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Modernize is a new era of wordpress theme. You can discover many new awesome features in this theme. For example ‘Page Builder’, it allow you to create page easily by drag-drop module. Moreover, it comes with many options on that  :) Also, to change color elements, it won’t be a big deal anymore, with our new admin panel, you can access to almost of all elements color. Admin panel in this theme is a real feature rich. You can also create unlimited sidebar, choosing over 350 fonts or if you want to use your own, we provide a cufon uploader. Modernize has 15 predefined background pattern but if you want to use your own background, again, we have a custom background uploader. You can also translate each elements to your language via this admin panel.

Localization Supported (We already prepare .pot file, you just need to translate it to .mo files)

SEO Since V1.20, We reconstructed about how to use title. We use heading tag(H1,H2,H3,…) for title which is good practice for search engine site. Main contents are moved above sidebars(including both sidebar layout), now search engine will easily fine your main contents first. Also, ‘alt’ tag for images is supported. This is also help search engine to analyst your site easily.

Page Builder

Color Elements

How To Upload Theme?

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Setting Up as Homepage

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Theme Features

  • Unlimited Color
  • Unlimited Sidebar
  • 6 Footer Layouts
  • 350+ Fonts Available
  • Drag Drop Page Builder
  • Drag Drop Slider Manager
  • Built-in Translator
  • Built-in Shortcodes
  • Font Uploader
  • Logo Uploader
  • Background Uploader
  • 15 Pre-Defined Background Patterns
  • Thumbnail Options
    • Static Image
    • Slider
    • Video
    • Light Box Option
  • Price Table
  • Social Share for Posts
  • Social Link on Header
  • 3 Image Sliders
    • Nivo slider
    • Anything Slider
    • Flex Slider
  • Video Tutorial for Setting Up as Demo Site
  • No Images included, most image’s licenses are purchased at

    Some Of Testimonial

    Just wanted to say that I’ve been running this theme for about a week and absolutely love it! Customer support is top notch as well! Great job saintdo, looking forward to buying more of your themes in the future!

    I would highly recommend this these, its fantastic, looks great, easy to use and great value.
    The support i have received from the designers (Goodlayers) has far surpassed by expectations. They are very professional, super efficient and so so helpful. I don’t have much experience with WordPress and their support has been crucial to me. They are always happy to help and always so informative. I highly recommend this company and their work. Many Thanks

    I can confirm, bougth the theme a couple of days afo and it is really fantastic. Very flexible, very good support. And I just cannot believe – they added SEO support in last version. I really like it.

    Out of all the themes i’ve ever bought on themeforest this is BY FAR the absolute best, incredibly easy to customize. Huge, huge kudos. Usually takes days, glitches all over, with this one a few hours and BOOM . Amazing. I take my hat off to you, sir.

    By far the most versatile and well functioning theme I have purchased to date. I purchased a theme from a different author that promised it would work for what I needed it to do prior to purchase and was then a total disappointment when it didn’t work – and they wouldn’t offer support!
    Anyone looking for a theme that has a ton of potential and capabilities – look no further, the page layout options are amazing! I might even look at purchasing a few licenses and creating child themes for a few different website.
    Great job – can’t wait to see what you come out with next – will definitely be following you – 5 star rating.

    I’ve bought a lot of templates in my life and this is the most amazing theme I’ve ever seen. It’s EPIC ! It is truly unbelievable. THIS is genius! Serious kudos to you for this innovation! Groundbreaking work here.

    Need Support?

    First of all, Thanks so much for purchased our items  :) We’re really appreciated it and hope you enjoy it! If you need support, all support will be conducted through this website > . We usually get back to you within 14hours. (except holiday seasons which might take longer).

    Update List

    ==v3.3.2== 08/04/2020
    Update Layer Slider (6.11.1)
    ==v3.3.1== 20/10/2019
    Update Layer Slider (6.9.2)
    fix footer column
        - footer.php
    ==v3.30== 03/08/2018
    update layer slider v6.7.6
    update comments form to support privacy policy
        - comments.php 
    fix https video resize
        - javascript/jquery.fitvids.js
    fix woocommerce sidebar
        - include/function-regist.php
    add no cookie option for youtube videos
    add websafe font and improve font uploading feature
        - include/style-custom.php
        - include/goodlayers-option.php
        - include/javascript/gdl-panel.js
        - include/plugin/misc.php
        - include/plugin/font-loader.php
    ==v3.24== 12/07/2018
    Woocommerce template fix
    ==v3.23== 27/06/2018
    Add instagram icon
    ==v3.22== 15/07/2017
    Update Layer Slider 6.4.0
    ==v3.21== 05/12/2016
    fix shortcode spacing
    ie 8 hanging issues
    php 7 support
        include/plugin/custom-widget folder
    ==v3.20== 21/12/2015
    update woocommerce stylesheet
    fix shortcode
        - include/plugin/shortcode-generator.php
    update layerslider
    wp 4.4 compatibiltiy
        include/plugin/custom-widget folder
    ==v3.19== 29/06/2015
    - Update PrettyPhoto
    ==v3.18== 20/06/2015
    - fix vimeo shortcode
    - xss
    ==v3.17== 06/11/2014
    - Update Layer Slider
    ==v3.16== 01/05/2014
    fix invalid css
        - stylsheet/superfish.css
    - fix duplicate contact form mail ( on some server )
    - remove preload in non-responsive
    - fancybox 
        javascript/fancybox folder
    - update tgm layerslider
        include/plugin/tgm folder
    ==v3.15== 26/08/2013
    - fix layer slider for child theme
    ==v3.14== 04/08/2013
    - fix the personnel item when category title mismatch with slug
    - embedded layer slider
        include/plugin/layerslider folder
    - Improve stability / Plugin compatible
    ==v3.13== 16/06/2013
    - fix flex nav on mobile
    - fix divider after column item
    - fix contact form 7 email style
    - fix personnel num fetch
    - fix error messages
    - fix twitter share on mobile
    - fix twitter
    ==v3.12== 29/05/2013
    - filter portfolio 
    ==v3.11== 19/03/2013
    - Fixed footer doesn't show.
    ==v3.10== 17/03/2013
    - filter portfolio 
    - Upgrade LayerSlider to V4.1.1
    - Fixed WooCommerceV2.0+ compatibility.
    ==v3.02== 01/03/2013
    - fix custom background
    - testimonial carousel style in sidebar
    - fix the font size
    ==v3.01== 23/02/2013
    - Fixed Responsive layout when it's turned off.
    ==v3.00== 20/02/2013
    * Layer Slider included
    * Woo commerce compability
    * Testimonial slider shortcode
    * Personnel post type
    * Personnel page item
    * Personnel slider widget in sidebar/footer
    * Blog column layout
    * Gallery supports caption
    * Post slider
    * Custom CSS box in admin panel
    * Full width layout
    * import/export option for color setting in admin panel
    +++++ Please replace whole folder. We changed too many files in this version +++++
    ==v2.23== 13/12/2012
    - fix the admin font size compatibility with wp 3.5
    ==v2.22== 10/12/2012
    - update flex slider 
    - add support to content filter
    - fix the filter category slug
    - fix the compatibility with jwplayer
    ==v2.21== 21/11/2012
    * update nivo slider to support responsive feature.
    * update contact widget / contact form mail sending function
    ++++Modified files from v2.10++++
    + stylesheet/nivo-slider.css
    + javascript.jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js
    + include/include-script.php
    + include/plugin/misc.php
    + stylesheet/layout-responsive.css
    + remove stylesheet/nivo-slider-style.css    
    + include/plugin/utility.php
    + include/plugin/custom-widget/contact-widget.php
    ==v2.20== 20/11/2012'
    * Anything slider speed
    * move analytics code to header
    * exclude galley from search
    * shortcode fix
    * order page by menu order
    ++++Modified files from v2.10++++
    + javascript/jquery.anythingslider.js
    + include/function-regist.php
    + include/gallery-option.php
    + include/plugin/shortcode-generator.php
    + include/plugin/page-item.php
    ==v2.10== 30/10/2012
    * fix another language in tabs item.
    * fixed https for vimeo
    ++++Modified files from v2.09++++
    + /include/plugin/page-item.php
    + /include/plugin/shortcode-generator.php
    + /javascript/gdl-scripts.js
    + /include/plugin/misc.php 
    ==v2.09== 12/10/2012
    * Fixed Twitter Feed
    * fix stunning text in both sidebar
    * add the image caption style
    * fix the special character in tabs title
    * add content filter
    ++++Modified files from v2.08++++
    + /include/plugin/custom-widget/twitter-widget.php
    + /stylehseet/layout-responsive.css
    + style.css
    + /include/plugin/page-item.php
    + /include/plugin/shortcode-generator.php
    + page.php
    ==v2.08== 03/08/2012
    * fixed social share on old post
    * added Slider duration
    * fixed google plus sharing
    * added rss widget style
    * fixed stunning text for responsive
    * added WPMU supported
    * added youtube auto played supported
    ++++Modified files from v2.07++++
    ==v2.07== 23/06/2012
    * added content font size
    * added Pinterest icon
    * fixed shortcodes in sidebar
    * fixed 'Stunning Text' responsive minor issue
    +++++ Please replace whole folder. We changed too many files in this version +++++
    ==v2.06== 06/06/2012
    * Added full content ability in blog page
    * Added 'nextpage' tag support
    * Added slider img alt
    * Added translation for footer
    * fixed portfolio resized 
    * fixed comment line break
    ++++Modified files from v2.05++++
    ==v2.05== 16/05/2012
    * added Google+ icon and Google+ social share.
    * added email icon.
    * added 'Time format' to be changable
    * added 'alt' for image on column service
    * added option for full post on blog layout
    * fixed 'Flush rewrite' rules
    * fixed 'Stunning Text' layout with responsive
    * fixed current menu state.
    +++++ Please replace whole folder. We changed too many files in this version +++++
    ==v2.04== 18/04/2012
    * add more translate words.
    * add more font.
    * add price table responsive mode.
    * add target to button shortcode.
    * fix tab shortcode.
    * fix the single testimonial space.
    * fix the flickr style.
    * fix the list style in accordion.
    +++++ Please replace whole folder. We changed too many files in this version +++++
    ==v2.03== 26/03/2012
    * Added search archive blog size
    * Improved fully support child theme
    ++++Modified files from v2.02++++
    ==v2.02== 16/03/2012
    * Added IE7 supported
    * Fixed sub menu
    ++++Modified files from v2.01++++
    ==v2.01== 15/03/2012
    * Added default sidebar on every posts(pages)
    * Improved, using mb_substring() instead of substring()
    * Improved contact form character encoding
    * Fixed custom font uploader
    * Fixed dropcap on IE8
    * Fixed Nivo slider color
    * Fixed gallery shortcode
    * Fixed PrettyPhoto for IE9(lightbox
    ++++Modified files from v2.00++++
    +modernize/stylesheet/ie-fix/ALL FILES HERE
    ==v2.00== 22/02/2012
    * Fixed Facebook thumbnail
    * Fix filterable portfolio
    * Fixed contact form spacing
    * Fixed Twitter feed alignment
    * Added youtube shortcode
    * Added color option (tab color)
    * Added Responsive action
    * Added more Google fonts
    * Added gallery post type
    * Added content item
    +++++ Please replace whole folder. We changed too many files in this version +++++
    ==v1.21== 04/02/2012
    * improve Drag-drop module interface
    * Fixed title color
    * Fixed toggle header
    * Fixed stunning title color
    * Fixed pot file 
    ++++Modified files from v2.00++++
    ==v1.20== 2/02/2012
    * Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
    ** H1,H2,H3.. on title
    ** Main content comes before sidebar
    ** alt tag for images supported
    * Localization supported
    * Fixed portfolio order for IE8
    * Fixed Nivo Slider Cufon caption for IE8
    +++++ Please replace whole folder. We changed too many files in this version +++++
    ==v1.15== 26/01/2012
    * Improve pretty photo rel type to support html5
    * Added shortcodes supported in accordion, toggle and tab
    * Fixed iPad zooming 
    ++++Modified files from v1.4++++
    ==v1.14== 24/01/2012
    * Added align left/right frame
    * Added portfolio feed in main feed 
    * Fixed contact form return "-1" 
    ++++Modified files from v1.13++++
    ==v1.13== 17/01/2012
    * Added enabling option for footer and copyright
    * Added 'Read more' link for search and archive page
    * Fixed author avatar
    * Fixed Pagination for inner pages
    * Fixed Google analytic enabling
    * Fixed Lightbox title for inner pages
    * Fixed Sidebar height if top slider is enabled
    * Fixed Contact widget receiver email
    ++++Modified files from v1.12++++
    ==v1.12== 14/01/2012
    * Added style to match with 'Contact form 7' plugin
    * Added 'none' for backgrounded option
    * Improve - remove custom style from main source and put it as separate file
    * Fixed pagination on homepage.
    ++++Modified files from v1.11++++
    ==v1.11== 11/01/2012
    * Fixed Cufon replacement in slider caption
    * Added Favicon uploader
    ++++Modified files from v1.10++++
    ==v1.10== 10/01/2012
    * Fixed top navigation on mobile browser
    * Fixed footer title color
    * Fixed default value on page builder
    * Fixed xml loader on page builder
    * Fixed search with blank value
    * Fix the content/title showing of the old content
    * Added enabling gradient on main navigation
    * Added footer color access-able
    * Added Google analytics field
    ==v1.00== 09/01/2012
    * initial released 


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    Modernize – Flexibility of WordPress

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    Modernize - Flexibility of WordPress

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