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This Theme Is Well Documented

We dedicated huge time to bring detailed info, clarify general doubts and organizing quickie step by step procedures to make things more easy for everybody. Customize your site as you wish, you will see how practical will be your journey with Listar.

Custom Widgets Included

  1. Listar Add-ons (required): for Listar widgets and extras
  2. WP Job Manager (required): for general listing management
  3. Regions for WP Job Manager (recommended): for listing region management
  4. Woocommerce (recommended): for user account and shop features
  5. Safe SVG (recommended): for upload of custom SVG icons
  6. Custom Fields for Gutenberg (required for WordPress 5.0+): enables custom fields for Gutenberg, they are currently required by WP Job Manager
  7. One Click Demo Import (recommended): for theme demo import
  1. Reviews for WP Job Manager (free): for rating/review management
  2. Listing Payments for WP Job Manager (paid): enables listing packages for Woocommerce

Other Details

  • The premium plugins listed above are optional to extend the site functionality, that is, the theme doesn’t depend on these plugins to work.
  • All images on theme preview are only for demonstration purpose and aren’t included on the final package. After install the theme and (optionally) import the demo content, all the images will be empty (grey).

A Brief Synopsis

Listar is a WordPress directory theme featuring innovative design, mainly based in color variations, circular/wavy shapes and eye catching animations. The layout is powered with Bootstrap Grid System, ensuring responsive adaptation and excellent navigation approach on every device and modern browsers.

With Listar you can create your own directory of listings from scratch, without need of code skills. You can organize these listings by categories and regions, append amenities, publish galleries of photos, register addresses (locations) to generate maps, and so much more.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Listar Directory has been very well rated
since the launching day. We just would like to say thanks for all customers who have dedicated a short but valuable time to provide this awesome feedback. We promise to keep doing our best, new features and improvements
are coming in time.

Give a Chance to Listar

Own an exotic solution and make sure to surprise your audience with this brand new release. Listar will help you to greatly/beautifully manage a directory site, no matter how big and popular it is.

Are you just launching a startup? Be invited to experiment and grow up with Listar. It is not just a business purpose: this promissing project demands a great list of predefined updates that will be implemented very soon…

Are You Satisfied? Please, Review Us!

Consider that by leaving your rating you will be helping the theme to achieve higher goals, like get better ranked by the search algorithm. Not just that, but the higher is the average rating of a product, the higher the chances to attract new customers and more visitors will be converted to effective sales. So, if you want Listar with a lot of new features, please be supportive with its growing, and soon you’ll see that this fast rating investment was worth it.

Special Thanks



May 04, 2020 – Version 1.3.1

> Added : Customizable coordinates and public address for listings
> Added : Customize texts for listing "grid filler" card.
> Added : Theme option to enable multiple regions for listings on front end submission form (but not multiple addresses and maps by now).
> Added : Customize the background color for loading overlay via Customizer.
> Added : Customize the background color for social network and sharing buttongs via Customizer.
> Added : Theme options to customize content alignment for front page hero header and search popup.
> Added : Theme option to (optionally) start search right after selecting a region on hero header.
> Added : Theme option to show as much as possible of listing category buttons on hero header, or keep them boxed (default).
> Added : Theme options to customize minimum and maximum zoom levels for maps.
> Added : Woocommerce Subscription support, requires Woocommerce subscription plugin (paid).

> Fixed : Issue with icon fonts not loading via HTTPS protocol when Listar Pagespeed is active.
> Fixed : Issue with icons (pseudo attribution) for certain mobile devices and Microsoft Edge.
> Fixed : Back end meta fields visibility for front page when using Gutenberg Fullscreen mode.
> Fixed : Issue with hero background image fixation for logged users.

> Improved : Added a max title length for listing/blog cards to avoid text overflow.
> Improved : Now multiple categories and regions will be displayed on single listing pages.
> Improved : Map popup for listings without image.
> Improved : Better search routine for listings. Now search queries also will find matches by multiple titles (names) of categories, regions and amenities, not just by listing 
title and description anymore. Example of textual search: cafe restaurant
> Improved : Selected listing categories, regions and amenities will be kept for sequential filtered search until be manually excluded.
> Improved : JavaScript routine to detect mobile devices is way more complex and effective: solved issues with iPad, for example.

> Other : Downgraded/deactivated JavaScript implementation for dynamic font file loadings (Google Fonts and fonts of icons, all related to Pagespeed), needing more detailed 
crossbrowser/device tests.

March 30, 2020 – Version 1.3.0

> Added : Integration with mainstream geolocation providers: Mapbox, Here, Openstreetmap, Bing and Google Maps (kept).
> Added : Integration with our own NEW geolocation provider: Map Plus, exclusively developed for Listar Directory. No API Key/Token required.
> Added : No more API Key dependance or complex configurations for Google Maps, kudos mainly to Map Plus and Openstreetmap.
> Added : Social sign in and login for Google, Facebook (requires HTTPS) and Twitter Accounts.
> Added : New theme options for general Pagespeed optimization (Theme Options / Pagespeed).
> Added : New recommended plugins: Async JavaScript, Powered Cache, Autoptimize, Smush and Loco Translator.
> Added : One click configuration for these plugins via Theme Options / Pagespeed / Enable Listar Pagespeed.
> Added : The new option "Enable Listar Pagespeed" is a complete solution for Pagespeed. This will also recommend and configure the best settings between your server and Listar.
> Added : Right after "Enable Listar Pagespeed", your site will mostly achieve 90+ and A rank on: Google Insights, GTMetrix, Pingdom, WebPageTest, and so on.
> Added : Customizable automatic cache cleaning can be set on Theme Options / Pagespeed. Set a period from 15 minutes until 30 days.
> Added : Cache also will be cleaned when listings and any listing terms are created or updated, this way new stuffs will always be available publicly right after publication.
> Added : Listar Cache button added to front end and backend top bars.

> Fixed : Issue with line breaks on listing location (address). By unknown reason, these addresses weren't being completely parsed by WP Job Manager.

> Improved : Relevant menu links for WordPress dashboard got highlighted.
> Improved : All operating hours are updated via Ajax, so the table of operating days/hours and business availability won't freeze because of cache.
> Improved : Theme preview is way faster now, thanks to the new built-in Pagespeed options.
> Improved : With Listar, you won't experience the limitation of "50 images" per bulk compress when using Smush.

March 09, 2020 – Version 1.2.9

> Added : Footer columns for widgets, set one until four columns.
> Added : New customizer control to set background color for footer columns.
> Added : New Page Links widget to create a list of links for Pages.
> Added : New Listing Region Links widget to create a list of links for Listing Regions.
> Added : New Listing Category Links widget to create a list of links for Listing Categories.
> Added : New Listing Amenity Links widget to create a list of links for Listing Amenities.
> Added : Theme option to remove AM/PM suffix for business hours.
> Added : Theme option to disable private message form for listings.
> Added : Theme option for rainbow effect or transparent background for search button on top bar.
> Added : Theme option to set a fallback description for listing cards.
> Added : Effects section for Theme Options.
> Added : More theme options to disable effects.
> Added : WhatsApp field for listing submission form.
> Added : Theme options to disable maps, GPS and directions.
> Added : Integration with Autoptimize and Powered Cache for automatic cache cleaning
> Added : New plugin recommended for Instagram feed.

> Fixed : Issue with image upload for listing categories and regions.
> Fixed : Iframe embeding for listing description on Gutenberg editor.
> Fixed : Shortcodes are now allowed for listing description on Gutenberg editor.

> Improved : Accordion positions (right after open) on listing description.

February 24, 2020 – Version 1.2.8

> Fixed : Issue with image upload for listing categories and regions.

February 21, 2020 – Version 1.2.7

> Added : New logo for listings.
> Added : New menu/catalog for listings.
> Added : New custom external links for listings (References section).
> Added : New buttons for listing header: Send Message, Video, Hours, GPS, Find Similar, References and Menu/Catalog.
> Added : New theme option to set operating hours format (0h - 12h or 0h - 24h).
> Added : New fixed button for listing operating hours.
> Added : New fixed button for quick menu on listing pages (scroll to see it on left).
> Added : New customizer background color controls for header menu and footer.
> Added : New GPS (lat/lng) coordinates for listings.

> Improved : Map section for single listing pages.
> Improved : Added rating stars for single listing header (requires Reviews plugin).
> Improved : Added asterisk for required fields of the listing submission form.
> Improved : Design for listing category icon on listing cards.

> Fixed : Issue when adding new custom fields manually via Gutenberg editor.

January 29, 2020 – Version 1.2.6

> Fixed : Simplified SMTP "email" setting fields, only "SMTP Username" email is needed now.

January 29, 2020 – Version 1.2.5

> Fixed : Quick issue with private message form.

January 28, 2020 – Version 1.2.4

> Fixed : All currency symbols are now dependent from Woocommerce, fallback for dollar ($).

> Improved : Listing terms (categories, regions and amenities) are now displayed hierarchically on listing search filters.
> Improved : Set a fallback location in case all current listings doesn't have addresses set (that is, no map markers are available). Example: Chicago.

> Added : New theme option to set users roles allowed to publish listings on front end, including visitors.
> Added : New theme option to set listing sidebar position.
> Added : Visitors can also toggle the listing sidebar position on front page.
> Added : Contact form for listings (private message).
> Added : Customizable theme options for private message form, including WordPress editor for private message template.
> Added : Integration with Easy WP SMTP.

> Coming Soon (Notice): Logo and menu/catalog to listings were scheduled for next update.

January 22, 2020 – Version 1.2.3

> Fixed : Six issues pointed by Envato, exclusively concerning the WordPress Compliant requirements, including Gutenberg. We are improving the code quality and security for the theme. No visual changes or new features at all.

> Improved : Updated documentation.

> Coming Soon (Notice): For customers who are awaiting certain updates promised. Relevant directory functionalities queued, scheduled for January 27, 2020.

December 29, 2019 – Version 1.2.2

> Added : Operation hours for listings
> Added : Open/closed status for listing cards
> Added : Video for listings
> Added : Height control for logo (WordPress Customizer)
> Added : Integration with Envato API for theme updates

> Fixed : Issue with clustered markers on very high zoom
> Fixed : Spiral effect for listing images on map sidebar
> Fixed : Issue with cover image for listing terms
> Fixed : SSL issue for tiled images on maps
> Fixed : Duplicated posts (in case of import fail) after demo import

> Improved : Listing description design with accordion
> Improved : JavaScript performance for multiple tabs open
> Improved : Updated theme preview and demo import

December 05, 2019 – Version 1.2.1

> Fixed : Issue with special characters on Leaflet maps
> Fixed : Listing categories/regions/amenities now are properly shown on front end even if no listings are published under its terms.

December 04, 2019 – Version 1.2

> Added : New "spiral" hover effect for listing cards as theme option
> Added : New theme option to set background color for detail row when hovering listings
> Added : New theme options for squared shapes
> Added : New options for Call to Action widget
> Added : More front widgets for client demo: Partners, rounded Call to Action and Map

> Fixed : Issue with listing amenity cards for squared design
> Fixed : Issue with hidden footer for Safari browser

> Improved : Design details
> Improved : Theme demo import updated

> Other : Brand new theme preview using squared shapes

November 27, 2019 – Version 1.0

> Initial Release

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Listar – WordPress Directory and Listing Theme

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Listar - WordPress Directory and Listing Theme

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