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Item Description:

The Pro Event Calendar plugin adds a professional and sleek calendar to your posts or pages. 100% Responsive, also you can use it inside a widget.


  • Elegant & Sleek Design
  • Responsive Layout
  • Easy to manage Events
  • Let users submit events from the frontend
  • Add special dates to your calendar like Holidays
  • Import events from an ICS feed
  • Sync a calendar with a ICS live URL
  • User Roles – Set who can manage the plugin
  • Custom CSS option to edit the calendar styles easily
  • Bookings – Allow users to book events
  • Export Bookings list to Excel (XLS)
  • Limit the number of bookings in an event
  • Draggable / Touchable
  • Google Map support
  • RTL support
  • Upcoming Events Widget
  • Today Events Widget
  • Subscribe to a calendar – Allows users to subscribe to a specific calendar to get newsletter. Mailchimp Supported
  • Recurring Events – Create complex recurring events with the multiple options that this plugin offers.
  • Custom Fields for Events
  • Date range support
  • Dark/Light skin color.
  • iCal feed export / import
  • RSS Support
  • Filter Events by Category
  • Different Layouts Included
  • Built-in cache feature to improve load speed and save bandwidth
  • WPML support – Translate it easily through a PO file or from the admin panel
  • Cross Browser Support
  • Simple to Customize – Tons of options to personalize your calendar
  • and more…


3.1.6 -
- Added multiple checkbox for custom fields 
- Added Weekly / Daily layout for widget 
- Fixed minor issues

3.1.5 -
- Added Event Status and Attendance Mode 
- Added Compact Dark skin Layout 
- Added Cover layout 
- Fixed minor issues

3.1.4 -
Added gap parameter for grid layout
Added carousel layout
Fixed minor issues

3.1.3 -
Improved styles and responsiveness on layouts

3.1.2 - 
- Added Dropdown option for new events forms - custom fields. 
- Redesigned new event form layout.

3.1.1 -
- Added Yearly layout 
- Added FB Event import

3.0.9 -
Added Slider Layout

3.0.7 -
Added new layout "Card" 
Updated font awesome library

3.0.5 -
Fixed minor issues.

3.0.2 -
- Fixed IE issue 
- Added color option in categories

3.0.1 -
- Added new 'Modern' Layout 
- Improved css for default calendar layout

2.9.9 -
- Fixed minor issues 
- Replaced calendar datepicker for text inputs in admin 
- Fixed special dates colorpicker issue

2.9.8 -
- Added option to display 'Booked' label in some layouts 
- Fixed css issues 
- Added category list in compact layout 
- Fixed issue with custom fields

2.9.7 -
- Added option to select Venues to display in filter dropdown 
- Added daily events group option for upcoming and list layout 
- Added scope shortcode parameter to display past events in some layouts (grid, list, compact)

2.9.5 -
- Added custom fields in emails for bookings 
- Fixed bug with custom fields dropdown in the calendar settings 
- Improved Upcoming Compact layout 
- Fixed calendar css issue in chrome 
- Fixed minor issues

2.9.4 -
- Added extra dates field in frontend form 
- Added booking custom field selector 
- Added event's form custom field selector 
- Added simple list of upcoming events widget

2.9.3 -
- Fixed iCal Export issue 
- Support for latest payment extension update.

2.9.2 -
- Added Event date filter in booking list 
- Fixed FB images import for some servers 
- Added timezone in new event frontend forms
- Fixed reminders in continuous bookings

2.9.1 -
- Fixed visibility feature in events 
- Fixed AM/PM translation
- Added Compact upcoming events layout

2.9 -
- Fixed ICS import issues with some feeds 
- Added option to hide booking remaining 
- Fixed issue with location on ICS format event export 
- Added lat/lng in REST API for venues

2.8.9 -
- Added support for REST API 2 
- Fixed recurring date issue in the event single page 
- Fixed FB import issue with some timezones 
- Fixed double booking issue with continuous events

2.8.8 -
- Fixed issue updating event options 
- Fixed datepicker to show the selected first day 
- Fixed issue in accordion layout with multiple columns 
- Fixed issue with custom permalinks 
- Added option to set max upload size

2.8.7 -
- Added Google Map API Key option 
- Fixed featured events order in upcoming events lists

2.8.6 -
- Fixed issue with FB event import from latest update 
- Added option for continuous bookings 
- Fixed conflicth with venues and WPML

2.8.5 -
- Fixed extra dates issue 
- Fixed issue with images (filename with spaces) in grid layout 
- Allow Import FB events by comma 
- Fixed pagination issue in Grid layout 
- Fixed issue with Ical Import in some servers

2.8.4 -
Fixed time issue in countdown layout

2.8.3 -
- Fixed issue with event links from latest update

2.8.2 -
- Improved Monthly Calendar performance

2.8.1 -
- Improved Mobile booking 
- Fixed issue with book event button in extra dates 
- Fixed issue with Booking Emails

2.8 -
- Fixed minor issues from latest update 
- Removed Landing single page for events

2.7.9 -
- Fixed issue in event list view (limit of 20 events) 
- Fixed PHP notice messages 
- Changed Attendees counter in single page to show only if the bookings are enabled

2.7.8 -
- Added option to create bookings from admin 
- Fixed issue with weekly events

2.7.7 -
- Added Organizers option 
- Fixed issue with timezone dropdown 
- Improved event single page 
- Improved built-in cache

2.7.6 -
- Fixed conflict in venues map (admin) 
- Fixed issue with custom fields in bookings 
- Improved Compact Layout 
- Added option to show events from all calendars (custom shortcode)

2.7.5 -
- Fixed css issue between Compact layout and IE 
- Improved GMAPS layout 
- Added Video option for events 
- Added To be confirmed option for event date 
- Fixed issue with multiple events in same venue (GMAP)

2.7.4 -
- Fixed issue in latest update sending emails after bookings 
- Fixed issue adding events without start time 
- Added support for Coupons with Payment Extension

2.7.3 -
- Allow decimals in price using the Payment Extension 
- Added 'canceled' status for bookings 
- Added Cancel reason in bookings 
- Added option to send a notification for canceled booking

2.7.2 -
- Added option to export subscribers list emails 
- Updated Loader GIF 
- Fixed issue with FB event imported image size 
- Added option to block hours for bookings

2.7.1 -
- Fixed issue with WPML support in Terms & conditions page 
- Fixed issue with WPML support in booking events 
- Added Countdown layout 
- Fixed Special chars issue in imported events

2.7.0 -
- Added category / location filters in accordion layout 
- Modified location dropdowns to order by title 
- Improved Accordion Layout styles

2.6.9 -
- Fixed issue in emails displaying the location ID instead of the name / address 
- Added option to feature an event 
- Added Pagination on Grid view

2.6.8 -
- Added default map location option 
- Added option to enable / disable emails sent to users that creates a new event 
- Added Excerpt feature in events 
- Added Age range in event single page

2.6.7 -
- Added option to disable reminders 
- Fixed issue with duplicated venues 
- Added location Address + Phone in events single page 
- Added option to allow users cancel their bookings

2.6.6 -
- Added option to remove Expired Events automatically 
- Fixed issue importing FB images 
- Added Recaptcha in new event form

2.6.5 -
- Added option to set event links target _blank 
- Added option to set required custom fields for events and bookings 
- Fixed issue in events preview after changing the month in calendar 
- Added Location details in map 
- Added phone field in locations 
- Fixed RTL css issues

2.6.4 -
- Added Predefined Locations 
- Changed new Event form to select from already existing locations 
- Added Location filter in calendar layout 
- Improved calendar css styles

2.6.3 -
Added extra dates in single page 
Added translation fields in calendar settings 
Added AJAX in booking button
Improved page load speed in some event lists 
Changed search to display only upcoming events

2.6.2 -
Added Custom marker option for Google Maps 
Improved admin styles 
Added option to use author username in shortcode 
Improved GMap Upcoming events layout 
Improved Grid Upcoming events layout

2.6.1 -
Added show / hide end date, start time and end time in new event form 
Fixed RTL issues 
Added option to display attendees names 
Fixed issue in email when user creates a new event to display the edit event link to the admin

2.6 -
Fixed issue with booking quantity dropdown
Fixed issue with exceptional dates
Removed Active button from calendars

2.5.9 -
Fixed issue with iCal Sync
Fixed editor on edit event modal
Added Timezone option in events
Added Show/Hide Timezone option in Calendars

2.5.8 -
Fixed issue adding new calendars in WP 4.4

2.5.7 -
Fixed iCal sync issues
Fixed issue selecting colors in Special Dates
Added Structured Data for events
Fixed conflict with WooCommerce duplicating products
Fixed iCal URL protocol

2.5.6 -
Added Autoupdate feature
Added Reminders for bookings
Fixed RTL issues

2.5.5 -
Added new layout "compact" 
Fixed issue hiding old dates in weekly view
Added option to use a external event url instead of the default single page.
Added pending events counter in wp-admin menu.

2.5.4 -
Added Sync with FB Pages
Added Email field validation for bookings
Improved Translations system from plugin panel, it may require to re-translate the fields after updating.
Fixed minor bugs

2.5.3 -
Added custom fields in booking form
Fixed issue in wp-admin events list
Added Allow admin users to edit all events from frontend

2.5.2 -
Added dashboard booking notification
Changed booking email to event author instead of admin
Fixed bug displaying correct year in some events
Fixed bug in quantity dropdown for bookings
Changed preview of events for calendar view to display single events in a date

2.5.1 -
Fixed issues importing events from ical
Improved general styles

2.5 -
Added color field in new event form
Added extra dates for events

2.4.9 -
Added iCal button in single page
Improved iCal / FB event import
Fixed responsiveness on weekly view

2.4.8 -
Added phone field for bookings
Added marker dragging option in Google Map field for new events
Fixed issue with WPML, display duplicated events
Added Pagination parameter for shortcodes and widgets

2.4.7 -
Added columns option for upcoming events widget
Added Facebook Page events import
Added option to set the number of upcoming dates in bookings
Fixed some events not being displayed in upcoming widget

2.4.6 -
Fixed issues in Google Map view
Fixed issue with past events
Fixed minor css issues
Fixed issue saving event description in the frontend

2.4.5b -
Fixed issue adding calendars in latest update 

2.4.5 -
Added checkbox type for event custom fields
Added Text editor for frontend forms
Added Enable bookings, price and limit fields for event forms

2.4.4 (Requires WP 4.1+) -
Added quantity for bookings
Improved performance
Added skin color to calendar layouts

2.4.3 -
Added Attendees number
Added send email to user when event is published
Added skin colors for accordion and new event form layouts

2.4.2 -
Added Event colors
Added option to remove Gmap js file
Added list layout for weekly / daily view
Added user roles option to allow users create new event

2.4.1 -

2.4 -
Added option to display event titles on calendar layout
Added Facebook URL and custom fields in the Event single page
Added more recurring options in the frontend form

2.3.9 -
Fixed issue with Facebook Event import
Added custom fields for events
Added limit words for accordion widgets

2.3.8 -
Bug Fixes

2.3.7 -
Fixed RSS issue
Improved support for the Pro Event Calendar Payment Extension

2.3.6 -
Fixed minor issues
Added export bookings list to excel
Added iCal feed Sync support
Improved backend UI
Replaced icons with Font-Awesome

2.3.5 -
Fixed issues with book event button
Added Limit of bookings option
Added option to import events from Facebook

2.3.4 -
Fixed issue with past events
Fixed issue with iCal feed
Fixed issue with Booking button

2.3.3 - 
Added Weekly View
Added "view" parameter in shortcodes

2.3.2 - 
Added Past Events Shortcode
Added List of booked events for the current logged in user
Added List of events created by the current logged in user

2.3.1 - 
Improved Booking system
Added support for Booking Payment Extension
Fixed minor issues

2.3 - 
Added upcoming events shortcode / widget with Grid layout.

2.2.9 -
Improved month / anual navigation in monthly view.

2.2.8 -
Fixed datepicker translations.
Added optional End Time
Added shortcode to display a specific event

2.2.7 -
Fixed current date in cache mode.
Added WPML support (beta)
Added option to exclude specific dates from recurring events

2.2.6 -
Added Multiple categories for the "Add new event" form in the frontend
Added Events by author in calendar layout

2.2.5 -
Added Event data in pages automatically
Added Booking button in Event pages
Added iCal button in accordion layout.

2.2.4 - 
Added option to select a category when importing a iCal (ics) file
Added option to enable booking for events (beta)

2.2.3 - 
Added option to import iCal files (ics)
Fixed issue with monthly recurring events

2.2.2 - 
Added more options for monthly events

2.2.1b - 
Fixed issues with the last update

2.2.1 - 
Added Cache option
Added option to assign an event to multiple calendars
Improved CSS in Add Event form inside the monthly layout

2.2 -
Added RTL Support
Added Full Images in events instead of thumbnails
Added button for logged in users to remove their events in the frontend

2.1.9 -
Added option to display the event author
Added more options for weekly events

2.1.8b -
Fixed issue not saving new calendars from the latest update (2.1.8)

2.1.8 -
Added option to customize the frontend form fields
Added option to allow logged in users to edit their own events

2.1.7 -
Added option to hide old dates
Added option to limit hours in daily view
Added Phone field for events
Fixed issue with AM/PM in the "Add event" frontend form

2.1.6 -
Improved support for latest version of Article Social Share
Added possibility to display events from a specific category in the calendar view

2.1.4b -
Fixed issue in last update displaying part of the event text.

2.1.4 -
Added more options for daily events
Fixed issue adding new calendars

2.1.3 -
Added category list to filter events
Added possibility to add events for non-logged in users
Fixed issue with Social Share

2.1.1 -
Added option to allow logged-in users rate events.
Added Google Map upcoming events shortcode and widget.
Added support for Wp Article Social Share (http://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-article-social-share/6247263) plugin

2.1 -
Added category dropdown in "add event" frontend form.
Added button to subscribe via Mailchimp to a calendar.

2.0.9 -
Added option to add an image in new event form on the frontend
Added search field in accordion layout
Added option to auto-publish all events sent by users on the frontend.

2.0.8 -
Fixed issue in upcoming events widget using "Accordion" layout

2.0.7 -
Added Accordion layout to upcoming events list
Added option to receive an email when a user submits a new event

2.0.6 -
Fixed minor layout issues
Added category dropdown in calendar view

2.0.5 -
Added shortcodes for event page
Improved events search
Improved list events by author shortcode

2.0.4b -
Fixed issue with add-event shortcode

2.0.4 -
Added Today's events shortcode and widget
Added option to include rating in events
Fixed some conflicts with datepicker CSS

2.0.3 -
Improved some CSS styles
Added option to link events with post type page
Added featured images in events lists and preview

Added standalone form to add new events in the frontend

Added new layout and widget "Accordion List" 
Fixed issues displaying some events in the upcoming events widget
Added Custom Shortcodes generator section

Improved responsiveness with preview tooltips

Fixed issue with "view all events" button in IE 8.
Updated placeholder.js plugin

Fixed issue including the JS/CSS files when the shortcode is not used.

Fixed issue with yearly events in upcoming events widget

Fixed issue creating calendars in some servers

Added "Monthly Events List" default view option

Fixed issue with jQuery 1.10.2.
Fixed issue with other custom post types

Fixed issue with sorting in upcoming events widget.

Fixed issue with events preview when the position of the body is relative
Added End Date in "View all events" mode.
Added Date sortable column in events list.

Fixed issue with yearly/monthly events in upcoming events widget.

Fixed issue with displaying daily events in upcoming events widget

Fixed issue with colorpicker in WP 3.6

Fixed issue with speed load in some servers
Fixed issue with tooltip in WP 3.6

Fixed issue with upcoming events widget in WP multisite.

Fixed minor issues in wp-admin and upcoming events widget.

Added option to select specific event category in upcoming widget
Fixed issue with frontend event form

Fixed minor issues in upcoming events widget
Fixed issue with datepicker in events

Fixed minor issues with last update

Added option to let users submit an event in the frontend.
Fixed issue in "View all events" button

Added Custom CSS option
Added Categories for events
Added Duplicate/clone events option
Added columns in events list (wp-admin)
Fixed issue in "View all events" button

Added translation fields for "Monthly" and "Daily" Buttons
Added Show/Hide Monthly and Daily buttons option
Fixed issue displaying notes in iCal feed
Fixed issue in "All events in the month" list

Fixed issue in wp-admin with last update

Fixed Timezone issues with iCal feed
Added "Daily" view
Added feature to see all events in a month
Improved UI

Fixed issue in WP multisite installations
Fixed issue with event counter in calendar page

Fixed issue displaying events in trash
Fixed issue filtering events by calendar
Fixed warning errors in events list page

Fixed issue removing "preselected date" in calendars

Added iCal feed button in calendar
Added Description, location and URL to iCal
Fixed issues with iCal feed

Added option to allow plugin access to different user roles

Fixed an issue with the update notifier

Fixed an issue in search results

Fixed an issue in upcoming events widget

Fixed an issue with daily frecuency in events

Added Hide Time option in events
Added Location option in events

Added RSS feed export option

Added shortcode support in events description

Added iCal feed export option.

Added plugin update notification.

Fixed an issue with timezones

Fixed compatibility issues with jquery versions

Fixed an issue with jQuery 1.9

Fixed an issue with the upcoming events widget and recurring events.

Fixed an issue in event descriptions paragraphs.

Fixed an issue in preview of events.

Fixed an issue scrolling in mobile devices

Fixed a minor issue in widgets titles.

Fixed an issue with the last update

Added End Time feature

Improved Date numbers style
Added Option to display a list of events in a day on mouse over
Improved Admin UI

Fixed an issue with MySQL timezone.

Fixed an issue editing events.

Fixed browser compatibility issues.

Added TinyMCE editor for events description

Fixed responsiveness issues.
Fixed dates width issue.

Added upcoming events from shortcode.
Added option to use a "X" instead of a count of events on dates.

Fixed a width issue with widgets.

v 1.3.4
Fixed an issue with the Google maps.
Fixed an issue with the Upcoming events widget.
Fixed an issue adding special dates.

v 1.3.3b
Fixed minor issues in dates.

v 1.3.3
Added Google Map Support.

v 1.3.2
Fixed events order.

v 1.3.1
Added dark skin color.

v 1.3
Fixed issues with Hebrew characters.

v 1.2.9
Fixed a minor issue with Firefox.

v 1.2.8
Added MultiSite support.

v 1.2.7
Fixed minor display issues.

v 1.2.6
Fixed an issue searching events.

v 1.2.5
Added Upcoming Events Widget.
Fixed minor issues.

v 1.2.3
Added Current Date Color

v 1.2.2
Fixed an issue with weekly frecuency

v 1.2.1
Fixed minor issues with mobile devices

v 1.2
Fixed an issue with UTC
Fixed minor browser compatibility issues.

v 1.1
Fixed issues with month translation
Added the possibility to select Monday/Sunday as the first day to display in the calendar

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WordPress Pro Event Calendar

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WordPress Pro Event Calendar

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