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Link to Gallery demo: Unite Gallery WP Demo

Unite Gallery is the best gallery for WordPress that play both images and video!

With it You can create beautiful, fully responsive and mobile friendly gallery for your WordPress website.

With 10 gallery layouts, intuitive wordpess gallery admin, zoom and touch lightbox, compatibility with Youtube, Vimeo, HTML5, Wistia videos, and tons of design options you can find everything you need from a gallery for your amazing WordPress website.


Create a gallery in 1 minute

  • 10 Premium types
  • 120+ gallery options
  • The gallery plays 4 types of videos: youtube, vimeo, html5 video and wistia (special)
  • Premium built in media lightbox
  • You can mix image and video items in every theme
  • Category Tabs functionality (NEW)
  • Touch Enabled – Every gallery parts can be controlled by the touch on touch enabled devices
  • Skinnable – Allow to change skin with ease in different css file without touching main gallery css.
  • Zoom Effect – The gallery has unique zoom effect that could be applied within buttons, mouse wheel or pinch gesture on touch enabled devices. Works in the themes as well in the lightbox
  • Special video gallery theme with 3 skins
  • Powerfull WordPress gallery manager admin
  • Intuitive WordPress gallery items manager
  • Tons of options. The gallery has huge amount of options for every gallery object that make the customization process easy and fun.

Change Log:

    09.04.2020 - version 1.7.53

    * Feature: added option "textpanel title as link" 
    * Feature: added better keyboards prev / next events

    23.03.2020 - version 1.7.52

    * Feature: added image alt text in item
    * Feature: done change theme option
    * Feature: done change gallery theme button
    * Fix: fixed underfined text in gallery
    * Fix: fixed new gallery issue
    * Fix: fixed validation bug
    * Fix: more wp quidelines comments
    * Fix: more wp quidelines
    * Change: made loading all the video api's externally
    * Change: made the keyboard work for first visible gallery on page
    * Fix: fixed last php version bugs
    * Fix: fixed dialog video css small bug
    * Fix: fixed general settings update issue

    17.11.16 - version 1.7.38

    -feature: added admin items sorting options
    -feature: added general settings
    -feature: moved permission chooser to general settings
    -feature: added gallery output type in general settings
    -feature: updated tiles grid type, added options for better responsiveness
    -feature: added mobile resolution chooser for big and lightbox image
    -feature: added option - allow lightbox slide swipe
    -feature: added theme_next_video_onend function in video gallery theme
    -feature: updated option: Always Show Video Play Icon, added "mobile only" to it

    -bugs fix: fixed a lot of bugs and done some protections

    2.3.16 - version 1.7.14

    -feature: added option to close the lightbox on empty space click yes/no 

    -change: added line height to video title
    -change: added grid align for tile grid when the gallery not centered

    -bug fix: fixed nested type arrange on first load for mobile mode    
    -bug fix: fixed small js bug, about html variable
    -bug fix: added better protection against unwanted css transitions
    -bug fix: improved lightbox wide video player
    -bug fix: fixed some preloader error with tabs
    -bug fix: fixed tilegrid resize issues

    1.1.16 - version 1.7.8

    -change: changed items output for better google indexing
    -feature: added export/import cat items functionality (on category right click)
    -feature: added text panel description to lightbox wide
    -feature: added tile text panel description
    -feature: added tile text panel top/bottom/middle positions (text outside image)
    -feature: added category tab select type
    -feature: Added Tiles - Nested gallery type
    -feature: added "open lightbox at start" option for tiles theme

    -bug fix: fixed ie11 fullscreen mode
    -protection: added protection agains lasy load

    1.09.15 - version 1.6.4

    -feature: keep order option in tiles columns
    -feature: changed tiles view - make variable number of columns
    -feature: added dynamic size thumbs.

    -change: improved show/hide controls display
    -change: improvement transition movement of tiles and justified types
    -change: take new image title from attachment title if available
    -change: removed link open in option from item edit window because it was not needed.

    -bug fix: various bug fixes

    3.08.15 - version 1.5.8

    -bug fix: the video player stayed on compact mode on slide change
    -change: added more "protection" agains another type of theme content filters.
    -change: make the gallery "updatable" from codecanyon main file

    14.07.15 - version 1.5.7

    -feature: added option:  "Always Show Video Play Icon" in tile design section 
    -feature: done "export/import gallery" feature
    -feature: added "lightbox zoom max ratio" functionality
    -feature: added option - lightbox slider transition 
    -feature: added option - big image resolution (for tiles and themes)

    -bug fix: fixed size bugs in justified type
    -bug fix: fixed position: left,right for tiles columns view. 

    15.06.15 - version 1.5.3 b1

    -feature: added "advanced tab" with custom styles / scripts
    -feature: added "destroy function to API" 
    -feature: added thumb resolution for the themes
    -feature: added thumb size: thumbnail (150x150)

    -bug fix: fixed some ie8 related issues
    -bug fix: disabled scrolling on lightbox with mousewheel: none


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Unite Gallery – WordPress Gallery Plugin

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Unite Gallery - WordPress Gallery Plugin

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