jEmbed WordPress – Link preview and embedding

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jEmbed is a WordPress plugin to embed or create a link preview for all kind of media, content and websites, like YouTube, Maps, Twitch, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

It’s extremely easy to use the plugin and it also supports products’ description and short description in WooCommerce. Just insert a @preview or an @embed flag in the text of the link. That’s all!

The plugin supports lazy load and lazy code injection to provide the best performance and to reduce mobile data usage. Your cards will load only if they are truly visible on the screen.

The tool is using the API, which is one of the most powerful API for embedding contents. The plugin is highly configurable, it supports dark and light themes and all of the native options of

You can embed a content or create a link preview almost from everything, besides the usual embedding a website the API supports 650+ dedicated providers.

The plugin contains all of the necessary files (JS, CSS and PHP), just install the ZIP file. jEmbed uses, which will be include automatically. By buying this package you will not buy an subscription, but you don’t need any. The plugin will use’s free features, but if you have a subscription you can configure the plugin to use it. I am using WordPress 5.2 with the Hestia theme On the demo page.

If you are looking for the jEmbed jQuery plugin, you can find it here on CodeCanyon!

Unique providers

Besides the standard websites, this plugin supports these unique providers for embed and for link preview:

Flickr, Polaroid Swing, Zoomable, Momento360, Kuula, Imgur, Mobypicture, Publitio, GifVif, Pollstar, xkcd, A Softer World, Dinosaur Comics, 23hq, Dribbble, SmugMug,, Tinypic, meadd, deviantART, fotopedia, photozou, instagram, Questionable Content, TwitrPix, someecards, pikchur, Achewood, WhoSay,, mlkshk, Droplr, EyeEm, Giphy, Frontback, Vidme, uluda? sözlük galeri, gfycat,,, Alpha Hat, Accredible, Futurism, Super Stack, Pexels, Plotly, Lean-Data-Science, Represent, GitHub, Product Hunt, Carbon, Kotlin Playground, SlideShare, Typeform, Microsoft MakeCode, Scribd, Upscribe, Greetor, Bootkik, gridble, DocDroid, edocr, Datavis Tech,,, Widgetic,, Screenr, Autodesk Screencast, Spott, Quantum Programming Studio, posiXion, Scrimba, OpenProcessing, PollDaddy, Action Button, Opinary, UI-licious, Howcast, Screencast, issuu, Kickstarter, Scrapblog, StoryForj, Injurymap, Kyso, 23degrees, Foursquare, LinkedIn, SlideRocket, Yelp, Google Data Studio, Websitevoice, AppFollow, Luffa, SocialE, Buncee, Genially, Google Maps, Alpaca Maps, Graph Commons, Infogram, Stanza, Datawrapper, Nuggetcharts, Kumu, Go PlayAlong Cloud, My Opera, Tumblr,, PollEverywhere, Intellogo,, Guilded, Pastie, Fontself, Redux, Voicepods, TypeCast, CloudApp, Speaker Deck, Kiva, Timetoast, Meetup, dailymile, Kinomap, MetaCDN, Prezi, UserVoice, emojicom, Wikipedia, Wikimedia, Natural Atlas, Urtak, Ganxy,, Elementari, 360 Panorama, Nodalview, Herth, 360 Stories, ThreeSixty Tours, Behance, JD Supra, Minilogs, VectorLogoZone, Sketchfab, jsFiddle, Snipit, DECS, Patching, Doculet, Abstract, ARCHIVOS, ScalaFiddle, CodeGenerators, JSitor, RunKit, CodePrism, Ponga, Listly, Crowdmap, IFTTT,, Weavly, Tagmotion, Cloudup, Talely, Polar, Bubbli, Imajize, Giflike, RapidEngage, Infomous, Stepic, Tapestry, Chirbit, Polstir, iSnare, BranchTrack, JS Bin, Wedgies, Pollsify, ChartBlocks, RaddIt, Vidbi, Kastio, Megavisor, Beautiful AI, Bunkr, CartoDB, Flourish,, FlowVella, PeoplBrain, CodePicnic, ProcFu, instela, CodePen, Microsoft MakeCode, CodeSandbox,, vtility virtual tours, Quora, TuneIn, Spreaker, Omny Studio, Scribble Maps, BingeWith, Codeply, Weekend Superheroes, Marvelapp, Candy, Flat, Qzzr, Shorti, Blab, Glitter, VRCHIVE, GlobalGiving, NewHive,, Paste, Publons, Calaméo, Relayto, Graphiq, Stacker, Silk, Sway, Public Good, Airtable, Rocketium, Knight Lab, Last Graph, Roger, StackShare, Maphubs, Braid, Talkshow, MediBang!, Redivis, Webboards, Matterport, cooler, Vlurb, MathEmbed, Formula Embed, Minko, The Heartstrings Project, Altizure, Exploratory, mySidewalk, Esplorio, Pastery, Hardbound, myBeweeg, Storribook, Sidewire, Codiva, FWD:Everyone,, Kidoju, Razoo, Eyrie, Verse, Canva, MovieMogul, Rabbut, Walkinto, Archilogic, Peptone, Highly, UpLabs, Ellie, Maprosoft, Gradbase, Cincopa, VR3D, SuperMeditor, VRB Foto, Orbitvu Sun, IPushPull,, Apple Keynote,,, Swurveys,, SeekBeak, HopBucket, million eyez, Supgif, vooPlayer, jsComplete REPL, Pixdor, Storeo, Vysda, Vimsical, Moveshelf, Social Explorer, Charts by Social Explorer, Overflow, Remind to Read, Commaful, StackBlitz, Facer, Paperform, Heeyy, Diagramy, Cappasity, Clay, 3DCrafts, Buttondown, npmcharts, Queezly, DailyStory, Buyte, Meedan Check, Parkfy, Bitmark, Sheetsu, Figma, GitPitch,, Fishbole, Datasmoothie, ChatNews, Envelope, Calconic, Ludus, Streamr, SIGSEV, Cohese, Bad Panda, EthFiddle,, JotForm, Feedbeaver, Bit Of Me, Namchey, Glitch, Factsumo, MapinMind, Web Assembly Studio, BlueprintUE, Code Ocean, MedleyText, Plunker,, Flixel, PanoMoments,,, Plunker, Eberus, Terminaid, Mural, MPEmbed, Expo Snack, ShopLocket, Co.op Mart, Fiverr, Kit, YouTube,, TikTok,, NeatClip, Medal, Forge Inc, UStream, Qik, Livestream, SNIPACLIP, Revision3, Daily Motion, Rumble, SiliconAngle Video Clipper, College Humor, Hippo Video, Wedia DAM, Ravnur, Inc., Telly,, Myspace Videos, MetaCafe,, Google Videos, Yahoo! Screen, Viddler, Snappd, GenesisPlayer, VidGrid, LiveLeak, Animoto, dotSUB, Overstream, WorldStarHipHop, Bambuser, SchoolTube, JibJab, xtranormal, Xtra Comedy, Socialcam,, Youku, Cayke, snotr, Clipfish, MyVideo, LIT, meedle, Coub, Streamio, Vine, Viddy, Tudou, MixBit, SproutVideo, Danfoss Video Portal, Minoto Video, Brainshark, Pixdor, MyVideoPlace, TwentyThree, GoAnimate, Brainsonic, Lustich, Reelhouse,, Mynet SahneTV, ?zlesene, Alk??larla Ya??yorum, 59saniye, Zie, uStudio, Kaltura, Bale, Allego, Qumu Cloud, Clipter, HireVue, Sendvid,, Streamable,, videoBIO, Clippit, Gif Your Game, Storygami, oice,, Videopath, Panopto, Dream Broker, Oumy, iLOOPit, Uploadly, TouchCast, Vibby, ilos videos, Qwipin, StreamOne Cloud, Vixy Video, Skipstone, HapYak, Huzza, Fraim, Riffsy, tenor, Vidlit, Nom, Chew, Screenhunters, Vlipsy, StageVids, Roshi Clips, PopChest, SleeperBot, Qanda, Vilynx, SVRF, Jaunt VR, SpherePlay, Maven, Clippy, Alugha, Whale, Genius, Inform, Inc., #REKT, Gametakes, iHeartRadio, Pinecast, Loom, Entrypoint, Fader, Relive, SportsMe, Ziggeo, AceHipHop, Viostream, Paratii, Verasity, LikeCoin Foundation, Worthyt, Kralify, Hulu, Crackle, Funny or Die, Vimeo, TED, NFB, The Daily Show, Yahoo! Movies, The Colbert Report, The Onion, WordPress TV, Trailer Addict, TrailerSpy,,,, Koldcast Tv, Mixergy, PBS Video, Zapiks, TruTv, NZ On Screen, Wistia, Confreaks, All Things Digital, New York Magazine, Aniboom, GrindTV,, Logo: Fierce TV, Lonely Planet, Street Fire, ScienceStage, Brightcove, wireWAX, CANAL+, VEVO, Pixorial, Spreecast, ShowMe, LoopLogic, AOL On, Video Detective, Khan Academy, Vidyard, Veoh, Univision, Vidcaster,, Vube, Box Office Buz, GodTube, Media Matters, Clikthrough, Clip Syndicate, SRF, MPORA, J-Stream,, VideoDonor, LoveLive, Hürriyet TV, InitialView, uluda? sözlük video, IGN, AskMen, Esri, Office Mix, Zapkolik, iPlayerHD,, Video Checkout, Swym Corporation,, embedly, Momindum, Magisto, Within,,, Vizor360,, ABC News,, Facebook, CNBC, CBS News, Google Plus, CNN, CNN Edition, CNN Money, MSNBC, NBC News, Fox Sports, ScoreBat, Global Post, The Guardian, Bravo Tv, Discovery Channel, Forbes, Distrify, Fox News, Fox Business, Reuters, Huffington Post, Vorarlberg Online, Spiegel Online, Zeit Online, Play RTS, SoundCloud, Spotify,, Simplecast, We Don’t Have Time, RaveDJ, Adori Labs, Changelog, Megafono, Mixcloud, Backtracks, Megaphone, RadioPublic, Hark, Rdio, Infinity, Synth, Twist, Whooshkaa,, zero’’, Instaread, Bandcamp, Free Music Archive, NPR, Huffduffer, AudioBoom, Embed Mymixtapez Sandbox, Blogcast, SpeakyText, xiami, SayNow, Grooveshark, RadioReddit, gogoyoko, The Hype Machine,, Clyp, DNBRadio,, Anchor FM, Bumpers, Buzzsprout, 60dB, Allihoopa, Vizamp, ART19, TapeWrite, Megaphone, Soundsgood, SpareMin, Pippa, Firstory, Odiocast, Vooozer, VoxSnap, Audiomack, Songlink,, Liberated Syndication, Serenader

TMDb Pro – Movie & TV Show Details Plugin For The Movie Database

jEmbed WordPress – Link preview and embedding

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jEmbed WordPress - Link preview and embedding

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