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Veen is a super modern Blog focused on high speed and nice effects, the theme fits perfectly any kind of blog specially personal, photography, travel or biography blogs. It is super light, this fast theme was made with multiple techniques to achieve excellent Scores on Google, also we keep in mind the code quality and SEO. It is easy to use and customize. Includes 11 customs widgets and a powerful theme options panel to make easier the administration. Veen is compatible with AMP and it is multilanguage, includes: Spanish and English. and you can easily translate it into any language you want.

Important: This Theme is capable to get high scores on Google Insight (up to 100%) Check the factors that could affect the speed here.

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We offer direct help via our support system, just submit a ticket if you have any question.


  • Super Light and Modern design.
  • Highly optimized and lightweight (just 1.5mb size).
  • AMP Support (Transitional Mode) Check AMP Home and AMP Single Post.
  • Constantly updated.
  • Translation ready (English and Spanish included).
  • Minified and Optimized code.
  • Open Graph Support.
  • Built with SCSS and pre-compiled with Prepos 7 (Windows and Mac compatible).
  • Dedicated advertising section (below header, before and after post content, custom advertise to place anywhere).
  • Advertising section between grid posts. demo here
  • Sticky sidebar for Posts
  • Lazy Load for Lists (home pages, archives, categories, etc).
  • Lazy Load for post content.
  • Lazy Load for embed (iframes like Youtube/Vimeo/Soundcloud).
  • HTML5 & CSS3 ready.
  • 3 Single post dispositions
  • No Sidebar Style for Post and Pages see here.
  • Custom Tag page, see here.
  • Custom Author page, see here.
  • Custom 404 Page see here.
  • About me Widget.
  • Custom Tag Cloud Widget.
  • Custom Galleries.
  • Advertising sections.
  • Disqus and Facebook support.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Video Support (Vimeo, Youtube, etc).
  • Retina Display Ready.
  • Font Awesome icons.
  • Works on Android, Ipad and Iphone.
  • Documentation included.
  • Clean Design.
  • Well Coded.
  • Navigation Menu.


v1.2.3 - 5 May 2020
- Fixed: Critical error when the theme is changed and Veen functions plugin is still active.
- Fixed: Author Position warning.
- Fixed: Author Avatar not displayed consistently if optimized Avatar is uploaded.
- Improved: Image quality for Fullcover posts and some text changes for recommended sizes (for old customers it is highly recommended to install regenerate thumbnails plugin).

v1.2.0 - 27 April 2020
- Fixed: Warning when main effect is empty from Theme Options panel.
- Fixed: Meta tag title when using a Front Page.
- Fixed: Subscribe custom background color not applied.
- Fixed: Warning when author position is empty.
- Improved: Added description on tag archives page.
- Improved: Sticky header, now menu items will always aligned to the middle (in case of large logos).
- Improved: Slider caption background color (when a different body background color is selected).
- Improved: Posts Carousel Lazy Load, now it will not be showed as a warning on GTMetrix.
- Added: Font size for Text Logo (desktop & mobile) in case of using large texts as logo (Theme Options -> Header).

v1.1.0 - 19 April 2020
- Fixed: Double title on Video post format on classic posts.
- Fixed: Double title on Audio post format when no soundcloud url is assigned (classic and grid posts).
- Fixed: Some missing translation strings.
- Fixed: Submenu arrows not working on IOS 6+ on Safari browser.
- Fixed: Incorrect Typography assigned to some elements, when custom typo is selected.
- Improved: Input fields font sizes to (16px), this will disable Auto Zoom In on IOS mobile devices.
- Improved: Code organization on Veen Functions plugin.
- Improved: Main translation file config (veen.pot).
- Improved: Title length on Classic Post style (single).
- Improved: Author box width when the description is too short.
- Improved: Border width on main titles.
- Added: New Theme Options section "Main Effect", with some extra options in case custom fonts are selected.
- Added: Missing translation strings to Spanish.
- Added: French Language, special thanks to Tractebel customer.
- Added: Close button to search lightbox just to improve usability (desktop and mobile).

v1.0.1 - 10 April 2020
- Fixed: Classic with sidebar layout not visible on search page.
- Fixed: Categories carousel module not displayed properly.
- Improved: Image quality for categories carousel.
- Improved: filters for comments fields

v1.0.0 - 09 April 2020
- Initial release.


Images by: Unsplash and pixabay


Fonts icons by: Remix Icon and Fonts Awesome

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Veen – Minimal & Lightweight Blog for WordPress

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Veen - Minimal & Lightweight Blog for WordPress

Note : We update new contents like WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, Templates & PHP Scripts everyday.But remember that you should never use this items in a commercial website. All the contents posted here for development & testing purpose only. We’re not responsible for any damage, use at your own RISK! We highly recommend to buy Veen – Minimal & Lightweight Blog for WordPress from the Original Developer website. Thank you.

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