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Prices by User Role Description

Prices By User Role is a WooCommerce role based pricing & wholesale plugin which also allows enabling catalog mode on the online store.

Prices By User Role provides the customer dynamic pricing so that products can be offer at different prices for different customer groups. For example, if you want to charge wholesalers and retail customers with different prices or you want to add the discount for the particular role group – Prices By User Role plugin is suits perfectly for your needs.

This plugin is also designed to hide WooCommerce prices and / the “Add to Cart” button from non-registered users or individual role groups in your online shop and much more. Prices by User Role is a fantastic e-commerce tool to make your online store even better!

Demo for WooCommerce catalog with hidden prices

Demo for set different product prices for each user group

Prices by User Role Features

  • Role-based pricing for products

  • Discount for the user role group

  • Markup for user role group

  • Hide the “Add to Cart” button from non registered users

  • Hide the prices from non registered users

  • Text instead of the price for the non registered user

  • Hide the “Add to Cart” button from the specific user role group

  • Hide the prices from the specific user role group

  • Text instead of the price for the specific user role group

  • Display the savings percentage

  • Custom user groups

  • WooCommerce CSV import for product list 

  • Set different prices for differen roles for individual products
  • Charge different prices for each variation in a variable products

  • Hide the price for non registered users for individual product

  • Hide the price and the “Add to Cart” button from user groups for individual products

  • Support WooCommerce REST API

  • WPML translation ready

  • NEW: CSV import of variable products 

  • NEW Disable discount per product

  • NEW Hide categories of products per user role

  • NEW Sale price for the role price

  • NEW Hide products by user role

  • NEW Text instead of the “Add to Cart” button

  • NEW Display zero price as custom text

  • NEW Add custom text for guest user

  • NEW Create a Members-Only WooCommerce Store

  • NEW Compability with custom product types

  • NEW Tax options (enable/disable taxes for roles)

Known Incompatible Plugins/Themes

  • Plugins that alter the way native variations work like WooCommerce Bulk Variations
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions.
  • WooCommerce Group Pricing
  • Subscriptio – WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • WooCommerce Membership
  • Product Bundles
  • WooCommerce Request a Quote
  • Composite Products
  • WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing
  • WooCommerce Extra Product Options
  • WooCommerce Product Add-ons
  • WooCommerce Bulk Pricing
  • Woocommerce Variations Table – Grid Plugin
  • WooPress – 8theme theme WordPress

The minimum PHP version required for this plugin is 5.3.0!
Not compatible with Multisite Engine


Before asking for a refund, please review valid and invalid reasons for refunds at

For every refund request to be fair, we extend our period which we can grand a refund to 14 days upon purchase considering the item hasn’t been download and that the request has valid reason.


Dear Customers, if you have some questions – please email our support. We will do our best to answer as quick as it is possible. Don’t give us a low rate without contacting support on the issue you’ve faced with. We are always happy to help you – just ask us via profile page


 30.04.2019 - 4.4.0
- Added:  Product export feature
- Fixed: Issue with role tax displaying 
- Improved: Plugin performance 

20.11.2018 - 4.3.0
- Added: Tax options (Configure Tax options based on WooCommerce User Roles)
- Added: Language pack (SE)
- Fixed: Import empty price
- Fixed: Import issue with product quantity in categories
- Fixed: Issue with a calculation of role sale price when tax included

08.06.2018 - 4.2.0
- Improved: Plugin performance
- Added: Members-only store feature
- Added: Compatibility with custom product types
- Added: Supporting custom product types
- Added: Language pack (DK, ES, FR)

05.04.2018 - ver 4.0.3
- Added: Hide product for guest users
- Added: Security update
- Fixed: Issue with WPML currency switcher

02.01.2018 - ver 4.0.2
- Added: Custom Text for Guest User
- Added: Compatibility with PHP 7
- Fixed: Issue with price updating
- Fixed: Displaying price widget
- Fixed: WPML issue

27.06.2017 - ver 4.0.
- Improved: Plugin performance

02.07.2017 - ver 3.1.1
- Fixed: Issue with license registration
- Fixed: Fatal error in variable products: Uncaught exception 'Exception'
- Fixed: Role price for backend orders
- Fixed: Compatibility issue with  WooCommerce 2.6.14 
- Fixed: Variable product price display 
- Fixed: Import issue (files with broken encoding)
- Fixed: Role price display, when the product is added to cart

16.04.2017 - ver 3.1
- Added: Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0
- Added: Feature display custom text if role price "0" 
- Added: WPML translate dynamic strings
- Fixed: issues with variable products

10.02.2016 - ver 3.0
- Added: User licenses activation for buyers
- Improved: UI
- Fixed: The price wasn't displayed for the role for products translation (WPML compatibility)
- Fixed: When importing a CSV file with empty values Role Price was set to 0
- Fixed: When the "Discount or Markup for Products" setting is enabled, Savings are not displayed to the user 
- Fixed: Notices were posted in the plugin settings once the plugin is activated 
- Fixed: It wasn't possible to upload several attributes for the variable products (using the bulk import)
- Fixed: It was feasible to import the CSV file, even if the decimal separator wasn't correctly set in the import settings 
- Fixed: Product images weren't imported correctly 
- Fixed: "Read More" button wasn't displayed for the products, when the product had no Regular Price and "hiding Add to Cart" option was enabled
- Fixed: Variable products were shown as free, if the setting "Display Price Savings on" was enabled

25.11.2016 - ver 2.7.3
- Fixed: Upgrade prices for import
- Fixed: Display the prices, if included in the setup multicurrency WPML

07.11.2016 - ver 2.7.2
- Improved: Plugin performance
- Fixed: Error occurred when filter prices
- Fixed: Showing Sale Price / Role Sale Price
- Fixed: If you hide the price for the role - disappears the "Add to Cart" button

01.10.2016 - ver 2.7.1
- Fixed: If role price and regular price set up on product, the product are displayed as "Sale" 
- Fixed: If different prices for roles set up on variable product - displays the status "Free!" 
- Fixed: Set up different prices in the currency for a single product (WPML issue)
- Fixed: Variable products are displayed as "Free!" on the category page

18.09.2016 - ver 2.7
- Added: option to hide products from user roles
- Added: option to hide WooCommerce categories from user role
- Added: option to set up sale price for the role price
- Fixed: setup 100% discount for the role
- Fixed: in the Google search shows the price of goods on mobile devices
- Fixed: hidden prices for all products from non-registered users
- Fixed: activation with WooCommerce Multilingual
- Fixed: CSV import for variations

02.06.2016 - ver 2.6.1
- Improved: Hiding prices for non-registered users on ?art and ?heckout pages
- Fixed: Role price displaying on a variable product page
- Fixed: Sale tag not displaying if user role is inactive

20.05.2016 - ver 2.6
- Improved: Notification about plugin incompatibility with PHP > 5.3 was added
- Improved: Tax calculation for role price if role discount is applied for regular price and product is taxable  
- Improved: Description of plugin settings
- Fixed: Import images to product gallery 
- Fixed: Tax calculation for total price for subscriptions products (the compatibility with WC Subscriptions)  
- Fixed: Coupon discount calculation for subscriptions products (the compatibility with WC Subscriptions)  
- Fixed: Role price displaying for items added to the Order for role user

13.05.2016 - ver 2.5.1
- Added: Feature to ignore Price By User Role discount per product
- Fixed: Issue with csv import of image gallery
- Fixed: Issue with csv import of product attributes and variations 
- Fixed: Issue with displaying sale price for variable products
- Fixed: Issue with displaying prices for variable products for WooCommerce 2.3.x

24.04.2016 - ver 2.5.0
 - Added: Bulk import for variable products
 - Added: Support REST API
 - Added: Developers functions to get role prices
 - Added: Compability with WPML currency options
 - Fixed: Error messages for unsuccessful Import
 - Fixed: Compatibility issue with User Role Editor
 - Fixed: Total price calculation when tax is included
 - Fixed: "Status" field validation during import

25.01.2016 - ver 2.20.5 
- Fixed: issue with backend orders

26.10.2016 - ver 2.20.3 (October 26 2015)
- Added: notice about not compatible plugin: Composite Products 

08.10.2016 - ver 2.20.1 
- Fixed: Import issue

08.05.2015 - ver 2.20.1 
- Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.4.7

23.09.2015  - ver 2.20
-  Compatible with WPML

14.09.2015 - ver 2.19.10 
 - Added compatibility with product type "external" 

25.08.2015 -  ver 2.19.09
 - WooCommerce 2.4.x compatible

09.08.2015 - ver 2.19.08 
 - Fixed issue (conflicts) with WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin

07.07.2015 - ver 2.19.07 
 -  If the price is hidden for role by product, the Add to Cart button should not be available for this product.

07.06.2015 - ver 2.19.05
 - Fixed tax display mode in products pages and cart page

22.05.2015 - ver 2.19.02 
 - Fixed price range for Grouped product
 - Fixed issue with rounding if price = zero

11.05.2015 - ver 2.19 
 - Added compatibility with WooCommerce Multilingual

03.05.2015 - ver 2.18 
 -  Fixed issue with variations price

03.05.2015 - ver 2.16
 -  Changed WooCommerce init hook

09.03.2015 - ver 2.15 
 -  Fixed option "Show Prices only for Registered Users" 

01.02.2015 - ver 2.13
 -  Fixed option "Hide Price by Role" per product

22.03.2014 - ver 2.12
 - Added decimal separator for bulk import

04.03.2014 - ver 2.11 
 -  Fixed session function for all php versions

22.02.2014 - ver 2.09 
 -  Fixed add to cart button delete function

12.02.2014 - ver 2.08 
 -  Added feature discount by role

14.01.2014 - ver 2.07 (
 - Hide Add to Cart Button if Enabled "Hide Price for User Role" option

12.12.2014 - ver 2.06 
 -  Fixed translation issues

25.11.2014 - ver 2.03 
 - Change WordPress hook in plugin function for init frontend 

25.11.2014 - ver 2.02 
 -  Added new  import feature

07.10.2014 - ver 1.6
 - Fixed bug with markup calculate

01.10.2014 - ver 1.5 
 - Added new feature - markup for user role

17.09.2014 - ver 1.4 
 - Added option to give discount for user roles

10.09.2014 - ver 1.3 
 -  Added new features:
 -  Enable hidden price for non-registered users per product 
 -  Enable hidden price option per role for each product and in general

21.08.2014 - ver 1.2
 - Added new option "Hide Add to Cart Button" 

20.08.2014 - ver 1.1 
 - Fixed warnings

14.08.2014 - ver 1.0 
 -  First release
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Prices By User Role for WooCommerce

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Prices By User Role for WooCommerce

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