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Elfsight PDF Embed is the simplest method to display a PDF file on the page of your website. Just a few clicks, your docs will be published on the site, where users can see and download them. Our widget offers paintable interface details, font size settings, and an option to edit the header. Display your certificates, technological papers, guides, and more – in no time!

This plugin is your choice if

  • you need an easier and quicker file integration with no coding
  • you want your clients to know more about your products
  • You wish to achieve higher user engagement on your website
  • you don’t to want to rack your brains setting and adjusting the plugin

What you get with our plugin

Embed your PDFs in 1-2-3

Enjoy the easiest PDF embedding. Our file manager offers three variants of embedding a file. Choose to load a file from your computer, embed by an URL, or find and choose it from the list of latest uploaded files. The process is smooth and quick.

Files can be viewed right on the page

File Viewer layout option gives your users a chance to view the file, which you published on the page. File Viewer layout demonstrates the file with scroll, pagination, and zoom supported, so that people can see it to the end without leaving your webpage. There are options to view the file full-screen and download it.

Arrange a grid or list of file icons

Grid and List layouts were included to let you display plenty of documentation. File icons with names will appear on the page united into a list or grid. When clicked, files open in a new tab, where every user can download them. You are free to display or switch off the Download text that appears near the icon.

Paint the interface and choose the size

The widget interface includes a number of settings that enable you to vary it for your use case. Show or hide the file icon; choose the font sizes, give color to 6 interface components, and add a custom widget title. Also, you can set the width of the widget using pixels or percentages.

Ultimately responsive

We want our plugin to suit every need of yours and your visitors. That’s why it perfectly works on any device, including tablets and smartphones and with any display resolution.

The editor you deserve

Never before has customizing been so easy and fast. Try our handy editor and get your plugin the look, which will best suit your website in just few easy steps.

Automatic updates

New features and bug fixes will be automatically installed to your plugin. All you need to do is to get a purchase code and activate your license in the plugin. Automatic updates will be up and running to ensure you the most smooth experience.

Our plugin is 100% compatible with WordPress

You don’t have to worry about the compatibility, our plugin works smoothly with any WordPress theme, including the most popular on Themeforest, such as:

  • Avada
  • BeTheme
  • The7
  • Flatsome
  • Enfold
  • Jupiter
  • Bridge
  • Newspaper

Elfsight PDF Embed can be added to any page of your website. Here are the available installation options, you can choose any:

WordPress shortcode

After you have created a widget of the plugin, you will receive its shortcode. It can be used as a common WordPress shortcode, for example, you can add it to the page.

WordPress Guttenberg Editor

Use a special Guttenberg unit of the plugin while in the process of building your page

Visual composer supported

Elfsight PDF Embed includes Visual Composer element of the most used page builders to make it convenient for you to set the plugin if you use the builder.

Native WordPress widget

You can easily add Elfsight PDF Embed widget to a WordPress sidebar or footer of your website for more convenience.

Minimum requirements

Elfsight PDF Embed plugin has minimum requirements an it can work on almost any WordPress website out-of-the-box:

  • WordPress 3.5+ ready
  • jQuery 1.7+ (included into WordPress default)

Installation guide

Our widget features one of the easiest setups you will ever get, it’s very fast and intuitive. Follow these quick steps to set the plugin up on your site:

  1. After the purchase, download the plugin archive.
  2. Upload the setup zip to your website. NOTE! At this stage, make sure that you are uploading not the whole item zip, but only WordPress installable zip.
  3. Activate the plugin. Go to plugin settings page via the main menu.
  4. Configure your widget and customize it with the help of Live Widget Editor.
  5. Copy and paste the shortcode of your widget into a selected page of your website. Done! Your plugin is up and running!

Have doubts or need help?

Just open a ticket in our Support Center at https://elfsight.ticksy.com/ and we will reach you with professional assistance. Expect an answer Monday-Friday from 10am to 7pm CET. Elfsight team is always open to our customers and willing to get better!

We are a tight and trusted team of developers with 10-year experience in web developing. We share common goals and put our best into what we do – that’s what makes us successful. One of our priorities is bringing the feeling of satisfaction with our items to our clients!

Our Support Includes

Fixing plugin bugs

Our plugin happens to work incorrectly on your website? Report your issue and provide us with a link to your website. We’ll do our best to help.

Lifetime updates

We release new updates and features regularly. Just don’t forget to check for the fresh version in WordPress admin panel.

Customer-friendly development

We are open to your ideas. If you require some extra features, which might as well improve our products, just share it with us. We will consider implementing them in the future updates.

Our Support Doesn’t Include

Plugin installation

We don’t provide installation services for our plugin. However, we’ will be glad to provide you with installation tutorials. In case any errors come up during the installation process, feel free to contact us. If you need to have installation done by a professional, you can contact specialists from Envato Studio.

Product customization

We don’t provide plugin customization services. If you would like to change the way some features work, feel free to share your ideas with us. We will take them into account for future updates. Can’t wait? Then contact Envato Studio for customization services.

Third-party issues

We don’t fix bugs or resolve issues of other plugins and themes, created by third party developers. Also we don’t supply integration services for third party plugins and themes.

Missing some feature? Just ask for it!

Feel free to contact us at https://elfsight.com/feedback/ and share your feedback. If there’s something you would like to change about our plugin, we will be glad to hear your ideas. The most requested changes will be introduced into our next updates to help our clients achieve their aims.

In case you need any customization right now, feel free to contact Envato Studio for customization services.

Still haven’t checked our plugin live? Do it right now on the WordPress PDF Embed page!

Change Log – new version 1.0.1 is available for download

August 15, 2019 – Version 1.0.1

### Fixed
 * The issue with downloading a file instead of opening it on a click on the name has been fixed.
 * The issue with displaying the default file has been fixed

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PDF Embed – WordPress PDF Viewer plugin

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PDF Embed - WordPress PDF Viewer plugin

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