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Vetex is a multi-purpose WordPress theme built for a range of events, including conferences, meetups, festivals, shows, exhibitions and other types of gathering you can think of.

Come with 06+ stunning homepage demos with a collection of rich features insight for your selection. Each of the 06+ demos is installed in 1-click import only. They cover music events, corporate events, and a range of coming soon pages to help provide basic information and collect email addresses before your full website is ready to go live.

Vetex boasts a perfect design for events like a catering company and good functionality. It comes with a bunch of premium plugins, such as Elementor, Revolution Slider, Contact Form 7, MailChimp, Seo Ready, so that your site will look professional and easy to use for audiences. The site archives a high page score that clients will not take a long time of waiting for loading pages. What’s more Seo Optimization is increased to help your site get higher rankings beyond from the crowd.

Special WordPress theme for Events and Conference

1. 06+ Eye-catchy homepages

The default homepage designs provide you a great opportunity to highlight the best features of your events. Let’s click “live preview” to experience how beautiful it is! A lot of outstanding features are waiting for you to explore.

2. Conference Information

On the event single pages, your visitors can view the conference description, see the details, find out where it’s taken place, and if they are interested, complete the registration form to confirm their attendance.

3. 03+ Schedules layouts

Don’t worry about how to arrange events properly that audience will not miss any interesting conferences, Vedex has made it for you with 03+ schedule layouts that you can be free to pick the best one suitable with your style.

4. Powerful Call to Action Option

With the register forms created available insight with the impressive style, audience will be easy to see it and join your conferences in seconds, no difficulties in the registering process.

5. Event’s Speaker Profile

Vetex will make you surprised with speaker profile showcased in an attractive way. Full details are provided to help you save time in building a perfect introduction about speakers of events and conferences. Everything is done for you!

A range of 06+ gallery layouts made eye-catchy and brilliant which can be used to highlight what your visitors can expect.

7. Event’s Official Sponsors

Vetex covers space for sponsor branding on the homepage, allowing you to create extra interest for those who are supporting your conferences.

8. Event Venues Mapping

Map attached insight will be a convenient tool for audience that they can search for the location of the events in seconds.

9. Awesome Area for Promotions & News

Vetex’s blog section has all the key features for an event blog and it is great for promoting events & conferences.

10. Numerous Internal Pages

This theme also contains all the inner pages that are essential for any professional event site.

Vetex – Professional Event & Conference WordPress Theme

11. Built with Elementor Page Builder

Eidt and customize your event & conference website effortlessly with the powerful WordPress Page Builder plugin – Elementor!

12. Convenient Mega Menu

Navigating through your page easily with the super clever Vetex’s mega menu.

13. Includes Multiple Premium WordPress Plugins

Numerous great plugins are available in this theme for the best user experience.

14. More Others

Vetex also contains other great features that are needed for a successful event & conference website. Check it out!


  • Built on WordPress Drag & Drop Page Builder Elementor
  • 06+ Awesome Homepage Templates
  • Multiple Event Schedule Layouts
  • Full Event Info: Speakers, Sponsors, Time, Venue,…
  • Many Call to Action Options
  • Lots of Inner Pages
  • Informative Blog Space
  • Many Essential Functional Pages
  • Contact Form 7 Included
  • WordPress 5.2.x tested and approved
  • Premade widgets to build content easier
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Optimized for Speed, Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Optimized, Highly Conversion Rate Optimization and Unlimited Customize
  • Clean, modern, multi-purpose design can be used for any type of websites
  • Elaborated clean code for your convenience
  • Cross-browser compatibility: Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera, IE10
  • Totally Responsive Design
  • Different sidebars variations
  • Amazing parallax effects both on rows and content
  • Fast and perfect performance while viewing
  • Compatible with advanced plugins: Elementor, Multilingual CMS, MailChimp, etc.


  • WordPress Customizer Supported: allow you configuring theme’s functions via WordPress options.
  • Customizer allows customizing your site: Main options, Side area options, Social Link, Post list options, Portfolio options, Styling options, Layout settings, Footer section options, Header section options
  • Advanced options to enable/disable individual features
  • Full control over site width (full-width or boxed), content area and sidebars
  • Revolution slider included with updates provided
  • Fast and convenient Elementor Builder
  • Vector icons for perfect retina design
  • Numerous background options: add parallax background images to Rows, style Menus, add as Header background, boxed content background or Client logos
  • Top page additional styling possibilities
  • Stunning Header & Footer builder function
  • Unlimited button styles: you set the height and the shape of the button manually, also additional CSS rules allow even more options
  • Touch-friendly interface for your convenient usage on smartphones and tablets
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Sidebar generator allows you to create the unlimited number of sidebars to your taste
  • Select Main/Second site color for easy to customize tools

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Vetex – Event & Conference WordPress Theme

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Vetex - Event & Conference WordPress Theme

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