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NeoMag is a magazine theme and a perfect, ready solution for small indie magazines and large scale multidisciplinary magazines and newspapers.

Theme uses all features that WordPress has to offer. Easy to setup and configure, easy to use and maintain.

In the process of filling your site with content, you can consistently change its appearance and functionality by choosing the best option for you from a large number of available options.

After viewing the demo and reading the documentation you can see that the theme fully answers all the requirements for creating respectful online publication, regardless of it size and subjects.

NeoMag is created for speed and will work great on all modern desktop and mobile devices.

Real-Life Examples

Expatra – The Overseas Living Magazine
Binoklium – International magazine for Russian speakers

Key Features

  • Customizer – Make changes and see it live.
  • Text Logo – Use graphic or text logo.
  • Typography – Google fonts collection
  • Colors – Change colors of site background and text, links, forms, etc.
  • Date Formats – Regular or Human date formats.
  • Gutenberg and Classic Editor – Full compatibility with new WordPress Gutenberg and Classic editors.
  • Sticky Sidebars – Option to make sidebars sticky in homepage, archives and single post.
  • Single Post Autoload – Autoload single posts on scroll
  • Popular Posts – Show the most popular posts with views count.
  • Smooth Page Load – Load each page with smooth fade-in effect.
  • SEO Optimized – Theme was built on-page SEO best practice, rules and ranking factors.
  • Fully Responsive – Your site will look great on all modern devices.
  • RTL Support – Full support for right to left languages.
  • Demo Import – Get all demos with one click.


Built-in, widget based, ads functionality with 10 ads ready slots that gives you the option of adding ads into different parts of your site. Header, footer, sidebar and under the post content.

  • Each part is controlled separately.
  • The sidebars can be optionally sticked.


  • Six header variations.
  • Controllable offcanvas panel ( “hamburger” menu )
    • Can be displayed on both desktop and mobile
    • Shows menus, search, social or custom content
  • Sticky Navigation
    • Option to choose the menu which will appear as sticky
    • Use the site logo or upload additional


Homepage consist of 7 dynamic and changeable sections and an option to disable the pagination if you need a real magazine look. By combining different sections and change their settings you get an unlimited variations of the homepage.

  • Top Carousel
  • Newest Posts – Five layout variations
  • Latest Posts variation – Two layout options
  • Center Carousel – Two layout options
  • Posts By Category – Four layout variations
  • Older Posts – Four layout variations
  • Carousel Bottom – Two layout options


Archives and especially categories have different layouts options

  • Category – Three layouts of the newest posts, two layouts of the latest post, with an option to add an ad instead of the last post.
  • Other archives – Four layout options for all other archives, including category.

Single Post

Can be with or without the sidebar. If used with sidebar, some posts can be used with the no sidebar Template.

  • Two layout variations
  • Gutenberg and Classic Editor Compatibility
  • Related Posts
  • Author Box. Choose to show or hide the author box
  • Ads under the post content

Author Page

Author box with image, name, bio, and social icons. Two layouts of posts.

Static Page

Two templates: Default Template and Canvas Template for building pages with Gutenberg.

Widgetized footer, every added widget forms a new column. Footer also includes optional secondary and social menus, changeable copyright text and a “back to top” link.

Addons Plugin

After activating the theme, you can install and activate the NeoMag Addons plugin which was created specially for this theme. Plugin includes the folloiwng features:

  • Social Sharing icons in single post
  • Custom widgets to use in sidebars

Online Documentation

Check theme detailed online documeantion.

Change Log

Version 2.0 – January 30, 2019

Added: Single post autoload on scroll.
Added: Popular Posts with views count and Carousels section.
Added: Sticky Previous/Next post in Single Post.
Added: Option to hide excerpts in the Newest Posts section.
Changed: Back top top button in single post is now sticky with colors and visibility options
Changed: Some Structured Data information.
Fixed: Some translation strings.
Fixed: Classic Editor option to show colors and fonts same as in Gutenberg.

Version 1.2 – December 16, 2019

Fixed: Appearance of some elements.
Fixed: Demo import paths.
Added: Option of changing thumbnails shape, square or rounded, in homepage "Magazine 2" layout.

Version 1.1 – December 10, 2019

Fixed: Small objects appearance on Mobile.
Fixed: Gutenberg align wide class on Mobile.
Added: NeoMag Addons plugin: Social Share Icons in single post.

Version 1.0 – December 5, 2019

Initial Release.

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NeoMag – News and Magazine WordPress Theme

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NeoMag - News and Magazine WordPress Theme

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