WordPress Viral Quiz Plugin – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder

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Need MORE TRAFIC on your WordPress site ?
Need to CAPTIVATE your readers ?
Need to CAPTURE EMAILS faster ?
Need MORE PAGEVIEWS for your ads business ?

Create awesome and viral quizzes on your WP site, as Buzzfeed does, but with more features ! It’s the best and the simplest wordpress quiz plugin ever !

TRY THE PLUGIN, with our demo websites

You can try the plugin and create your own demo quiz. If you have questions, I’m at your disposal in the comments.

You can try the plugin and create your own demo quiz. If you have questions, I’m at your disposal in the comments.

GDPR compliance

WP Viral Quiz is GDPR compliant. You can learn more about our compliance by clicking here.

The Full Features List :

  • Works on every themes : Don’t worry, it works on your site.
  • 2 kinds of quizzes : Personality & Trivia Quiz
  • Random Quizzes : Let people play with random questions
  • GDPR compliant : Enable a GDPR area below lead forms.
  • Zapier Compatible : Send user data to Zapier (or any alternatives/webhooks endpoint).
  • Fully Responsive : People can play everywhere !
  • Import/export quizzes : Import quizzes created by other users
  • Multi-pages quizzes : Create multi-pages quizzes !
  • Awesome Marketing Tool : Capture the email of each players
  • Mailchimp/Aweber/ActiveCampaign Sync : Add captured emails to your Mailchimp/Aweber/ActiveCampaign lists
  • Save Answers : Save and read all the answers of your players
  • Integrate quizzes everywhere : Even outside your site, with an iframe
  • Monetization : Increase pageviews with the “browser refresh” feature
  • Insanely Viral : Force people to share your quiz to see result!
  • Analytics : See how many people play your quizzes, and analyze their responses
  • Delivered with 2 skins : BuzzFeed Theme and Modern Flat Theme
  • Customisable : Create your own CSS theme if you want !
  • Multilingual : English, French, Spanish, German, Romanian, Portuguese, Japanese, Turkish, Russian, Swedish and more to come.
  • Nice Share buttons : People can share your quizzes easily
  • Auto-Update : The plugin can be updated from your WordPress Panel
  • Find the changelog at the bottom of the page

Checkout the project roadmap here : https://www.ohmyquiz.io/roadmap ! You’ll discover the new features planned. And don’t hesitate to give me your ideas !

What can I do with this awesome WordPress quiz plugin ?!

You can create nice quizzes on your wordpress site or blog. People love playing quizzes, SO MUCH. Buzzfeed, National Geographic, political leaders, Vogue, Uber and thousands more companies create quizzes for their followers. Because they know this is huge for marketing purposes.

Good to know : When people are playing a quiz, they remain on average three times longer on a website. It’s great if you work with ads on your site.

With the WP Viral Quiz WordPress plugin, you can also catch a ton of e-mails at the end of quizzes. Stop popups, popin, pop-whatever. Create a quiz, and ask people to let their e-mail to see their results. High convert rate guaranteed.

To finish, quiz are very, very viral. People need to share to their friends who they are, or how awesome they are about something. WP Viral Quiz is a freaking viral wordpress quiz plugin, don’t worry about it.

Full Changelog

v4.01 -> 4.04 | 25 March 2020

  • (New) Zapier compatible (+ generic webhooks)! More info.
  • (New) A new shortcode to display a players counter! More info.
  • (Fix) Mailchimp sync works fine.
  • (Fix) Multiple Personalities Result works fine. More info
  • (Fix) Disable the annoying JS alert on your WP dashboard.

v3.15 -> 4.01 | 25 January 2020

  • (New) Gutenberg ready! More info.
  • (Fix) Stop saving every users: fixed! More info.
  • (Fix) Clean code, update packages.
  • (Fix) Important bug fixes (stop saving every users, Facebook sharing, …)

v3.13 -> v3.15 | 4 May 2018

  • (New) GDPR compliant (see more)
  • (Fix) Upgrade to Bootstrap v4.1
  • (Fix) Small bug fixes

v3.12 -> v3.13 | 18 January 2018

  • (Fix) Fix a bug with the personality builder.

v3.10 -> v3.12 | 17 December 2017

  • (New) Redirect people depending on their scores.
  • (New) People can share quizzes on VK.com!
  • (New) Add HTML (ads, for instance) between questions : it’s a global setting for all your quizzes, or a feature for each quiz.
  • (Fix) Facebook share uses the default og:picture when nothing is specified.

v3.03 -> v3.10 | 9 December 2017

  • (Fix) Facebook share box works fine (picture + text).
  • (Fix) Scroll issue is fixed for multi-pages quiz.
  • (Fix) A lot of fixes + improvements.

v3.00 -> v3.03 | 15 October 2017

  • (New) A big UX improvement for the Quiz Building Page.
  • (New) You can edit every single text label easily! (see screenshot)
  • (New) You can trigger your own JS code for tracking or ads! (see screenshot)
  • (New) Change the color of buttons and other stuff easily! (see screenshot)
  • (Fix) Auto-scroll to result fixed.
  • (Fix) JS error when quiz start fixed.
  • (Fix) Shortcodes works in questions, answers and results.
  • (Fix) Redirected results issue fixed.
  • (Fix) Plugin compatible with PHP 5.4+

v2.26 -> v3.00 (MAJOR RELEASE) | 01 October 2017

  • A new quiz creation interface, more reliable.
  • A 1000x performance increase. The plugin will work on high traffic websites, without slowing your page loading.
  • Fine-tuning for each quiz, instead of general settings
  • Possibility to customize form fields at the end of each quiz.
  • Efficient and complete user-tracking.
  • A version designed for rock-solid stability (no more bugs using “refresh” or caching plugins).
  • A uniquely clear code, which will help me to publish updates on a regular basis, with REAL new features that you were all expecting.
  • Those familiar with the plugin will notice further fine-tuning improvements.

Older changelogs here : https://pastebin.com/raw/aGrnWEu6


Write us by using our ticket system : https://www.ohmyquiz.io/support/. We try to make the best quiz plugin for WP, so please don’t hesitate to report bug and suggest us new features !

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WordPress Viral Quiz Plugin – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder

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WordPress Viral Quiz Plugin – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder

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