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Improve customer relationship without additional costs.
Communication is directed from your site to your phone without any external services.MyOwnSMS is associated with your domain, and automatically communicates with MyOwnSMS App installed on the mobile phone you want to use for sending SMS.
SMS communication and sending does not switch from external servers, making the system even safer by using the HTTPS protocol.

MyOwnSMS App, the dedicated Android application, once installed and configured, does not need any more; The service remains operational without having to start it every time you send SMS from your site.

– Sending SMS notification of order status
– Sending bulk SMS for marketing
– Import phone numbers via CSV file
– Use own telephone plan
– No other costs to send SMS
– Send SMS without gateway
– No disclosure of customers telephone number or messages sent to them

MyOwnSMS is the cheapest solution currently available to small and medium businesses that want to do SMS marketing. The system also has many features for large businesses without subscription or redirection restrictions to other servers.

Plugin works only with HTTPS protocol.
Have sure to have an SSL certificate to your domain.
Compatibility with all Android mobile operating systems. Simplicity of use and high security of data protection with HTTPS protocol.

With MyOwnSMS you cut down on the costs for SMS marketing campaigns. A client of 2500 clients registered on their site, and sending an SMS a week to their subscribers, comes to consume about 10000 SMS per month.

With an external gateway service the costs for a monthly campaign is around 450.00 € + VAT and within a year the cost is over 5500.00 € + VAT.

What are you waiting for? Start saving now, improving your business.

Make your SMS Marketing effectively
MyOwnSMS is designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, which must meet unnecessary costs or reduce costs; We consider it useless to spend money to send SMS when most phone operators offer unlimited plans. So we want to propose a smart solution that takes advantage of these plans, otherwise not even used in the least. We want to focus on savings by creating marketing plans for their customers without having to face additional costs due to the current gateways that charge each single SMS sent; And the security of not having to propagate sensitive data through external servers.In fact, existing services receive from the site the phone numbers and text of the SMS to be sent, and then send them to the final recipients. With MyOwnSMS this step does not exist, the numbers and the message are sent directly to your smartphone; In fact the system communicates directly with the APP dedicated without external gateways. Speed, privacy and security, a high quality trinomial in the business. Costs are reduced with a fully autonomous work tool. Applicable on CMS, ERP and CRM of all types. Shortly even on a stand alone Mac, Linux and Windows platform.

Upload the plugin .zip file from the website backoffice.
1. Click on the button “Add new”.
2. Click on the button “Upload Plugin” and then upload the .zip file.Upgrade Instruction
You can update the plugin by uploading the .zip file from Update tab..Check for Errors and Compatibility Problems
WordPress with WooCommerce is a very complex platform, and every installation is unique so problems or conflicts with other plugins may appear. The most common ones are Javascript errors.
To check for those you must open the browser console and check for errors. If you found any and you don’t know how to fix it please contact us for help.Download our full documentation

Patent filed

You can test our complete system for 48 hours without limitation.
In these test versions the plugin can be activated by entering the whole domain as the registration order ID:
– installation site http://www.mysite.com -> www.mysite.com as the order ID
– installation site http://www.mysite.com/shop -> www.mysite.com as the order ID
Once the 48 hours have elapsed since activation, the plugin will be obsolete, so it will have to be uninstalled and removed.
WordPress MyOwnSMS Test Download

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