the auto generated short URL to be used in social media (og:url)
  • Gorgeous Dashboard: Create URLs, view stats and more easily with the API-powered HighWayPro Dashboard
  • Tried-and-tested: 3,500+ unit tests
  • WordPress 5+ and Gutenberg Support
  • Translation Ready
  • Included Support & Online Documentation
  • PHP 7+ Support

Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 4.6+
  • PHP 5.5+
  • To use the dashboard, a modern desktop web browser is required. (Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Safari 11)

Update Change log

1.2.2 – May 12th, 2020

    -fixed: Small bug with the WordPress admin header bar that prevented menus in the advanced panel from showing.
    -added: Extra translation strings. 

1.2.1 – May 9th, 2020

    -fixed: temporarily disabled the autofocus feature when opening a new destination target.
    -fixed: improved the contrast of the values of the analytics chart x-axis
    -modified: changed the admin url for the HTTP APIs from building it with get_option('siteurl') to admin_url('admin-post.php')

1.2.0 – May 8, 2020

NEW Analytics Features:
      -10 pre-made time range presets
      -select a custom range
      -select a custom unit of time
      -smart selection of results, can show results as hours, days, weeks, months.
      -save the default time range preset and unit of time.

    UPDATE: HighWayPro now uses the timezone settings defined in the wordpress dashboard for all date-related functions, replacing the default server timezone settings. Internally, two new objects we added: HighwayProAppHighwayProSystemDate and HighwayProAppHighwayProSystemWpDateTimeZone that use wordpress apis instead of relying on the native php date/time apis.
    NEW: You can now permanently delete URLs from the HighWayPro dashboard.
    NEW: You can now select a redirection status code for each URL.
    UPDATE: Extended character support for URL and URL Type names. You can now create URLs with non-alphanumeric characters.
    UPDATE: Extended character support for inserting links (utf-8), now accents and other characters are allowed like méxico, ü and a wide range of languages.
    UPDATE: Text inputs from destination components (Conditions and Targets) now gain focus on open.
    UPDATE: Some minor updates to the UI.

    --Internals & Framework
        -Added HighWayProOriginalTestsArrayDataSet to improve the testing of large database data sets (not included in the production build)

        -modified Collection::filter to allow to be called without a function. 
        -modified Collection::lastKey to use array_key_last if available (better perfomance on big arrays)
        -added Collection::inverse method (array_reverse)
        -added methods Collection::filterFirst(),
        -added interface OriginalAbilitiesInvokable 

        -the database tests now use UTF8 (DatabaseTestCase::getConnection()) (not included in the production build)
        -the autoloader no longer changes the absolute path case to lowercases, now only the relative path that contains the 
         plugin dir and its subdirs is lowercased.
        -Now objects: Date, PeriodOfTime, WpDateTimeZone, PeriodOfTimePresets.
        -UrlViewStatistics, AllUrlViewStatistics, UrlViewGateway considerbaly re-factored.

1.1.1 – April 6, 2020

(Minor release) - Fixed a small bug that prevented the plugin from sending meaningful server error messages when applicable.

1.1.0 – October 12th, 2019

    -Added a new Conditon: Hour Range. This Condition enables a destination to allow access to its Target only at a specific time of the day.
    -Added a new Target: Rotating Target. This Target enables a destination to send the user to a different Target each time the URL is accessed.
    -Added a new Target: Content Target. This Target enables a destination to display the contents of a valid post type in-situ without performing a redirection to the permalink of the post type.
    -Improved support for non-common URL formats in the Referer Condition component.
    -added: E_DEPRECATED, E_USER_DEPRECATED to ignorable errors (used by the API).

        -added a save() method in HighwayProAppDataModelDestinationTargetsDestinationTarget. This is the first move towards implementing a save() method in  HighWayProOriginalDataModelDomain that will still relly on HighWayProOriginalDataModelGateway for database access (using HighWayProOriginalDataDriversWordPressDatabaseDriver in production (wpdb)). (sep 22)
        -removed DirectTarget::getUrlWithScheme(), added a more flexible version of getUrlWithScheme() up in HighWayProAppHighWayProDestinationComponentsDestinationComponent.
        -added a Response::$shouldPrintBody property with backwards compatilibilty (defaults to true) (oct 2)
        -added a new layer for handling third party plugin compatibility. This is expected to be intergated in all the codebase in the future. 

1.0.1 – September 3rd, 2019

    -Fixed bug in webkit browsers (Safari) that prevented the text inputs to receive input. 
    -Fixed bug for the "final URL" not showing the updated value when assigning a URL Type to a URL. 
    -Added support for uncommon URI schemes (mailto, sms, and more).


Some promotional assets (not included in the plugin files) provided by FreePik – www.freepik.com

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HighWayPro – URL Shortener & Link Cloaker for WordPress

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HighWayPro - URL Shortener & Link Cloaker for WordPress

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