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If you want to start the outdoor activities oriented business, it is a number one priority to make sure your website
design sets up the atmosphere of reliability and classic values for school, family and individual also.

WinWood is Outdoor Activities Centre WordPress Theme designed for backpacking, nature, park,
vacation, trek, high ropes, hiking, camping, boating, tent, mountis, outdoor sports, hunting, fishing
It comes with 03+ demo homepages which contain a number of excellent features. The support of Mega Menus makes this
theme super-plain and easy-to-use in terms of the website navigation. Such a smooth functionality makes it much more
plausible that clients will take joy in exploring your content. Plus, it is a responsive theme, meaning you get lots
of mobile traffic.

A lovely design of its ready-made pages will help you to establish trustworthy relationships with your audience. It
includes such outstanding plugins as Elementor, Contact Form 7, Seo Ready and many more.

# Responsive with Mobile

If your website is not fully mobile-friendly, you can forget about followers and sales. the vast majority of clients
book their vacation via mobile devices. So Select a responsive and retina-ready template, so you can sleep
peacefully in the knowledge of your outstanding mobile performance.

# Support with Elementor

Easy to build your site with Elementor – powerful drag and drop page builder plugin you can’t miss

# 03+ homepage demos

There are 03+ homepage layouts in WinWood outdoor activities WordPress Theme you can pick from, and with an in-built
drag and drop page builder

# One-click Automated Installation

You can save a lot of time to set up the demos with one-click import only which urge your site to go to live in a
short time.

# Speed optimization

WinWood is speed ready to offer your visitors an outstanding experience regardless of the device and browser they

# Free Update Lifetime

Customer of WinWood outdoor activities WordPress theme will always get free update in the future that ensure your
site can catch trending worldwide to attract more clients.

Be awesome with the effect carousel and Hover to make your site more impressive in customer’s eyes.

# Tilt Effect Used

Come with tilt effect also to increase your site to a new level of professionalism

-More Reasons To Fall In Love With Winwood Outdoor Activities Centre WordPress Theme

# Elements Made Available

Contains with portfolio, team, and galleries that you can add more info, people, and interesting activities to

# Order Easily Food & Drink

Customer can have a look of your menu showed impressively clean and neat, easily for customers to follow

# Creative Map Provided

Bundled insight with the fun map so visitors can know what is in here

# Functional Pages Insight

There are numerous functional pages to meet your demands such as error 404, write a blog, FAQ, about us, activity

Powerful Functions

  • Responsive with Mobile
  • Support with Elementor
  • One-click Automated Installation
  • Free Update Lifetime
  • Carousel & Hover Effect Supported
  • Tilt Effect Used
  • Elements Made Available
  • Order Easily Food & Drink
  • Creative Map Provided
  • Grid & List campaign styles
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder – Elementor
  • Functions Pages Inner
  • Bundled with multiple plugins
  • Speedy Performance
  • Dedicated Support team
  • Contact Form 7 Included
  • WordPress 5.1.x tested and approved
  • Premade widgets to build content easier
  • Built with Bootstrap 3, HTML5 and CSS3
  • Optimized for Speed, Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Optimized, Highly Conversion Rate Optimization and
    Unlimited Customize
  • Clean, modern, multi-purpose design can be used for any type of websites
  • Elaborated clean code for your convenience
  • Cross-browser compatibility: Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera, IE10
  • Totally Responsive Design
  • Different sidebars variations
  • Amazing parallax effects both on rows and content
  • Fast and perfect performance while viewing

Ease Of Customization

  • WordPress Customizer Supported: allow you configuring theme’s functions via WordPress options.
  • Customizer allow to customize your site: Main options, Side area options, Social Link, Post list options,
    Portfolio options, Styling options, Layout settings, Footer section options, Header section options
  • Advanced options to enable/disable individual features
  • Full control over site width (full-width or boxed), content area and sidebars
  • Revolution slider included with updates provided
  • Fast and convenient Elementor Builder
  • Vector icons for perfect retina design
  • Numerous background options: add parallax background images to Rows, style Menus, add as Header background,
    boxed content background or Client logos
  • Top page additional styling possibilities
  • Stunning Header & Footer builder function
  • Unlimited button styles: you set the height and the shape of the button manually, also additional CSS rules
    allow even more options
  • Touch-friendly interface for your convenient usage on smartphones and tablets
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Sidebar generator allows you to create the unlimited number of sidebars to your taste
  • Select Main/Second site color for easy to customize tools
  • Demo Content
  • Easy demo import by using XML file
  • Beautifully designed Apps Landing Page, Testimonials, Contacts, Forum and 404 pages

Our Support Channels:

### Version 1.2.0
- Edit: Page All Activity 
- Update: Element Activity 
### Version 1.1.1
- Add: Require Plugin CMB2
### Version 1.1.0
- Fix: Oneclick Install Sample data
### Version 1.0.0
- release

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Winwood – Sports & Outdoor WordPress Theme

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Winwood - Sports & Outdoor WordPress Theme

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