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SaaSHub is a technically proficient SaaS product WordPress theme with powerful features. It is packed up with options that are highly preferred for all SaaS product businesses and startups. Nevertheless, SaaSHub supports your saas business growth to a more significant level with its uncompromising quality in various aspects.

SaaSHub – SaaS Product WordPress Theme.

A professional and powerful WordPress theme devloped to full fill the needs of SaaS and marketing
automation website seekers.


World’s Leading WordPress Page Builder. Control every aspect of your web design workflow from one place.

Strategic Design and Technology

SaaSHub theme is designed accurately according to the need to stand out in every trend. The theme is technically updated to support in all aspects.

Easy Customization

You can customize the SaaSHub theme by exploring your creative mind by its assistance of amazing workshop and Video guide provided.

Real Pages

SaaSHub tends to lead your business with real features by it’s appropriate elements.

Creative and trending design create your brand awarness to the customers.

Awesome Inner Pages

SaaSHub is structured with massive inner pages which are categorized accurately for usage.

Effective Pricing Plans

Professional pricing plan layouts which is convenient for you to display your plans.

Dedicated App Landing

You can display all platforms where your product can work with perfect compatibility.

Sign In and Sign Up Pages

Provide a simple and powerful sign in, sign up forms in a single page.

  • Sign In
  • One Click

    You can easily avail a demo with just a click and install option.

    Success Stories

    Display all of your success stories & milestone achieve with your product.

    Support Representatives

    We are here to solve your tickets about our theme. Your tickets are individualy replied by the person who develope the theme.

    One Click Installation

    Explore uncountable possibilities for your prominent stunning business website with just a one click.

    WPML Support

    Our theme is fully comfortable with most user-friendly language translation plugin WPML.

    GDPR Complaint

    It is a legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of information of individuals within the
    European Union (EU).

    Support Representatives

    Your tickets are individualy replied by the person who develope the theme.

    Anything with Page Builder

    Integrated with the most used user friendly and interactive page builder plugin Elementor for easy of your use.

    Fully Responsive

    Having these multiple demo’s site will adapt & comfortably work in any type of devices regarding to it’s size.

    Pre-Made Layouts

    You can create a dream website without losing the essence of your business with these pre-made layouts.

    Unlimited Options

    Perfect for showing your professionalism in your business with the wide range of stunning and purposeful options.


    Our Theme is fully comfortable with most user friendly plugins it take your works into next level.

    Responsive & Retina Ready

    The SaaSHub is 100% perfect and device friendly theme, each and every element are carefully created to adapt & work comfortable with any device.

    Pre-defined Inner Pages

    Enhance your Extraordinary work techniques with these perfect premade inner page layouts.

    Stunning Blog Design Options

    Versatile and gorgeous blog design options let you craft an most admired blog layouts even more stylish and comfort.

    Advanced Theme Options

    When it comes to personalizing theme options, SaaSHub makes it very simple to achieve complex updates without a line of coding required. All of the features you might wish to update, typography, headings, footers, padding and font colors are all controlled in real-time via the WYSIWYG Theme Options Panel.

    Unlimited Colors in Live Customizer

    SaaSHub theme is well organized in color section. You can change each part colors from live preview at Customizer. So, you can see that changes on the fly.

    Lot’s of Shortcodes are available

    Our theme highly integrated with most user friendly Elementor page builder plugin. Each shortcode have well organized and easy to use fields.

    Contact Form 7

    Taking the power of the industry-standard plugin for creating web forms – Contact Form 7 – and combining it with the simplicity of SaaSHub just makes sense. Create any kind of form you desire and rest assured of full functionality compatibility.

    MailChimp Integration

    By including MailChimp, you can incorporate your marketing, lead generation, and landing page efforts into the one neat package. SaaSHub takes care of all the display and integration seamlessly, all you have to do is activate your plugin and enter your account details and start trawling data.

    Seo Optimized

    SaaSHub theme perfectly supports search engines algorithms. SEO is most important part to run a successful business. Organic searches only stays as lifetime.

    Google fonts and Upload your custom premium fonts

    Easily select from the entire Google Font library of over 790+ beautifully articulated fonts or upload your custom fonts to and create font nirvana. Your Google Maps With SaaSHub and deep integration with the Google Maps API allowing you express your maps with multiple styling options to give your site that point of difference.

    Advanced Typography

    SaaSHub theme has advanced typography settings available at theme options panel. You can customize font weights, line heights and whatever you want to add CSS properties easily.

    Google Map

    Our theme extending google map appearance even more with maps API’s. Now, you can show multi styling options within a google map area.

    FontAwesome & Line Icons.

    Icons can say so much in a graphical way, it’s a beautiful use of expression without words, so with SaaSHub you have the entire FontAwesome and Line Icon libraries to keep you up to date with the latest designs.

    Child Theme

    If you are not familiar with Child Themes, they very simply replicate the full theme but do not need updating – instead, you use a Parent/Child installation and only ever update the Parent. So when you update, you won’t lose any of your custom CSS or modifications. Huzzah!

    Browser Compatible

    SaaSHub theme will ensure that, your every visitors receives the same experience across all browsers. We sticky support browser compatibility with cross OS platforms & devices.

    Lifetime Updates

    We are always up to date with the latest patches and updates for WordPress. We work with our community of customers to take on feedback and implement that into updates regularly.


    We have a dedicated support center to ensure you get professional technical support fast. One of our highly trained Support Officers will help you solve any issue you run into during installation or customization.

    Support : Open a Support Ticket.


    Some people prefer to print out a page and read it side by side with their computer, some prefer to watch a Video. With every purchase you can rest assured your requirements will be met with comprehensive documentation both in written and video formats – so you can chose what works best for you.

    How to? : Documentation.

    How to? : Video Guides.

    Change Log – History

    Change Log – Updates



    All images have been used for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the template.

    Theme splash page is just for showcasing purpose. And it’s not included with this theme package.

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    SaaSHub – Digital Product WordPress Theme

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    SaaSHub - Digital Product WordPress Theme

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