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Pixwell is a powerful, multipurpose and modern WordPress magazine theme with pixel perfect design, outstanding features, fully responsive and mobile-friendly. It is a very flexible and well suited for recipe, fashion, travel, technology, personal or any other awesome magazine and blog websites.

The theme is compatible and optimized to work with Elementor, Cooked (Recipe plugin), WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, AMP, W3 Total Cache, Yoast SEO, and many other popular WordPress plugins.

Pixwell is SEO friendly with Schema compatible structure. Supports organization, site links search box, breadcrumbs bar, open graph. That will make search engines love your website.

Pixwell is also optimized for the database and fast load. Pixwell is built to work for large websites, uses only one meta to stored all additional post data, Almost functions are as modularly and only load when needed.

Pixwell supports built-in Ruby Composer and Elementor builder. That will make this theme is easy to use for a new WP user. However, It becomes flexible, can build anything and come unlimited If you are a professional.

This will be the last theme you will ever want to use. It is so much better than anything you have seen.

Theme Features:

Creative Design: Pixwell is a bold theme that organizing content to follow natural eyes, striking balance between beautiful and visual hierarchy.

Unlimited Layouts: Comes with tons of custom elements. Every demo are unique, different elements can combine.

1-Click Demo Importer: All the demos are available to install from the theme options panel. Flexible options to select import all or options, widgets. You can import all demo if you start from scratch or select individual options.

Fully Responsive: The theme passed Mobile-Friendly Test – by Google. We also tested carefully the theme on almost devices: laptop, tablet, and phone. All elements are 100% responsive and ready for all devices.

Ruby Composer: Built-in builder of our theme. It is lightweight, user-friendly drag & drop builder. Easy to use for new WP users. Predefined templates to quickly create any page just with 1-click.

Elementor Support: If you are using Elementor and love it. Don’t worry, the theme is compatible and supports all layouts for this plugin.

SEO Optimized & Supported: Meets with SEO standards, Microdata markup, Organization, Open Graph, and Google SERP. Easy to add information via Theme Panels.

Superior Performance, Well Code: Organization code by modular, load when needed. None heavy 3rd plugins. Support child theme and all functions can be overridden.

Quick Translation: Pixwell allows you can translate to your language directly via Options panel. It also support PO files, you can use “Loco Translate” plugin or PO edit software if you want.

Flexible Customization: Based on the Redux framework. Pixwell supports Theme Options panel with hundreds of options, Allow you can control overall styling, elements, typography, and color whole the site.

Amazing Ajax and Live Search Input: Built-in powerful ajax system, Pixwell allows you can add a lot of filter types into the block header. Your visitors can quickly find posts by categories, tags, authors. Pixwell also supports load more and infinite scroll pagination types and live input search in the header.

Amazing Post Features: 5+ single layouts. Supports videos, gallery, audio and standard. Sponsored, self-hosted and GIF supported. Custom meta value, built-in review systems and much more…

Infinite Single Load Next: Are you looking for this feature for your website to increase page views, keep viewers to keep reading your content? This is good news for you. Pixwell supports it with extra options: track Google pageview, load next post based on category and custom advertising sidebar for the next load.

Read It Later: Unique feature and only available in Pixwell. That allows your viewers to bookmark interesting posts and read it later.

Newsletter System: Pixwell comes with Ruby newsletter system, this is a premium feature that comes with this theme. Beautiful popup design, live notice when subscribing and easy export data to file.

GDPR Compliant: GDPR compliant support. Don’t need to use any 3rd plugin to display cookies notice anymore.

Lazy Load: Reduce the site preload time, This will make your viewers happy.

Parallax Animation: Display big featured images smoothly and the parallax animation has been added when scrolling. This makes your site looks professional and stand-out.

Post Reactions: Another unique feature is available on Pixwell. Help your viewers post their reactions to your posts.

View Counter: Pixwell supports post view counter plugin. A popular and reliable plugin to count total views of posts. It allows you can sort posts via the view data.

Cooked Support: If you are a food blogger and looking for a WP theme support recipe, Pixwell is well suit with your need. The theme support cooked plugin allows you can any recipes you wish.

Advert Responsive: Built-in responsive Adsense function. You can choose any size of AdSense for laptops, tablets, and phones. Put them anywhere you would like. Don’t need tired to install or find any other solutions.

Gallery Post Type: Pixwell supports custom gallery post type. Allows you to share any gallery in style and beautiful popup lightbox.

Shop The Post: Display shopping items or any 3rd party affiliate code in the single post content. Best suit theme for fashion bloggers or people want to showcase items and start monetizing a blog. Amazing new feature to earn money online by doing what you love.

Woocommerce: Pixwell completely supports Woocommerce and Wishlist plugin.

AMP Ready: We understand this is an important feature in a modern theme. Absolutely, pixwell supports AMP plugin (Reader Mode).

800+ Google Fonts: Pixwell supports all google fonts, that allows you to select fonts for any element you can see.

And Much more other features you can explore while using this theme.

Dedicated Quick Support

We have a top-rated score and positive feedback from our buyer on Themeforest. We take customer support seriously and will with you every step of the way.


Read Documentation: here


------ Version: 4.2 --------
- Add: Medical demo
- Add: single tagline typography options
- Add: Covid statics shortcode
- Add: Default image for facebook share
- Fix: Header style 8 issues on the sticky and transparent menus.
- And other improvements and minor bug fixes

------ Version: 4.1 --------
- Add: Beauty demo
- Add: Call to action block for Ruby Composer
- Add: Last updated date to post entry meta bar
- Add: 2 new footer layouts
- Add: Beauty featured grid
- Improve: Support all post type for ajax search
- Fix: Dark overlay option issue
- Fix: remove the role of aside tag to meet with the HTML validation tool.
- Fix: sub-sub menu hovers issue.
- And other improvements and minor bug fixes

------ Version: 4.0 --------
- Add: Decor demo
- Add: RTL demo
- Add: support RTL
- Add: full wide slider
- Add: image box
- Add: heading box for the fullwidth and content section
- Add: full wide page layout
- Add: native lazyload with loading animation
- Add: lazyload for single content option
- Add: on/off all image sizes
- Add: delay time for Ruby newsletter popup
- Add: custom entry meta label position: suffixes or prefix
- Add: full wide slider for Elementor
- Add: Carousel schema markup for Homepage
- Improve: flashing issue when the sticky long sidebar
- Improve: menu position for sticky and transparent to look similar with header settings
- Improve: uncheck newsletter checked box as default.
- Improve: reduce HTML DOM size.
- Improve: increase Google pagespeed score.
- Fix: wp block columns margin issue on mobile
- And other improvements and minor bug fixes

------ Version: 3.2 --------
- Improve: Ruby Composer layout
- Fix: Share on Email title issue.
- And other improvements and minor bug fixes

------ Version: 3.1 --------
- Add: Sport demo
- Add: Freebie demo
- Add: Option to only display the primary category for single post page
- Add: In-feed adverting feature for all grid, list, and classic blocks
- Add: call to action button in the review box
- Add: fullwidth search box
- Add: full wide header style with the centered menu.
- Add: background-position setting for blocks and sections in Ruby Composer
- Add: Fullwidth Mailchimp widget
- Add: position for the custom entry label
- Add: sport and freebie templates for Ruby Composer
- Improve: Update google fonts setting
- Improve: Update Woocommerce templates
- Improve: Primary category setting compatible with Navxt breadcrumb
- Improve: Category list dropdown in single post panel (easy to see child category)
- Improve: Hompage pagination title compatible with Yoast SEO
- Improve: Post widget, remove a duplicate post in the sidebar in the single post page.
- Improve: Product listing layout on mobile devices
- Improve: Mailchimp for WP widget in the footer
- Fix: Wishlist layout compatible with the latest plugin version
- Fix: Shares to social at the bottom of Wishlist page
- And other improvements and minor bug fixes

------ Version: 3.0 --------
- Add: new fashion deal concept demo
- Improve: Google speed insight score
- Improve: Optimize fonts & site speed
- Fix: AMP issues
- Fix: custom social colors issue
- Fix: Mixed blocks margin issue
- And other improvements and minor bug fixes

------ Version: 2.3 --------
- Add: new deal & review concept demo
- Add: deal custom post type 
- Add: New slider layout
- Improve: javascript and site performance
- Improve: Social icons styling when hovering
- Improve: new documentation
- Improve: Theme Option panel
- And other improvements and minor bug fixes

------ Version: 2.2 --------
- Add: Open in new tab option for banner block
- Add: portfolio & portfolio category custom permalinks 
- Add: gallery & gallery category custom permalinks 
- Add: On/off option for dynamic CSS file.
- Fix: content gird 3 layout issue.
- Fix: Metabox panel font issues.
- And other improvements and minor bug fixes.

------ Version: 2.1 --------
- Add: WhatsApp share button.
- Improve: Align center custom advert code.
- And other improvements and minor bug fixes

------ Version: 2.0 --------
- Add: New gadgets review demo. 
- Add: User reviews system 
- Add: Add Dynamic CSS to file 
- Add: New slider block 
- Add: Topline style option 
- Add: New Header style. 
- Improve: Ruby Composer and site speed. 
- And other improvements and minor bug fixes

------ Version: 1.8 --------
- Improve: Move Demo Importer to Appearance > Ruby Import Demos
- Fix: Quick filter IDs issue.
- And other improvements and minor bug fixes

------ Version: 1.7 --------
- Add: New Food Demo.
- Add: New full wide carousel for Ruby composer and Elementor 
- Add: New full width banner block for Ruby composer and Elementor 
- Add: Height option for the sticky menu.
- Fix: Mailchimp description issue.
- And other improvements and minor bug fixes

------ Version: 1.6 --------
- Add: New Work Demo
- Add: Elementor About Me block
- Add: Elementor Portfolio grid
- And other improvements and minor bug fixes

------ Version: 1.5 --------
- Add: Portfolio post type
- Add: New About me section
- Add: New Portfolio grid
- Add: Mobile menu sticky
- Improve: HTML code box improve
- Improve: Theme option Module designs (screenshot) for easy to edit
- Fix: Fix custom style issue
- Fix: Masonry responsive
- Fix: Composer not work in WordPress 5.3
- And other improvements and minor bug fixes

------ Version: 1.4 --------
- Add: New header style
- Add: New background carousel slider
- Add: New content mansory block layout
- Add: New Blogger demo concept
- Fix: Plugin translation issue
- Fix: Multiple author box issue
- And other improvements and minor bug fixes

------ Version: 1.3 --------
- Add: New text color option for header style 3
- Add: New full-wide carousel slider
- Add: New Baby demo concept
- Fix: Duplicate window share popup.
- And other improvements and minor bug fixes

------ Version: 1.2 --------
- Add: New options for header transparent style
- Add: New list layout
- Add: New Photography demo concept
- Add: settings for reaction section
- Add: Ajax pagination notice.
- And other improvements and minor bug fixes

------ Version: 1.1 --------
- Add: New header style
- Add: New carousel layout
- Add: New masonry grid
- Add: New lifestyle demo concept
- Add: New Header Style
- Add: New category style icon
- Fix: load template issue
- And other improvements and minor bug fixes

------ Version: 1.0 --------
- Initial release.



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Pixwell – Modern Magazine

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Pixwell - Modern Magazine

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