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Restricted Blocks is a WordPress plugin that allows you to restrict access to specific Gutenberg blocks based on a great variety of conditions.

You can, for example, restrict content based on the user role, hide content for the users that live in specific geographic locations, conditionally display content based on the user device, make parts of the post unavailable to search engines, and more.

Types of restrictions

This section will provide you details on the types of restrictions and the related usage examples.


This restriction, when activated, removes a block from the front end.

Usage Examples
  • Temporarily hide existing or new sections of an article until they are ready to be published.


The restricted content is displayed only after a successful password submission.

Usage Examples
  • Display private content only to members of a club, community, or to your friends.
  • Display downloadable material only to students of a class.


The plugin displays the content associated with this restriction if the user meets the age requirements defined in the back-end. Note that the user can declare its age by submitting the birth date with the provided form.

Usage Examples
  • Restrict access to sensitive content


This type of restriction allows you to display or hide blocks based on the location of the user.

Usage Examples
  • Display different content based on the user location
  • Make videos unavailable to users located in specific countries


This restriction allows you to display blocks based on the device of the user.

Usage Examples
  • Display complex layout elements only with desktop devices
  • Display different download links based on the device of the user

Time Range

With this restriction, you can display content at a specified time interval.

Usage Examples
  • Sell tickets in predetermined time intervals
  • Create a flash sale


This restriction uses the capabilities of the user to determine whether to display or not a specific block.

Usage Examples

Allow access to premium material only to specific user roles.

IP Address

This restriction allows you to display or hide blocks based on the IP address of the visitor.

Usage Examples
  • Prevent spam on contact forms or comments area
  • Prevent hacking attempts

Use this restriction to display content based on the presence of specifics cookies.

Usage Examples
  • Hide or display interface elements based on the information available about the user
  • Display content only to logged user

HTTP Headers

With this restriction, you can display or hide content based on the information available in the HTTP headers.

Usage Examples
  • Hide content to specific bot or search engines
  • Conditionally display content based on the device of the user

Customizable Style

You can customize the colors and the typography of the elements displayed in the front-end with the 18 style options available in the back-end.

Technical Information

Plugin manual

Please see the plugin manual for more information on the plugin installation and usage.

Geolocation Service

This plugin geolocates the users with GeoLite2. A free IP geolocation database provided by MaxMind.

Note that to use the GeoLite2 database, you have to create a MaxMind account and accept their terms of service.

Device detection

The device of the user is detected with the Mobile Detect PHP class.


This plugin makes use of the following resources:


This product can include GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from

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