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WOKIEE WooCommerce Theme is more than usual theme. It is a powerful design tool. WOKIEE is outstanding Premium WooCommerce theme. It will be perfect solution for your current or future webshop. It has all required tools and modules to create super fast responsive website with amazing UX. Great variety of numerous layouts and styles allows to create different structures and satisfies any specific requirements. Everything you need is in WordPress CMS. You can avoid expensive web development and minimize your design costs using Premium WooCommerce theme WOKIEE. Gain full control over your entire website through your own Content Management System that lets you change the navigation, site content, images, products, collections and so much more. Premium WooCommerce Theme Wokiee is the best choice for your store!

Wokiee Is fully compatible with #dokan Multi vendor

Automatic image resize
You will be able to adjust all images of your webstore to the same size automatically (for the images with the same aspect ratio)
Framework Bootstrap 4
We have used the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile-first websites.
Color Schemes
Our default color is blue. But it can be easily changed to some other. As you can see from our demo, we have different color schemes.
Our demo is presented in 6 different languages. Of course Shopify is Multilanguage software and you can have your own localization.
Mailchimp is our choice. It is easy in use and adjusting, checked by millions of the customers.
Easy 1 click install
Our source package contains presets for each layout. You can install any skin by copy/pasting predefined structures.


25+ Stunning Homepage Layouts

Differetn Stunning Layouts with various color scheme and different content blocks.

4 layout variants for Product pages

We provide 4 layouts for the most important page of your site. You guessed it correct. The Product Page.

6 layout variants for Shop page

The page that shows all of your product, Shop Page. We have 6 of them and all of them are equally awesome.

Numerous header variants

We provide numerous variation in our header that will surely meet your need. If not, contact us we will try to add that too.

4 Footer Combinations

We provide 4 Footer combinations in this theme.

Advanced Megamenu

Our provided Megamenu is so much convenient that will surely meet your desire.

Flexible Banners Section

We provided very easily editable Banner Section that will give you the best flexibility.

Color, size, material swatches

It is a e-commerce theme and that is why we provided apecial attention in Color, Size and Material Swatches.

Numerous Product filters

You can filterize products as per your need in this theme.

Quick View PopUp

You can always quick view a product if you dont want to reload a page.

Amazing Instagram Shop

If you are a Insta Person, then we provide a inta shop for you in this theme.

Size Guide PopUp For Customers

We give you a size guide table that will give you flexibility to customize the table.

AJAX Filter

You dont have to refresh page to load Data.

AJAX Search

To make your search fast we do it by ajax that will not reload the page but your search will be done.

AJAX Load More Button

Isn’t it boring to paginate pages to see more products? We provide a load more button where the produtcs will be loaded and you wont be bored.

3 LookBook Elementor Addons

Look at your products in different style and Our Lookbook Addons helps you do that.

Dynamic Checkout Buttons

You can give the opportunity for your clients to be able process the purchase without entering cart. Direct checkout is dedicated to minimize required purchase steps.

Count down cart

Such count down timer helps to make transaction urgently. It creates illusion of limited products availability. This is power marketing tool that helps to increase conversion of your sales.

Google Rich snippet tool

Worried about your content indexing in google? You shouldn’t. This theme is SEO optimized, Checked by MOZ SEO tool thus you will get good ranking and in fact you dont have to install any other apps to improve SEO.

Catalog mode with no price and buy buttons

When you are seeing a catalog, you dont want to buy it or see the price. Catalog Mode provides you that facility properly.

5 Available Blog variants

Wordpress is nothing but blogs and you hsould have a blog feature in your site also to advertisement. And we provide 5 variants for them.

Different Custom Pages.

You need pages in your site and we provide various of them.

Mobile optimized

In this era it is a must to have your websute mobile optimized and we did that of course.

Advanced Customizer Options

Without having a single coding concept you can customize the theme as per your wish.

Documentation/ Video Tutorials

Our documentation and video tutorials are here to make your life easier than ever.

Support System

Need support? Within 24 hours you will be met with it.

Update and chnage log

v-1.8 -28-03-2019
[Update] WooCommerce 4.x compatible

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Wokiee – Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

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Wokiee - Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Download Wokiee – Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme Nulled

Download Wokiee – Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

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