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Demo SaaS module for Perfex CRM – Multitenancy support

Are you a Perfex CRM owner, looking for a SaaS solution?
Our revolutionary SaaS module for Perfex CRM is finally here!

Our module is the solution to the long-awaited feature of multitenancy installation and usage charging.

With our module, Perfex CRM owners can now create multiple installations for their clients and charge them appropriately with a proper license.
Our module fills the gap and caters to the needs of the massive amount of Perfex CRM users who require a SaaS solution for their businesses.

It is designed with a user-friendly interface, inherited by the core and is easy to use. It offers seamless integration with Perfex CRM and provides an exceptional user experience with no file replacements or similar tasks that affect core’s files.
Every payment method of Perfex CRM can be used to check out SaaS plans and pricing policy can include Recurring Invoices too.

We are proud that our module solves real-world problems and opens up a window to unlimited possibilities using Perfex CRM for your SaaS-based businesses.

Current Features List


  • Plans

    • Trial Plans

  • Usage Limits per Plan

    • Limit usage of Invoices
    • Limit usage of Customers
    • Limit usage of Contracts
    • Limit usage of Projects
    • Limit usage of Estimates
    • Limit usage of Credit Notes
    • Limit usage of Payments
    • Limit usage of Items
    • Limit usage of Proposals
    • Limit usage of Expenses
    • Limit usage of Tasks
    • Limit usage of Support Tickets
    • Limit usage of Leads

  • Email Templates/Reminders

    • Welcome Eail
    • Verification Email
    • Expiration Email
    • Find My Tenant Email

  • Generic

    • Configuration Options
    • SaaS Landing Page (optional)
    • Automatic tenant generation
    • Manual (SuperAdmin) tenant generation

Perfex SaaS Module Demo

Keep in mind that demo website resets every hour ( :05 )

? New Signup Demo

Click below to test Tenant-based Experience (New SaaS user signup):

Perfex CRM SaaS Service Demo

* Scroll down to PRICING area.
** All new signups will receive a free trial.

? SuperAdmin Demo

Click below to test SuperAdmin Experience:

Perfex CRM SuperAdmin Demo

Login email: [email protected]
Password: 11223344


It takes only a couple minutes to be installed and activated.
We created a complete documentation regarding the installation and configuration process of the SaaS module, which you can find online.

Please check requirements and Installation/Configuration videocasted instructions:

While documentation contains everything you might need, under step-by-step screencasted videos, our support team will be also available to help you.

Videocasted how-tos

Take a look at the videos uploaded on our YouTube channel for SaaS module:


Just raise a support ticket within support area and we will get back to you ASAP!

Version 1.0

-Initial version

Download SaaS module for Perfex CRM – Multitenancy support Nulled

Download SaaS module for Perfex CRM – Multitenancy support

Note: If you are having trouble with SaaS module for Perfex CRM – Multitenancy support Nulled free Download, try to disable AD blocking for the site or try another Web Browser. If disabling AD blocker or change Web Browser not help to you please contact us.

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