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Demo StarKid | Kindergarten WordPress Theme

StarKid is a modern responsive kindergarten WordPress theme, designed for Kindergarten, School for Children, Nursery, Child care, Babysitting, Daycare, Education for Children website. This kindergarten WordPress Theme is visually impressive, creative with well designed layouts and full of features and functionalities for an education website for children. StarKid is a perfect theme for projects that strongly focus on handling children or related to kids and their growing activities.

Inherited the success of Education WP, Ivy School and Course Builder theme for Education, StarKid Theme truly is the successor of them all. Not only offering all features such as online courses with lessons and quizzes, list of courses, teacher and student profile, lesson and quiz management… but also Ivy School is improving them all to the whole new level. StarKid Kindergarten WordPress Theme will be the next generation and one of the best education WordPress theme for children.

StarKid includes all the features you need to create a stunning website for any education related business and set it up in a few easy steps. With this kindergarten WordPress theme, you don’t need to build your website from scratch. StarKid offers you various pre-made demos with well-designed layouts, widgets and posts.

With each users of StarKid, you can choose any demo you love to build your website. By just one click demo importer, all the content and designs like the demo will be installed in your site. The works will take only about couple of minutes. After that, your website will become what exactly like the demo you chose with full functions and features. Your mission is to change content and images to show your personal brand image.

For those who wish to build their own pages, visual drag & drop page builders will be available to offer you countless elements. Moreover, StarKid brings the users 2 of the best Drag & Drop Page Builders: Elementor and WPBakery. It’s easy for you to select any item and drag it across the page and drop to the place you love. Fill up the page with the designs and layouts you like the most. Your website will become exactly like your expectations.

StarKid Kindergarten WordPress theme is compatible with all browsers and is fully responsive. Your website will always look great and is intuitive to use on every device from laptop, tablet to smartphones. With Retina optimization, your school for children will be more impressive and attractive than ever.


One Click Demo Importer

StarKid comes with 4 amazing pre-made demos (and still increased) with full functions and features for WordPress website for Kindergarten, School for Children, Childcare, Nursery and any website based on children. After any purchase for this Kindergarten WordPress Theme, all demo homepage and subpage content and images with be ready in your website. Your site will look exactly like the demo you choose from StarKid. Just by one click demo importer, beautiful images with educational content and features inside the demo with go straight to your website. Is that really easy for you?

Spectacular BuilderPress and Integration with Elementor and WPBakery Page Builders

WPBakery Page Builder and Elementor Page Builder are the top three best page builder, trusted by million websites, with the amazing features to easily build a website in minutes. Each one has its own advantages and functions.

WPBakery Page Builder with rich creative elements allow you to simply drag and drop content around the page to design your imagined layout. “A pro crafted pieces of content to form your own masterpiece”. Meanwhile, Elementor is more popular than WPBakery Page Builder because of its flexibility and diversity.

Understanding different demand of WordPress users, ThimPress team has developed a brand new plugin called BuilderPress including all shortcodes of previous themes. Besides, this plugin also help StarKid be compatible with the top Page Builders: WP Bakery and Elementor. It’s upon your choice to select any Page Builder you want. I am pretty sure that this is a big improvement that no theme has. This Kindergarten WordPress Theme will be more flexible helping you to create your website page according your expectations.

After choosing your demo and importing it on your website, it’s all your responsibility to change the content in order to create your own website. No need any coding or programming knowledge. Especially, StarKid Kindergarten WordPress Theme contains the #1 Drag & Drop Page Builders – WP Bakery (Visual Composer) and Elementor. Therefore, you can edit or customize any content of the website easily. Besides, based on pre-made contend and images, you just need to change images and words according to your businesses. It will save much time and effort for you on doing other tasks.

Fully Responsive and Retina Ready

With the success of Education WP, Course Builder and Ivy School with LearnPress to build a LMS system for website owners, in our new Kindergarten WordPress theme, we also included LearnPress, the #1 LMS WordPress Plugin. With this plugin, your website will become the most powerful educational system with its benefits. LearnPress is one of the best-seller plugin of ThimPress, trusted by over 40,000 users. Therefore, we spend much manpower on maintaining and developing this plugin. We promise that you can update LearnPress regularly and it’s really easy to update the plugin through your back-end editor. One more thing is that LearnPress works independently with your theme so you can change demo at anytime you want but still keep the content. In general, it’s completely possible if you want to create an educational website like Udemy or Coursera.

Furthermore, not stopping here, the StarKid Kindergarten WordPress Theme will come with a bundle of LearnPress premium add-ons. These add-ons support more functions and features for your LearnPress plugin. And of course, the bundle is already included in the theme package. You don’t need to pay any extra cost for the pack. They include:

  • 2Checkout Integration
  • Integration
  • bbPress Forum Integration
  • BuddyPress Integration
  • Certificates
  • Co-instructors
  • Collections
  • Content Drip
  • Gradebook
  • myCRED Integration
  • Paid Membership Pro Integration
  • Sorting Choice Question Type
  • Stripe Integration
  • WooCommerce Integration

UI/UX Optimization for Education Website for Children

Colorful design images for Kids

With the main purpose of providing education environment for children, StarKid has been displayed with innumerable colors and beautiful images of kids. Besides, Starkid – Kindergarten WordPress Theme provides a list of cute icons which will perfectly be suitable to create a website for children and kids.

Course List

We carefully built and developed Course section in homepage of StarKid. In this part, you can display some featured courses that your school offers for children. By clicking to the course, the user will redirect to the course pages. Then, it’s your choice to show off all specific information of your courses, from description, content, purposes of the courses, number of students can enroll to the courses, number of lessons and quizzes, requirement to enroll the courses…

Course Pages

Understand the importance of the information of courses to the parent, StarKid Kindergarten WordPress Theme also has courses page which is offering courses of your business for children.

With the program page, the information is well organized and displayed amazingly to help users find it easier in explore about your school’s program. Such as requirement for the programs, students who can apply for the program, tuition, learning outcomes, tuition fees… From the page, students can apply for the courses right away or request a quote back with contact form.

Premium Plugins coming with Theme package

LearnPress and Bundle of LearnPress Premium add-ons:

Besides LearnPress free plugin, StarKid Kindergarten WordPress Theme comes with Bundle of Premium add-ons supporting more functions and features for the LearnPress plugin. With the bundle, we extremely proudly confirm that this kindergarten WordPress theme is the #1 theme for school of children, kids, nursery, education institute for children or other website related to kids and children. So, do not worry about loading of the bundle, you can easily deactive or active any add-on as per your request.

WPBakery Page Builder and Elementor:

The most popular drag & drop page builders plugins is ready for you. With WP Bakery and Elementor, you can drag & drop any block to any place in your page. Besides, several premium elements of the Page Builder will help you to build an active and beautiful website. Such as: animation blog, single image, image hover, button, info bar, expandable section…

Slider Revolution:

The Slider Revolution coming with powerful slider customization tools helps you to display multipurpose slide presentation on your website. Besides, StarKid has been built being compatible with Slider Revolution. Your pages will look more attractive with showcase of all kinds of contents (text, image, slideshow, video…). Moreover, with amazing animations and awesome transition effects, you can attract your customer by showing your best deals or hot items with the slider or hero images.

Flexible Payment Option

With StarKid Kindergarten WordPress Theme, it’s your choice to select a payment methods for your website. You can choose with this university WordPress theme any among the options: WooCommerce, Paypal, Stripe, 2Checkout and Besides selling courses individually, Paid Membership Pro add-on for LearnPress allows you to sell online courses with membership plan for your users.

5 STAR Customer Service

Been serving WordPress users for so long, we are proud to have a perfect Customer Support Service which are rated 5-star Service. Our professional supporters will be willing to support you if you have any difficulty with the theme. The best way to get the best support is going through our Help Center. Also, you can check for the theme’s documentation here.
For Technical Support, please create a topic on our VIP support forum for StarKid here: StarKid Support Forum
You can check this note on how to create a support account and create a topic.

Theme Feature List

  • UI/UX for website for Kindergarten, School for Children, Kids and any website related to children, kids.
  • LearnPress LMS WordPress Plugin
  • Bundle of Premium add-ons for LearnPress to support more
  • functions

  • and features for LearnPress plugin
  • 2 amazing pre-made demos
  • 20+ useful pages: About us, Blogs, Courses List, Courses Pages,…
  • Built-in Drag & Drop Page Builder: WP Bakery (Visual Composer) and Elementor
  • Amazing Parallax Effect
  • Programs Showcase
  • Course Creation and Management
  • Event Management
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Fully responsive with Retina ready: Beautifully display your website with any device.
  • Mobile Support
  • Highly SEO optimization
  • Faster loading with ultra speed
  • Google Font support: It’s your choice to select between 600+ Google Fonts
  • 1200+ icons with medical icons
  • Unlimited colour options
  • One click installer
  • Translation ready
  • 5 Star Customer Support
  • One-time payment with Lifetime update and usage

Update Log for Kindergarten WP Theme

StarKid – Education, University & School – Version 1.0.5 – 2020-05-04

Updated customizer options show or hide lesson and quiz of Courses

StarKid – Education, University & School – Version 1.0.3 – 2019-05-02

- Updated customizer options.

StarKid – Education, University & School Version 1.0.2 – 2019-04-25

+ Optimized installation package.

StarKid v1.0.1 – 2019/03/22

- Included package demo data for Elementor.
- Add require login account Envato- Add title to single page

TMDb Pro – Movie & TV Show Details Plugin For The Movie Database

StarKid | Kindergarten WordPress Theme

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StarKid | Kindergarten WordPress Theme

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