KodeUI – Laravel, VueJS, Bootstrap, SPA Admin Starter Kit

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KodeUI – The Ultimate Starter Kit for SPA

Built on Laravel, VueJS and Bootstrap for Single Page Application

KodeUI by KodeMint Team, is The Ultimate Starter Kit for developers, built with combination of Laravel, VueJS and Bootstrap CSS framework, with tons of built-in features and components. It comes with all the essentials things out of the box to start building a Single Page Application Project with rich & beautiful experience.

KodeUI has been built on modern web technologies such as Laravel, VueJS & Bootstrap CSS Framework. If you are working first time on Laravel & Vue.js or learning Vue.js then this is great product to get you started. You might need atleast intermediate level experience to fully understand few components and strategy used in developing this, though we have coded all the modules keeping ease of understanding in mind and also that begineer level of developer will also be the target users of our product.

Instead of bulding your project from scratch, go ahead and buy KodeUI to start with already up & running product with just few clicks. We will be updating KodeUI regularily with latest version of framework, plugins, features and fixes. Please share your feedback, bug reports and feature requests which we will try to implement in upcoming versions as soon as we can.

NOTE: It doesn’t have any jQuery dependency.

Happy Coding!

We will be updating regularly with latest version of framework, plugins, features and fixes. Please share your feedback, bug reports and feature requests which we will try to implement in upcoming versions as soon as we can.

Here are some points which make KodeUI the Perfect Solution as a Starter Kit for your next application development.

  • Built with Latest Version of Laravel (7.x), The Most Popular and Widely Supported PHP Framework
  • Built with Latest Version of Vue.JS – The Fastest and The Most Starred JavaScript Framework
  • Easy Installation Wizard and Step-by-step Installation Tutorial Videos
  • Supports REST API, easy to integrate with other application
  • Single Page Application, reduces queries to server, decreases loading time, less bandwidth usage and improved user experience
  • Most Efficient Database Structure, gives scalability to the application
  • Clean & Simple Coding Structure allows you to customize the application
  • Store Data Flow System
  • Laravel Mix to speed up the development with Webpack
  • Support SASS / SCSS
  • Functional Authentication System with Multiple Options
  • Easy commands for initial setup
  • Easy Installation Wizard for initial setup
  • Laravel Telescope

The demo is located at https://ui.kodemint.in

Login Informations

Username Password   Username Password
admin password   user password

Features Summary

KodeUI is perfect starter kit for any type of web application. Here are the list of some of the highlighted features:

  • Todo CRUD
  • Users

    • Users CRUD
    • User Registration
    • User Login
    • User Activation
    • Reset Password
    • Account Approval
    • Two Factor Authentication
    • Social Login
    • Email Verfication
    • Create User
    • Set User Role
    • Activate or Deactivate User
    • Delete User
    • Update User Information
    • Change Password
    • User Avatar
  • Auto and Manual Screen Lock
  • Notifications System
  • User Role & Permission Management (ACL) System
  • Multi-lingual & Locale Management
  • Print & Export Functionality
  • Press Any Key to Search
  • Maintenance Mode

Design Highlights

  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Full Screen Mode
  • Multiple Color Scheme
  • Multiple Styling Options
  • Configurable UI Variables
  • Prebuilt Form Components
  • File Uploader
  • Image Uploader
  • Date Picker
  • Date Range Picker
  • Date Time Picker
  • Animated Loader

We also have a Step-by-step Installation Video, Excellent Support Team, and Thoroughly Prepared Documentation.

Make sure you read the Support Documentation for Application Server Requirements, Installation Prerequisite and other useful topics.

PHP >= 7.4 (for CLI and Web both)

PHP Extensions Required

  • OpenSSL
  • PDO
  • MBString
  • Ctype
  • JSON
  • XML
  • MySQL Native Driver
  • GD Image Library
  • Zip Archive
  • cURL (7.70+ version)

Additional Server Requirements

  • allow_url_fopen enabled

Does this script include all the source codes with un-minified versions?
Yes, it includes everything! Including all the files from composer.json, package.json, webpack.mix.js, various plugins which have been used.

Where can I access the documentation?
The documentation is available at https://kodemintserviceshelp.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/81000097242 which can be accessed online. In case you face an issue, kindly raise a ticket at https://kodemintserviceshelp.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new. Our estimated response time is 48 working hours.

Does the author provide installation support?
Yes, the author provides installation support on your live server, depending on the complexity of the task it can be free of cost or chargable. You can also read the support documentation at https://kodemintserviceshelp.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/81000097242 or you can watch our installation turorial video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myMOxMt58Xw&list=PL67N6o5yN3SkYZME5StpgxAPkAtCyRMzn.

Will I get support for further development?
Yes, you will get an answer to your queries. Kindly note that the author is not going to teach you how to code or to install pre-requisites or to setup server. However, the author will be available to answer your questions as mentioned in the Envato support tab. It is recommended to have the required level of knowledge of Laravel Framework, JavaScript along with VueJS as mentioned on the application description. Also, support is only available to the customers who have purchased the script from www.codecanyon.net. You need to provide your Envato Username & Purchase code to get support.

Does the author provide customization?
Yes, the author is available to provide customization services but with an additional charge of $20 an hour. Cost is negotiable for larger customization requirements.

Can I use this script on multiple instances?
No, if you have purchased a regular license then you can use this script for a single instance only. Your support will be blocked if you have used more than one instance of this script. You can purchase an extended license to use this script for multiple instances.

Is refund or exchange option available?
This script is a digital product in nature, so it would not be feasible for us to give a refund or exchange option, sorry.

Documentation related to this script is available at

FAQs and References for beginners are available at
https://kodemintserviceshelp.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/folders/81000223810. We will keep updating our reference list and questions based on the question asked by our users.

This item is not supported. It means, we charge separately for support (Optional) and this is how we able to offer FREE Updates. You are advised to visit the live demo with all the features, You are also advised to visit the documentation at https://kodemintserviceshelp.freshdesk.com/support/home where over 150+ articles are available, check all the server pre requisites & video installation guide at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myMOxMt58Xw&list=PL67N6o5yN3SkYZME5StpgxAPkAtCyRMzn before purchase and if you are satisfied then only purchase.

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on Connect. Click here to share your feedback or to make a feature request.

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Preview : KodeUI – Laravel, VueJS, Bootstrap, SPA Admin Starter Kit

Download : kodeui-laravel-vuejs-bootstrap-spa-admin-starter-kit(optimized).zip

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