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Woocommerce Zoho Inventory integration plugin is an add-on that requires the ‘wooCommerce’ plugin. View wooCommerce plugin(

We’ve developed this add-on especially for businesses which would have require daily, weekly or monthly inventory. This plugin will manage the inventory automatically.

It provides full catalog sync with Zoho Inventory which will sync your wooCommerce store products, customer details and Order info with Zoho Inventory modules like Contacts(Customers), Items(Products) and Sales Orders.

It also supports bi-directional inventory synchronization between wooCommerce Products and Zoho Inventory.

To set up an integration between wooCommerce and Zoho Inventory, you will need to have:
A wooCommerce Store
A live Zoho Inventory account
Features Overview
Set up the connection between wooCommerce and Zoho easily
Different ways to synchronize: automatic, manual
Synchronize Product data
Synchronize Customer info
Synchronize Order info
Two way synchronization Product data
Connect Zoho Inventory to wooCommerce easily.
Create an account on Zoho.
Get Zoho Authtoken from account settings.
Insert Authtoken to wooCommerce Zoho Connector.Connect and enjoy the extension.

Synchronize product data from wooCommerce to Zoho Inventory OR Zoho Inventory to wooCommerce
Synchronize product info including stock quantity, price, product name, SKU code, and details.
You can synchronize product data whenever store managers create a new product in wooCommerce.

Synchronize Customer and their order info from your wooCommerce into Zoho Inventory
When customers placed order then that order info. will syncs to Zoho inventory.
wooCommerce order info. is synced to Order object in Zoho.
Customer info will be synced from woocommerce to Zoho inventory.

Automatic syncing for ease of management
Merchants that want to stay in control of the syncing process can synchronize manually.
Synchronize all data to Zoho with one click in the setting section.
Synchronize all data currently sitting in queue to Zoho manually.
Go to individual/multiple products, customers, orders to sync each one manually to Zoho.

Easily map data fields
Data fields are automatically mapped from wooCommerce to Zoho.
No need to map fields manually.
No need for complicated knowledge to match fields between wooCommerce and Zoho.

Export all wooCommerce products from your wooCommerce store to your Zoho Inventory account in a single click.
Manage log files.
Bi-directional inventory synchronization between wooCommerce Products and Zoho Inventory
e.g. Automatically increase product stock at wooCommerce store if you increase it at Zoho Inventory or vice versa.
How to integrate?
Install and activate ‘wooCommerce Zoho Inventory Integration’ plugin and go to the plugin settings screen.
Provide Zoho Inventory Authtoken
To obtain an Authtoken, login into your Zoho Account and click Here(

Copy the Authtoken and enter into plugin settings screen.
Take advantage of automation tools to synchronize data from wooCommerce to Inventory. Stop using worksheet programs to transfer data from wooCommerce to Inventory. wooCommerce Zoho Inventory Integration will take on all of the heavy lifting for you.

Easy synchronization setup and setting – No data duplication. Using an inventory program is difficult enough. We understand not everybody loves to code, and complicated settings can turn off company managers easily. wooCommerce Zoho Inventory Integration plugin will transform the data transferring process into a much easier task. You simply need to look for the Authtoken for the Zoho in your account settings. Sync once and enjoy the benefits every single day.

Two way synchronization Product Data : Automatically increase product stock at wooCommerce store if you increase it at Zoho Inventory or vice versa.
“wooCommerce” is a trademark of WooThemes.
“Zoho Inventory” is a trademark of ZOHO Corporation.
This plugin is not affiliated with or endorsed by WooThemes or ZOHO Corporation.

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Download WooCommerce Zoho Inventory Integration Nulled

Download WooCommerce Zoho Inventory Integration

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