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Demo Paint Product Addon for WooCommerce

Paint Product Addon for WooCommerce plugin enables you to enhance your online store by adding paint swatches with categories, as well as estimated prices and paint product addons specifically designed for WooCommerce. As an admin, you can input the color name, price, and corresponding color code for each paint product. These details will then be displayed as swatches on the front-end of your website, allowing users to easily select their desired colors and make purchases.

Additionally, we provide specially created transparent images that simulate the application of paint. By clicking on the paint swatches, users can visualize how the selected color would look on their room walls. This feature helps customers make informed decisions about their paint choices.

Furthermore, the plugin allows admins to set paint quantities for users to estimate the amount of paint needed per square meter. Moreover, users have the option to purchase additional addons for their paintwork, which can be attached by the admin from the backend of the website.

Features of Paint Product addon for WooCommerce

  • Allow admin to add color name, price and hex color code for paint
  • Admin can add paint and its estimated prices
  • Option to filter paint color swatches by category
  • Allows to search paint color by name or code
  • Selected paint colour added to cart and order for admin to prepare
  • Option to set multiple colour swatches category with paint product
  • Option available to attached addon products with paint product
  • Fully responsive swatches layout for all devices
  • Full setting options available to customize popup text, color etc

Paint Product addon for WooCommerce Plugin Demos

The Paint Product addon for WooCommerce allows your customers to select theri desire paint color and buy with addons product, Check the demo below for more details.

Setting Paint Product with Addons

Once the plugin is installed and activated, navigate to the post type “Paint Colors” and click on “Add New Color.” Fill in the color name, color code, price, and assign it to the relevant category.

You have the option to create a post type category and set the category color for frontend display.

Once both the category and color have been created, go to the product page and click on the “Color Addons Settings” tab located under the “Product Data” tab and follow below steps.

  • Enable the color paint checkbox.
  • Select the categories you created in the above steps.
  • Select paint product accessories (simple products as addons).
  • Set the calculation numbers for both the quantity per liter and the total in liters for per square meter. Once you have entered these values, proceed to publish the product.

Frontend View of Paint Product Addon

After completing all the configurations on the backend, a “Select Color” button becomes available. When clicked, a popup window appears with color swatches organized into categories. Users can choose a color swatch to see how it looks on a wall. Additionally, users have the option to filter the colors by category and search for specific colors using a hex code or name.

Second Step (Paint Product Addons Plugin)

In this step, you can view the selected color, along with the quantity and price information of the product. It will provide you with the total liters per quantity and their corresponding prices.

Estimated Calculator (Step Two)

The Estimated Calculator provides you with the total amount of liters you require based on.

Addon Products (Paint Accessories)

In the third and final step, all the accessories that were added in the first step of configuration are available to be added to the cart.

Cart View of Paint Product Addons Plugin

After selecting the accessories and adding them to the cart, both the main product and its color variant, as well as the selected quantities of product accessories, will be available in the cart.

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Change log:

Version 1.0.0
Initial release

Download Paint Product Addon for WooCommerce Nulled

Download Paint Product Addon for WooCommerce

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