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Note: Make sure you take a backup of your website including database before updating plugin to latest version.


The “WPCE – WooCommerce Parts Compatibility Editor” plugin helps you to create unlimited product finders in a single website.


  • User-friendly, responsive, highly customizable and easy to use
  • Well optimized for large volume data
  • Sorting options for dropdown options in ascending and descending order
  • Comes with both: Widget and Shortcode
  • Allows to add “Required” validation to dropdowns before the search
  • Custom destination URL for search
  • Allows to replace default HTML “Select” dropdowns with User friendly dropdowns
  • Disable dependent dropdowns
  • Redirect single search result to product details page
  • Show/Hide empty terms from dropdowns
  • Hide “Submit” button
  • Auto submit form on selection from last dropdown
  • Add “Reset Search” link
  • Every single label, title, heading or description is editable from backend
  • Two layouts: Horizontal and Vertical
  • Supports multiple finders on same page
  • and many more, not easy to explain all the features here


Building a WooCommerce website which is not limited to a single type of products only and you want a different finder for different type of products, It has become easier now! Even though this plugin allows you to create multiple finders on the same website. For Example:

  • Auto/Vehicle Parts Finder
  • Clothes Finder
  • Printer Finder


This option allows you to create unlimited dropdowns ( selection options ) under each product finder. For Example:

  • Need only three selection options while creating Printer Finder: Series > Model > Type
  • But need five selection options while creating Auto/Vehicle Parts Finder: Type > Make > Model > Year > Engine


Sometimes you want the next dropdown to load instantly after one selects a term from current dropdown. That’s when you might need JSON method. JSON method is much quicker to load terms as compared to AJAX but there is one limitation of using this method. This method works perfectly with small amount of data, but can hang/crash your browser when there is a huge list of terms. In that case, you can go with the AJAX method. It is better to give a try to both methods before you choose one.


Let’s say you have different type of products in different categories, EG: Auto/Vehicle Parts, Printer Parts, Clothes, Jewellery, etc… It doesn’t make sense to apply “Auto/Vehicle Parts Finder” to Printer Parts and Jewellery products. This option allows you to enable a different set of categories for differnet finders.


It would never be easy to do manual entries one by one under each finder and will take much time while you have thousand of terms to add. For a quick solution, you can import a CSV file by adding all the data in columns and link them to appropriate products. Features:

  • Works very fast
  • Well optimized to handle large volume of data
  • Shows a progress bar during import process
  • Supports data in ranges for numeric values E.g. 1990-2012
  • Supports multiple products associations by allowing multiple product SKU’s in a single column
  • Allows you to retain or delete old imported data before importing new CSV file


It allows you to show universal products for every search, regardless of what options are chosen by the user in a finder. For each finder, you can select different universal products. This option is very useful when certain products match every selection in a finder.


Add a validator on the product details page which helps users to validate the current product against their required specific terms from a finder before adding to cart. All the user searched/selected terms will pass through Checkout to Order Details page in the backend for admin reference.


Enable this option will start storing user’s most recent search history temporarily in browser cookies and will allow them to move selected searches from Search History to Saved Searches list. Search History and Saved Searches work together in order to enable users to quickly find the data they use most often.

You, as admin of the website, can decide whether you want user searched options to save or not before they move to other pages on the website. This way, they can freely move among other pages and will see their search criteria based products only on the shop/category pages until they reset it.


This feature shows product associated all the terms on the product details page. WooCommerce comes with a design where it shows some tabs on product pages and this option will just add another tab to your decided position.




= 1.0 =
* Launched the initial version of the plugin

= 1.1 =
* Fixed: Shortcode typo in backend
* Disabled {LEVELn_NAME} from "Search Results Page Title" while nth dropdown is not selected
* Fixed: Duplicate WPCE terms while duplicating a WooCommerce product
* Fixed: PHP Warnings
* Fixed: JS conflict where it wasn't removing previous options form child dropdown before loading new one

= 2.0 =
* Added: Universal Products CSV Importer
* Added: Categories Filter
* Added: Comma ( , ) support for multiple values in each cell using Terms CSV Importer
* Improved: Terms CSV Importer to work smoothly for range based levels ( EG: 2002-2007 )
* Fixed: Warnings related to deprecated functions
* Fixed: PHP 7.x Warnings
* Fixed: So it doesn't show all products when no matching product on search results page
* Fixed: Slow loading "Edit Product" page issue
* Improved: So one can select "multiple" terms from last dropdown on "Edit Product" page

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WPCE – WooCommerce Parts Compatibility Editor

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WPCE - WooCommerce Parts Compatibility Editor

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