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Demo QRPlus QR Capabilities For Perfex CRM

NOTE: This is not a standalone module, the module requires Perfex CRM application installed, this is a module for Perfex CRM.


QRPlus is an advanced module specifically developed for Perfex CRM, offering a wide range of functionalities to generate various types of QR codes. With QRPlus, you can effortlessly create QR codes for different purposes, providing enhanced convenience and accessibility to your clients and customers.

  1. Text QR: Generate QR codes that contain plain text messages or information. This feature is ideal for sharing simple text-based content such as website URLs, contact details, or promotional messages.

  2. WIFI QR: Create QR codes that enable users to connect to a Wi-Fi network seamlessly. This feature is perfect for businesses that provide public Wi-Fi access, allowing users to easily scan the code and connect to the network without manually entering credentials.

  3. PHONE QR: Generate QR codes that automatically dial a phone number when scanned. This feature is useful for sharing contact information or enabling users to make quick calls without the need to manually enter the phone number.

  4. SMS QR: Create QR codes that compose a pre-defined SMS message when scanned. This feature simplifies communication by allowing users to send predefined messages without typing them manually.

  5. EVENT QR: Generate QR codes that provide event information such as the title, location, start and end dates. This feature is beneficial for event organizers or businesses hosting conferences, seminars, or workshops, as it allows attendees to quickly access event details.

  6. VCARD QR: Create QR codes that contain contact information in vCard format. This feature simplifies the exchange of contact details, allowing users to scan the code and save the information directly to their address book.

  7. LOCATION QR: Generate QR codes that provide location information such as latitude and longitude coordinates. This feature is useful for businesses with physical locations, helping users navigate to a specific address or destination easily.

QRPlus empowers businesses to leverage the power of QR codes, enhancing communication, and providing a seamless user experience. Whether it’s sharing information, connecting to Wi-Fi, making phone calls, sending messages, or providing event and location details, QRPlus simplifies these processes, making them more efficient and user-friendly.

Take advantage of QRPlus to elevate your business’s engagement, accessibility, and convenience by integrating QR codes into your marketing campaigns, customer interactions, and overall business operations. Embrace QRPlus and unlock the potential of QR codes in Perfex CRM.

Screenshots Overview

Text QR







Manage Generated QR Codes

View & Download QR Code

DEMO Account



URL Email Password [email protected] lenzcreative123321


  1. Login to Perfex CRM
  2. Goto Module > Installed Addons
  3. Select
  4. Click “install” button to complete the installation.
  5. Done & Enjoy.

Release Notes – Change Logs:

Version 1.0.0 23.06.2023

  • Initial version

Download QRPlus QR Capabilities For Perfex CRM Nulled

Download QRPlus QR Capabilities For Perfex CRM

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