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Update Logs

1st February 2019 Version 2.0.12

> Updated : Get location from google address of listing detail page using gps services
> Updated : css and js optimzation of theme options styles
> Updated : Paid claim approval function
> Updated : stats counter on user front end dashboard
> Updated : css styles
> Updated : translations
> Fixed : Inbox replies and date correcton on user dashbaord
> Fixed : Pagination problem on location page when top search and filter location is enable
> Fixed : edit listing delete images
> Fixed : add review images upload problem on MS edge
> Fixed : ON App view, default value selection of range slider on listing near me filter
> Fixed : Filter results duplicaton on pricing plan page

8th January 2019 Version 2.0.11

> Fixed : WP Admin: When add or edit listing, features/form fields not display. (backward compatibility)
> Fixed : iPhone listing details page map
> Fixed : Advanced Filter issues
> Fixed : Listing claim issue
> Fixed : Price Plan switching to monthly/annual plans disappears.
> Fixed : Translation fixed
> Fixed : Ad campaign minor issue fix. (check box)
> Fixed : change plan fixed on expire listing
> Improved : CSS styles.

21st December 2018 Version 2.0.10

> Added : Multi-Rating on App View
> Added : Open Pop-up Map for events on listing sidebar
> Added : Delete Event Images

> Fixed : Missing Translations
> Fixed : Spelling and Grammer
> Fixed : Image Upload Limit
> Fixed : Listings changing to free plans
> Fixed : Events
> Fixed : Map Pin
> Fixed : Banner Arrow
> Fixed : Coupon Counter
> Fixed : Issues caused by WordPress 5.0
> Fixed : Enable/Disable Social Links on Submit Listing
> Fixed : Ad Campaign Popup
> Fixed : Header Color Selector
> Fixed : Menu Regular Price Styling
> Fixed : Menu type & Group Delete
> Fixed : Grid View call button
> Fixed : Header seperator bar
> Fixed : PayPal Recurring Payments
> Fixed : Claimed badge not showing on RestaurantPro archive pg.

> Improved : Submit Style 2 help boxes
> Improved : Location Search
> Improved : Widget Layout
> Improved : Price Plan Layout
> Improved : Footer Styling
> Improved : Image Preview when submitting and editing listing
> Improved: User Profile Update
> Improved : Near Me Filter
> Improved : Review Submission
> Improved : App View Styling
> Improved : Add Listing/Contact Support buttons

> Renamed : “Discounts/Deal” to “Coupons” in user-dashboard
> Renamed : (Frontend) Ad option “Side of Listing” to “Sidebar” in user-dashboard
> Renamed : (Backend) Mode option “Duration” to “Pay Per Day (PPD)” on Add New Ad pg.

16th November 2018 Version 2.0.9

> Added : Option in theme option for set a plan to expiry listing
> Added : Support of all maps styles on listing detail page
> Added : Support of all maps styles on event detail page
> Added : Support of all maps styles on listing quick preview

> Improved : Ads From backend for Admin.
> Improved : Adding plans from backend.
> Improved : Icons for features on home page banner
> Improved : Faqs Edit on Listing edit page (style 2)
> Improved : Short-codes option in Lead form email on listing detail page
> Improved : Cron jobs of subscriptions and listing expiry
> Improved : Auto-Pilot listing submission
> Improved : PDF view of invoices on user dashboard
> Improved : Timings system
> Improved : search system
> Improved : Filter system
> Improved : Listing search on event/discount/menu/announcements as per privileges in pricing plan
> Improved : Lead form and sidebar made drag-able in listing-style 3/4
> Improved : Translations for select 2 dropdown improved

> Updated : Listingpro ads plugin
> Updated : Translations

> Fixed : Counter of View, Review, and Leads
> Fixed : Login/register popup on Instant Review submission
> Fixed : Event expiry date issue
> Fixed : Event image not displaying in different scenario
> Fixed : Google address issue on on edit event in user dashboard
> Fixed : Bug in listing author archive tabs
> Fixed : Author archive photos per page issue
> Fixed : Layout disturbed on best match filter
> Fixed : Gallery number of images and number of sizes issue
> Fixed : Child categories issue not displaying after running category filter on archive
> Fixed : Category name updated in banner on archive after running category filter
> Fixed : Image menu, multiple images selection layout fixed

13th October 2018 Version

> Fixed : Timing system on listing detail page (You can only update one file which is located at listingpro/include/timings.php)

> Improved : Pay Now Button validation on ad campaign.
> Improved : Ad campaigns WP-admin friendly.
> Improved : User dashboard in “App View”
> Improved : “Activities” Element number of posts

> Updated : WPBakery updated to 5.5.5

12th October 2018 Version 2.0.8

> Added : Events Element for WPBakery
> Added : Pending Invoice tab within User Dashboard

> Fixed : Buttons user Primary color
> Fixed : Price Plan Event Text
> Fixed : Edit Listing Page
> Fixed : Mapbox zoom
> Fixed : Payment Checkout styling issues
> Fixed : Multi-site support
> Fixed : Statistics
> Fixed : Creating ad layout
> Fixed : Missing Translation Lines
> Fixed : Link to User Profile
> Fixed : Placeholder Text with User Dashboard

> Improved : Event shows until midnight on day of the event
> Improved : SEO Titles
> Improved : Styling of My subscriptions page
> Improved : Event descriptions see more button
> Improved : User Dashboard on mobile
> Improved : App View Single Listing style
> Improved : Button styles within User Dashboard

> Updated : WPBakery updated to 5.5.4

29th September 2018 Version 2.0.7

> Added : Single Events Page
> Added : Image Menu

> Fixed : Event description is cut off
> Fixed : Spelling & Grammer

> Improved : Theme Options layout

19th September 2018 Version 2.0.6

> Fixed Add unpaid Invoice Tab
> Fixed Ads Issues
> Fixed Announcement Save
> Fixed App View Styling – Buttons under listing name
> Fixed Header Background Home Page
> Fixed Multi-site: Dashboard Stats shows for NEW user
> Fixed Multi-site: Visitors can access backend.
> Fixed Review with rating
> Fixed Search Banner
> Fixed Social Icons App View
> Fixed Stripe Recurring Payment submission error
> Fixed Theme Options: User Dash > Enable/Disable Menu
> Fixed Wire Transfer Invoices
> Fixed WP-Admin edit add
> Fixed App View Missing Features
> Fixed Can’t pay for listings
> Fixed Listing User Dashboard
> Fixed Spelling and Grammar
> Fixed Spelling mistake
> Fixed Additional detail issue on listing detail page
> Fixed App View – WhatsApp phone#
> Fixed can’t click on user name to go to author page
> Fixed Features not display
> Fixed recurring payment issue
> Fixed Search with auto location did not work
> Fixed Change plan problem with stripe
> Fixed Menu: Adding new group replaces selected
> Fixed Next-end Social Login
> Fixed Price issue on ad campaign
> Fixed Responsive View Search and Category Pages
> Fixed Search filter with location
> Fixed Tax Price Issue
> Fixed App View Search/Category
> Fixed App View Single Listing
> Fixed Coupon in Category & Single Listing
> Fixed Create Ads: Pay Now Button active by default
> Fixed Google Captcha
> Fixed Invoices
> Fixed Single Listing Map Responsive
> Fixed Users can see all ads

11th September 2018 Version 2.0.5

> Updated map in listing detail page.
> Updated Submit button activation on ad campaign form.
> Updated Wire additional information on wire invoices.
> Updated bank details on wire invoices
> Updated Email shortcodes

> Fixed Filter on all new styles
> Fixed Additional details dispaly on listing sytle 3 and 4
> Fixed Adding new menu group replace the previous one group created.
> Fixed Dashboard stats for new user and multisite users.
> Fixed User can see all ads of other users
> Fixed Link for author page on name of listing author on listing detail page
> Fixed Recurring payment object object problem on stripe
> Fixed On Change plan, invoice was not showing price as well as it was not being created
> Fixed Search filter with google auto location is not working
> Fixed All features were not displaying on listing detail page
> Fixed Price display issue on ad creation from front end user dashbaord
> Fixed Multisite, visitors can access admin panel on multisite.
> Fixed Invoices were repeating on user front end dashboard
> Fixed On archive pages, coupons were not displaying
> Fixed Footer on app view was not showing
> Fixed Spelling and Grammer

> Added Individual checks based on configuration for social login on user login and registeration form.

4th September 2018 Version 2.0.4

> Fixed Booking tabs doesn’t show in user dashboard
> Fixed Can’t edit listing logo
> Fixed Ad Camping require to select pay now to show payment gateways
> Fixed Wire Transfer Invoice show admin select currency symbol
> Fixed Payment checkout button shows before accepting terms
> Fixed Paying new listing requires extra step to select the listing you are paying
> Fixed Shorter default add email text at bottom of add listing to improve styling
> Fixed Invoice billing address doesn’t come from profile
> Fixed Non Listing users see received reviews tab
> Fixed Non Listings users submitted review doesn’t show within their dashboard
> Fixed Banners courtesy text incorrect
> Fixed Inbox doesn’t show user icons
> Fixed Inbox only shows latest reply
> Fixed Quick Edit a price plan removes all selected options
> Fixed Disabling Price Range still shows on Submit and Edit listing
> Fixed Claim form Terms agreement styling
> Fixed Download invoice is blank
> Fixed Submitting a menu without a listing selected shows success message
> Fixed Edit review shows for received reviews
> Fixed Search doesn’t show in header
> Fixed Search Header Styling
> Fixed Quick Tips for Analytics
> Fixed Quick Tips for Policy accept
> Fixed Report review doesn’t work
> Fixed Cant accept terms if Google Capture is enabled
> Fixed Doesn’t use WordPress Date format within the front-end
> Fixed Contact Form Email and phone number aren’t clickable links
> Fixed Pay button still shows on paid but pending listings
> Fixed 2nd Time slot doesn’t show correctly on single listing page
> Fixed Quick Tip for Listing Title shows incorrect text
> Fixed Sidebar Ads doesn’t show within listings
> Fixed Cant edit service menu group or type
> Fixed Instant sign up doesn’t work for review
> Fixed Existing images for Events, Coupons, Menu, Logo and featured image doesn’t show
> Fixed Sign up App View field styling
> Fixed Checkout doesn’t show applied discount
> Fixed Setting to 12 hour clock still shows as 24 hour when adding or editing listing
> Fixed Whatsapp doesn’t show on Listing Style 3 & 4
> Fixed White space shows when App View search is closed
> Fixed Theme Option screenshots incorrect
> Fixed Issues with Edge Browser
> Fixed Forgetting to enter user details when submitting listings causes the submission to never submit
> Fixed Top of Search Ad doesn’t show at top of search
> Fixed Ad Camping sidebar shows title of disabled Ad options
> Fixed Placeholder text within user dashboard incorrect
> Fixed Review images show twice within app view for VC activity element
> Fixed Mobile Login issue
> Fixed Privacy policy doesn’t show on Review or Lead when enabled
> Fixed Disabling Featured image still gives option to upload on submit and edit
> Fixed Listing Style 2 gives options to show video in sidebar
> Fixed Social media link styling issues when editing listing

> Added Expired Listing Tab to User Dashboard
> Added Different number option for Whatsapp
> Added Visual Composer Element to show events
> Added Multi-site Support
> Added Allow admin to delete invoice

19th August 2018 Version 2.0.3

> Fixed :Paid claim system working,
> Fixed :Pricing plan Monthly yearly issues fixed.
> Fixed :Empty categories selection issue fixed in category based pricing plans.
> Fixed :Pricing plans Default option (when monthly and yearly enabled) issues fixed.
> Fixed :Pricing plan Hide options issue fixed.
> Fixed :Wire invoice confirm button problem fixed at wp-admin
> Fixed :Announcements Saving content problem fixed.
> Fixed :Event’s hard coded address removed.
> Fixed :Coupon external or internal option enabled.
> Fixed :Dashboard layout issues fixed.
> Fixed :Dashboard reviews, Listing name issue fixed.
> Fixed :Menu tabs issue at frontend dashboard for normal user fixed.
> Fixed : Listing Stats system updated completely, (Resets last week stats)
> Fixed :Ad campaign per day text added with price,
> Fixed :Ad campaign calculation problem solved,
> Fixed :Ad campaign tax issues fixed.
> Fixed :Ad campaigns Conditions issue fixed.
> Fixed :Ad campaigns invoices errors fixed.
> Fixed :app view detail page problem fixed.
> Fixed :App view default pin problem fixed.
> Fixed :App view instant signup on reviews fixed.
> Fixed :App view grid slider issue fixed.
> Fixed :App view archive page map icon fixed.
> Fixed :Multi rating without sign in user problem fixed.
> Fixed :Faq problem on edit listing page fixed.
> Fixed :Expiry email problem at recurring payment fixed.
> Fixed :Hard coded link from loop.php removed.
> Fixed :Listing remove popup in dashboard fixed.
> Fixed :New filter enable disable problem fixed.
> Fixed :Nearme enable/disable problem fixed in new filter.
> Fixed :Blog element clearfix issue fixed.
> Fixed :Category icon problem in new archive layout fixed.
> Fixed :Clearfix issue on archive pages fixed.

> Added :Background image option included for new filter.
> Added :Lead form Listing name included in inbox at dashboard.
> Added :Ad campaigns popup content options added in theme options > ads options.

15th August 2018 Version 2.0.2-UPDATED

> Fixed : Events and Coupons styled blue to match rest at wp admin
> Fixed : Listing search at wp admin styled
> Fixed : Call button in listing grid fixed
> Fixed : Listing Logo on detail page anchor removed
> Fixed : Styling issues in listing style 1 fixed,
> Fixed : Styling issues in listing style 3 fixed
> Fixed : Edit listing from user dashboard issues fixed
> Fixed : Remove listing from dashboard issues fixed
> Fixed : User icon on header issues fixed
> Fixed : Coupon styling issues fixed
> Fixed : Event display issues fixed
> Fixed : Announcement edit issues fixed
> Fixed : Inbox at user dashboard issues fixed
> Fixed : Ad campaigns issues fixed,
> Fixed : Google Fill o bot issue fixed
> Fixed : Hide option on pricing plan fixed
> Fixed : Feature image hide issue fixed,
> Fixed : Category restricted feature and additional details display issue fixed,
> Fixed : City in listing submission problem fixed
> Fixed : Add listing button added in user dashboard
> Fixed : Logout icon added,
> Fixed : Homepage map issue fixed
> Fixed : Listing style 3 map issue on app view fixed
> Fixed : Pay now button removed if paid mode disabled
> Fixed : Additional filter issue on archive style 2 fixed
> Fixed : Ad campaign activation issue fixed
> Fixed : App view banner on homepage
> Fixed : Coupon counter issue,
> Fixed : And many UI issues fixed
> Fixed : Nearme Radios slider in new filter design fixed

13th August 2018 Version 2.0.2

> Fixed : Tax price issues in invoice fixed
> Fixed : Ad campaign sidebar problem fixed
> Fixed : Listing submit page Fill-o-Bot activation on check
> Fixed : Image edit option added in Events, Discounts and menu
> Fixed : Social media issue in listing submit page,
> Fixed : Multi rating toggle issue fixed

11th August 2018 Version 2.0.1

> Fixed : Setup wizard Demo content import issue
> Fixed : Footer widgets issue
> Fixed : Listing submit page I agree checkbox issue
> Fixed : Number of images in listing submit issue
> Fixed : Dashboard contact support button issue

9th August 2018 Version 2.0

> NEW : New Design! RestaurantPro – Demo will be live soon
> NEW : User Dashboard 2.0 – Total revamp to provide most useful insights
> NEW : Event Management System (Built in exclusively for listingpro)
> NEW : Deals & Coupons (Built in exclusively for listingpro)
> NEW : Menu Management System (Built in exclusively for listingpro)
> NEW : Ad Campaign revamp – Now users can choose to run Ads with Pay Per Day (PPD) or Pay Per Click (PPC) + Select a Budget. (Built in exclusively for listingpro)

> NEW : Advanced (call to action) Announcement with Templates> NEW : Inbox Integrated with Lead from, (Built in exclusively for listingpro)
> NEW : Stats for Ads and Listings
> NEW : Setup wizard revamp and one click demo import
> NEW : Header designs,
> NEW : Banner designs,
> NEW : Search designs
> NEW : Listing Details Page designs
> NEW : Live Search system revamp
> NEW : Banner category boxes designs and placements,
> NEW : Listing grid and list view designs,
> NEW : Email management general short codes
> NEW : Archive design,
> NEW : Filter design, with location filter,
> NEW : Monthly Annually pricing plans
> NEW : Restrict competitor ads through pricing plans
> NEW : Hide feature of pricing plans option
> NEW : All listing detail page option restricted by pricing plans
> NEW : Designs for pricing plans
> NEW : Coupon code system for checkout process
> NEW : Checkout process revamp
> NEW : Hook based payment system
> NEW : PayPal Recurring system
> NEW : Wp admin custom page’s styling,
> NEW : Mutli rating system,
> NEW : Google adsense new spot
> NEW : Invoices system revamp
> NEW : Listing submission form new design, (Sticky quick tip added for fields)
> NEW : Auto Pilot listing submission with Google Places,
> NEW : Number of images for listing gallery option,
> NEW : Upload size in MBs for listing gallery (For all images)
> NEW : Logo option in listing submission (Applied for listing detail page style 3)
> NEW : Google map on homepage options, (User current city or by category)
> NEW : Author page for frontend,

> Fixed : Subscription Cancel issue resolved,
> Fixed : Email sending failed for stripe issue resolved,

25th May 2018 Version 1.2.15

> ADDED : GDPR Compliance related New Theme Options added.

16th March 2018 Version 1.2.14

> ADDED : WPBAKERY (Js composer) plugin compatibility with latest version,

1st March 2018 Version 1.2.13

> ADDED : Nextend social login plugin compatibility,
> ADDED : Feature image preview in Edit listing
> ADDED : Listing title exclude option in search system
> ADDED : Username field option on instant registration (Review and listing submission),
> ADDED : Number of post option in Blog Grid Element of Wpbakery

6th Feb 2018 Version 1.2.12

> ADDED : BDT currency
> ADDED : Bullets style in content editor of listing and posts
> UPDATE : Optimize queries for performance
> UPDATE : Value of prefilled form fields on changing categories retained
> UPDATE : Value of pre-selected features on changing categories retained
> UPDATE : Added asterisk (*) symbol with necessary fields in listing submission and edit page
> UPDATE : Form field data validation of contact us page
> UPDATE : Buttons alignments on published listings in user dashboard
> UPDATE : Buttons alignments on pending listings in user dashboard
> UPDATE : Buttons alignments on expired listings in user dashboard
> UPDATE : Buttons in text area editor on listing submit and edit page
> UPDATE : Change order of invoices on user front end dashboard
> UPDATE : Stripe invoices and email
> UPDATE : User Dashboard listing invoices
> UPDATE : Image upload of Location and Category
> UPDATE : Image sizes on blog page
> UPDATE : Removed duplicate queries from listingpro VC elements
> UPDATE : Translation of “left” on user dashboard
> UPDATE : Theme options descriptions
> UPDATE : Theme options dependency for App view home URL
> UPDATE : Responsive layout
> Fixed : Captcha on Listing submission and edit page.
> Fixed : On edit listing page, validation of title and description
> Fixed : Review images when reviews are in 2nd tab in listing detail page style 2
> Fixed : Display of FAQ on edit listing if FAQ is empty during listing submission
> Fixed : Duplicate categories results in search drop-down
> Fixed : Pagination on tags search
> Fixed : Front end media upload button on user profile page
> Fixed : Next and Previous translatable on blog post
> Fixed : On archive page, Sub-categories in same order as the parent categories are
> Fixed : Spelling and Grammar
> Fixed : All social icons of theme options integrated footer contact widget and contact us page
> Fixed : Space under contact us page map
> Fixed : Pre-selected location name in “where form field” on top search form when user navigate from the location

> ADDED : New option in search setting for “default search by” i-e by title or by tag/keyword
> ADDED : Default location option for map view on search result and archive page.
> Updated : Restrict access of expired listing in more secured and convenient way.
> Updated : Default Icon on quick preview compatible with theme option.
> Updated : Invoices on change plan.
> Updated : Stripe invoice on change plan.
> Updated : Invoices for PayPal on change plan.
> Updated : User dashboard on App view when only expired listing are there.
> Fixed : Filters fixes were made
> Fixed : Sign-out on user dashboard page in app view
> FIXED : Features template page notice
> FIXED : Spell and grammar corrections

> ADDED : GPS Option for user current location
> ADDED : ON/OFF Option for user current location
> ADDED : Search mode option for search form.
> FIXED : Login/Registration for mobile app view
> UPDATE: Listing tags works with search without selecting suggestion.

> ADDED : Default featured option in theme option.
> ADDED : Set featured image from a random gallery image.
> ADDED : New email templates added for review email.
> FIXED : Tooltip fixes on campaign Ad type
> FIXED : Template-login.php captcha problem
> FIXED : Captcha refresh
> FIXED : Exclusive form fields checked issue
> FIXED : Recurring button UI Updated
> FIXED : loop.php text domain Ipdated
> FIXED : limit removed from exclusive form fields
> FIXED : Extra dot. removed from listing title in mobile loop
> FIXED : Typo mistakes
> UPDATED : Food and services menu popup updated
> UPDATED : Instant signup, email creation for submit listing
> UPDATED : Subscription cancellation on change plan
> UPDATED : Priority order set in filter sorting
> UPDATED : Pagination problem fixed for features and list-tag taxonomy
> UPDATED : Plugin installation from child theme.
> UPDATED : Unique html ids on same page updated.
> UPDATED : Code improvements.

> Added : Added “alt” attributes to location images on location element of VC
> FIXED : Many typos and grammar issues addressed.
> FIXED : Features duplication on front and backend.
> FIXED : Features not showing in categories column in backend.
> FIXED : Features title not shown while submitting a listing.
> FIXED : Form Fields duplication on front and backend
> FIXED : On edit listing on backend, features not selected if they are assigned.
> FIXED : Form fields data not updating from backend.
> FIXED : Publish button hides when last listing of a purchased plan get submitted.
> FIXED : Captcha fixed on submit and edit page of listing.
> FIXED : On App view, check for “if user is logged in” on join now forms.
> FIXED : Timing issue when time is 24 hours for a day and update listing from front/backend.
> FIXED : If an expired listing’s plan upgraded from free, it remains expired and doesn’t publish.
> FIXED : If all reviews of a listing are deleted and the listing is an Ad, then “NAN” shows on the detail page sidebar for Ads.

> Added : Listing tags archive files
> Updated : Multi-location on listing edit page
> Updated : Removed parent categories check on category listing and vc listing page elements.
> Updated : Login Page Template
> Updated : Css styles
> Fixed : Features and form fields at admin panel
> Fixed : Extra white space removed on features on listing edit and submit at back end
> Fixed : 500 interval server error
> Fixed : Ad remove problem from back end

1st Dec 2017 Version 1.2.6

> UPDATED : WPBakery Page Builder (Formerly Visual Composer Page Builder) plugin 5.4.5
> FIXED : Timing problem
> FIXED : Search button font compatibility with theme option
> FIXED : Review fold unfold
> FIXED : String to array warning in nearby widget when category option is yes from theme options
> FIXED : Spell correction in theme options Available options are single/multi category
> FIXED : Alignment of filter is in mobile view.
> FIXED : Be the first one to rate is displayed whereas the review option is switched off.
> FIXED : Orders option of theme not compatible with ajax search filter
> FIXED : Claim on from approved to pending don’t update the claimed badge
> FIXED : Set title to the alt tag of listing detail page gallery
> FIXED : In search, tags not come up with suggestion when you don’t have category attached to the listing
> FIXED : Ads promotion every option with on/off
> FIXED : Search (when google location is enables) and user don’t selects the location from suggestion. Locations don’t get effected in search results.
> FIXED : I agree check validation not working when there is mobile app view
> FIXED : Icons problem on listing detail page
> FIXED : On backend, form fields and features for multi-category onload and on select
> FIXED : All categories option in “Blog Grids” WPBakery Page Builder (Formerly Visual Composer) element.
> FIXED : On listin submit, spell mistake of “Browse” in featured image field
> FIXED : Made string translatable of blog comment form
> FIXED : Spell Mistake “Password Field For User Sign Up Form”

> ADDED : FAQ import option in wp-allimport-listingpro-adon.
> ADDED : Default location option for map view on search result and archive page.
> Updated : A minor change in timing system.
> Updated : Excluded child terms category in “listing by” element of WPBakery Page Builder (Formerly Visual Composer)
> Updated : Show default form fields on backed
> Updated : Added address in app view map icon popup
> Updated : Hide listing stats from user dashboard if user is fresh registered and have no listings yet
> FIXED : Footer display on mobile app view
> FIXED : Placeholder in search form when manual location option is activated
> FIXED : Update Google address on listing edit.
> FIXED : Claim form when user is not loggedin in app view
> FIXED : Password field compatible with theme options in app view on registration
> FIXED : I agree checkbox added in app view registration form
> FIXED : Spell corrections
> FIXED : Translation string in blog comment form.

22nd November 2017 Version 1.2.4

> Updated : Timing system with in all scenarios
> Updated : Multi hours optional on add listing page
> Updated : Payment description with transaction Dynamic
> Updated : Invoices on change plan
> Updated : App view filters ON/Off options
> Updated : WP bakery plugin 5.4.4
> Updated : Ads widget supported on all sidebars
> Updated : Price icon change in filter
> Updated : Currency symbol placement according to theme options
> Updated : Order change in reviews
> Fixed : Mobile App view fix for google map
> FIXED : NearBy Widget
> FIXED : Select all option in wp admin
> FIXED : Pagination problem in open now and nearme
> FIXED : Filter keyword post_name
> FIXED : Shortcode support in content of listing description
> FIXED : Dashboard Listing’s action buttons
> FIXED : Features and additional form fields on new listing at backend
> FIXED : Pagination in filter of app view
> ADDED : Multi location with google locations
> ADDED : Russian and Ghana currency symbol added
> ADDED : Listing order option added at theme option

> Added : Listing owner restriction on posting a review on their own listings
> Added : Youtube video display option in popup/embed on listing detail page

> Fixed : Registration process on login template.
> Fixed : Paginations fix for Near Me when there is no result.
> Fixed : Listing Posts element view compatibility with theme option
> Fixed : Listing by element view compatibility with theme option
> Fixed : Lead form missing in detail page layout style 1
> Fixed : Extra “Select your listing features” string on listing submission and edit removed.
> Fixed : PHP notices fix
> Fixed : Spell fix (Additional Bussiness => Additional Business)

> Added : Customize Listing Details Page Layout with built-in Drag-n-Drop option
> Added : Multi-Operational Hours (2nd Time Slot in a day)
> Added : Advance time management for businesses open past 12 am (midnight).
> Added : FAQs import support added to WP All Import Add-on (For ListingPro)
> Added : Call on WhatsApp for listing detail page

> Updated : On listing submission, support for a registered user (email or username).
> Updated : Multi-Location and Multi-Category enabled on the backend.
> Updated : Filters On/Off Option
> Updated : Mobile X (App Like View on Mobile Browsers) Layout enhanced.
> Updated : Responsive improvements
> Updated : Filters User Experience (UX) updated.
> Updated : Parent-Category shows if the multi-categories are attached to a listing.
> Updated : Features appear in the same order on front-end as saved on the backend.
> Updated : Change plan show/hide option
> Updated : Categories support up to 3 levels.
> Updated : Locations support up to 3 levels.
> Updated : Form fields duplication on listing submission page

> Fixed : Packages counter update on adding listings
> Fixed : Captcha reset Fixes
> Fixed : Login Fixes
> Fixed : Listing submission validation
> Fixed : Listing login Template
> Fixed : Pagination Fixes
> Fixed : Proceed to checkout button shows only for 2Checout.
> Fixed : Null and false message in listing preview
> Fixed : Wire Method invoice fix
> Fixed : Custom address on edit listing not updating
> Fixed : Detail page link fix for blog post on blog page
> Fixed : 404 page fix on add listing on instant login
> Fixed : Category blank space for Image fixes
> Fixed : Locations blank space for Image fixes
> Fixed : Duplicate images are saving in gallery meta box
> Fixed : I agree checkbox not enabling the register button
> Fixed : Single image delete in gallery on listing submission
> Fixed : Category Filter for Mobile X (App Like View on Mobile Browsers) fixed
> Fixed : Content box element on WPBakery Page Builder (Formerly Visual Composer) not working fixed
> Fixed : Save & Unsave function for a listing fixed.

> FIXED : Pagination on filter
> FIXED : Saved features edit post
> FIXED : category change icon default value never blank
> FIXED : Cross button on logging popup
> FIXED : I agree button on listing detail page was not getting checked
> FIXED : Duplication of form fields
> Added : hide/show for report review and report listing
> Updated : Mobile app listing detail bottom links
> Updated : Add/edit listing only single image is uploading to gallery
> FIXED : Map icons position on mobile view
> FIXED : Add review in mobile view
> FIXED : Extra check just before button in Pricing plan
> FIXED : Edit page view disturb form fields
> FIXED : Form fields with excluded category
> FIXED : z-index in filter drop-down
> FIXED : Timekit meta-box in template dashboard file
> FIXED : Mobile app view translation issue on pagination

> Added : Multi-Level Categories in Listing Submission
> Added : Multi-Level Locations in Listing Submission
> Added : Google Map Drop-pin drag option for address(custom latitude and longitude) in listing submission
> Added : Login field for user to login and submit listing on listing submission page
> Added : Featured image upload option on listing submission page
> Added : Edit listing slug on listing edit
> Added : Common Form Fields option for all listing categories on listing submission
> Added : 2checkout payment method for listing and ads promotion
> Added : Nearme filter with distance range in filter
> Added : Best matches listing in filter
> Added : Most viewed listing in filter
> Added : Nearby listings widget for listing detail page
> Added : New layout option for listing detail page
> Added : Mobile app view and response view option
> Added : Delete invoices options for admin
> Added : Report review option
> Added : Report listing option
> Added : Report pages for listing and reviews in admin panel with approve report option
> Added : Reported status for listings and reviews
> Updated: Google location with state and country
> Updated: Stripe payment settings
> Updated : Blog page left sidebar
> Updated : Blog page right sidebar
> Updated : Recaptcha refresh on ajax validation
> Updated : Design of listing filter option

> Fixed : Checkout page, Structure fixes were made
> Fixed : Multi-subscriptions for single user is fixed
> Fixed : pagination for location string has been fixed
> Fixed : Change plan with paid subscriptions
> Fixed : Email fixes for review reply and submit
> Fixed : Captcha fixes on listing submit and edit page
> Update: Filter with time feature
> Update: User avatar update on blog page
> Update : login page Css
> Update: User display name updated instead of user login

19th August 2017 Version 1.1.9

> Updated: Repeated locations in listing submission and edit page
> Updated: Repeated locations in search form
> Updated: Position of recurring payment checkbox
> Added : On checkout page, Title about listings and payment gateways
> Added : Subscription Cancel notice while change plan.
> Fixed : Location id in filter option
> Fixed : Plan selection on checkout page
> Fixed : Slider of listing detail page

17th August 2017 Version 1.1.8

> ADDED : Auto Recurring Payment system with Stripe payment gateway.
> ADDED : Auto Locations (World-Wide Cities) on Submit Listing Pg, powered by Google.
> ADDED : Auto Locations (World-Wide Cities) on Home Search field, powered by Google.
> ADDED : 2 sliders option for listing detail page
> ADDED : Lead form email template
> UPDATE: Saved listings tabs now show for fresh registered user
> UPDATE: Signup to sign-in flip after successful registration
> UPDATE: Keyword search with pagination and filter
> Fixed : Reviews reactions in recent reactivity on user dashboard
> Fixed : contact page email
> Fixed : option of lead form only show with claimed listings
> Fixed : Ads listings on listing search and taxonomy page
> Fixed : Translations on change plan popup

1st August 2017 Version 1.1.7

> ADDED : Change plan on all post types
> ADDED : Plan integrated with theme options permanent On/Off
> ADDED : Plan price option including tax
> ADDED : Review restriction one user one review for one listing
> UPDATE: Recaptcha on Review without logged in
> UPDATE: Lead form show only if listing claimed (Optional)
> UPDATE: Location taxonomy 2 levels (parent/child) in dropdown

21 July 2017 Version 1.1.6

> ADDED : Pricing plan options for listing content restrictions,
> ADDED : More social links added in footer
> ADDED : Location boxed view
> UPDATE: Change plan system
> UPDATE: What field hide option
> UPDATE: Avatar on blog
> UPDATE: Day Off on grid and list view
> UPDATE: Ads duration
> UPDATE: Claim notice email template for previous owner
> UPDATE: Claim popup
> FIXED : Banner.php error
> FIXED : Breadcrumb.php error
> FIXED : Without location check
> FIXED : Cron for ads issue
> FIXED : Checkout link issue

16 July 2017 Version 1.1.5

> FIXED : Pricing plan empty button
> FIXED : Published button on free plan
> FIXED : List view number of words in listing title
> FIXED : Commented email code Problem
> FIXED : Price range signs hide if empty
> UPDATE: Claim form fields required

15 July 2017 Version 1.1.4

> ADDED : Google Captcha Options for forms
> ADDED : New API for User Location tracking
> ADDED : Remaining days column in listing admin
> ADDED : Page Title Background from page meta
> ADDED : Page title show hide option
> ADDED : Fast and optimized pagination system
> UPDATE : queries performances
> UPDATE : Map zoom option in mobile view
> UPDATE : Invoice number in invoice email template
> UPDATE : Tax system
> UPDATE : Price plan system
> UPDATE : Expired Listing System to Changing Price Plan for The Listing
> UPDATE : User avatar in blog VC element
> FIXED : Claim Empty Import
> FIXED : Image check on submit & edit listing
> FIXED : 404 console error
> FIXED : Stop auto sorting features in category meta
> FIXED : FAQ 1 not visible
> FIXED : Spell mistakes in Claim popup
> FIXED : User name instead of User ID in invoices
> FIXED : Category Ajax in edit listing page
> FIXED : UTF-8 in Email Template
> FIXED : Price miscalculation in payment with tax

> GET data sensitization, issue FIXED
> Scroll problem in Search dropdown FIXED
> Location VC Element Order by option ADDED
> Price Range system Updated
> Save & Preview button disable after click UPDATED
> No ajax will run if category’s features and fields are empty UPDATED
> Gallery Issues FIXED
> Location and Listing detail page Map pin option ADDED
> Extra options removed

17 June 2017 Version 1.1.2

> Pagination system UPDATED
> Post per page option in theme options ADDED
> 2 Formats for timings 12h/24h ADDED
> Email template UPDATED
> Logout button in mobile view UPDATED
> Claim in mobile view UPDATED
> Blog Pagination UPDATED
> Frontend Media issue FIXED
> Number of ads option in ads widget ADDED
> Login window in mobile view FIXED
> Review votes translatable in dashboard activity UPDATED
> Listing description line break will work with keyboard “Enters” UPDATED
> Taxonomy meta update issue FIXED
> Edit listing gallery issue FIXED
> Home search responsive issues FIXED
> FAQ title and placeholder issue FIXED
> Turkish Lira Currency symbol ADDED

8 June 2017 Version 1.1.1

> Claim system Updated
> Email system for ads purchase Added
> 24 Hours open feature for timing Added
> Agreement system on listing submission Added
> Contact page content on/off options Added
> Shortcode friendly Listing description Updated
> Search system with post tile Updated
> Features system Updated
> Maps Updated
> Join now and add listing on mobile Fixed
> Ad campaigns counter Fixed
> Ad campaigns invoices Fixed
> Paypal description Fixed
> PayPal email Fixed
> Gallery upload cookies issue Fixed
> SSL cookies Issue fixed
> Timezone system from wordpress Added
> Menu color on map view Fixed

2 June 2017 Version 1.1.0

> Stripe payment Updated
> Wire invoice Updated
> Taxation System Added
> Location system On/Off from website Added
> Custom Latitude and longitude in listing submission address field Added
> FrontEnd Dashboard menu items ON/OFF Added
> Separate Mobile menu option Added
> Update listing email problem Fixed
> Claim ON/OFF option Added
> Claim Email functionality on approval Added
> Changes in date format in user dashboard Added
> Invoices table issues Fixed
> Invoices Print & preview problem Fixed
> More currency symbols Added
> Expired listing re-publishing and payment option Added
> Theme optimization
> Cron job Issues Fixed
> Video banner option Added
> Typography issues Fixed
> HTML Tags and shortcodes support in FAQS and Content Updated
> Translations issues Fixed
> UX/UI improvments

16 May 2017 Version 1.0.5

> ListingPro Bulk importer (WP All Import AddOn) added
> Theme Performance optimized
> Theme memory usage Optimized
> Click on website link track user’s city,country and zip, Display in recent activity at user dashboard
> Map Libraries update
> Invoices Update
> Pricing Plan currency right/left option
> Where field (Location) Switcher
> Description HTML friendly
> FAQ content area HTML friendly
> Preview Content issue solved
> Submit & edit page optimized
> Listing detail page user detail on/off switcher

7 & 8 May 2017 Version 1.0.4

> Gallery on submit page fixed
> Post status issue on edit page solved
> Price range sign issue fixed
> URL restriction for timekit and resurva added
> Stripe payment counting issue fixed

4 May 2017 Version 1.0.3

> Currency sign option for price range added
> Reviews form show only on published listings
> Different dashboard features for normal visitor and listing owner
> Pre-Populated location in search
> Search option in location field of search
> Forget password Fixed.
> Site performance optimization
> Responsive issues fixed.
> Map view on mobile
> Backend js issue fixed for google map api
> Translations Improved

30 April 2017 Version 1.0.2

> Filter customization added,
> Review switch option added
> Review options added (Only logged in user/signup and review)
> Review votes now cookies based.
> Review reply option added for business owner,
> Leads form switch option added
> Ads from backend issue solved
> Invoices backend error fixed.
> Invoices print popup fixed
> Search dropdown categories option added
> New Text strings added to translation file.
> Listingpro plugin updated (Translation)
> Listingpro Ads plugin updated
> Main.css updated
> Responsive issues fixed

> Child Theme Included in the package
> Color Change option Added
> Typography option Added
> URL rewrite options Added
> Submit page field switch options updated ( Need to update listingpro-plugin )
> Translation added for plugin based strings ( Need to update listingpro-plugin )
> Google map api key option added .
> TimeKit Email option Added
> TimeKit Title option Added
> Custom Css and Custom JS option added to theme option
> Campaigns issues Fixed
> Checkout issues Fixed ( Need to update listingpro-plugin )
> Responsive issues fixed

23 April 2017

> Undefined index errors removed,
> Plugin listingpro-plugin updated,
> On submit page fields enable/disable option updated ( need to update listingpro-plugin)
> Timing option 24 hours ( need to update listingpro-plugin)

22 April 2017

> Email Management system updated. HTML email templates added
> Map view for homepage updated
> Multiple search options updated for map view
> New element for homepage Listing by category/location/recent
> Responsive.css
> Main.css
> TImeKit Booking system updated
> Resurva Booking system updated
> Booking and food/services menu On/Off options added in theme options
> Touchable Dropdowns added
> Submit/Edit listing options On/off switch added

Icons used in the theme are from Icon8. More info on licensing.


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