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Are there numerous media files present on your WordPress site? WPCommander plugin simplifies and expedites the management of these files. With this plugin, you can effortlessly handle a large number of files in a prompt and straightforward manner. It elevates the capabilities of WordPress to a higher level.


You can employ the media folder manager plugin called “WPCommander” in various ways to structure and organize your WordPress data. Utilize directories and subdirectories to maintain a well-organized arrangement of media files, including images, music, and videos. Sort your data into collections based on specific criteria like date, topic, keyword, or events, ensuring a systematic organization of your WordPress content.

Note: adding an item to a folder will not change their data.



Effortlessly rearrange multiple items in your media library with a simple drag and drop interface. Move items to folders or transfer folders within seconds, minimizing the need for excessive clicks.


Quickly create multiple folders and organize them in a customized tree structure of your choice using the intuitive drag and drop functionality.


Customize the sorting order of items within each folder according to your preferences. Sort options include name, date, modification, and author, enabling you to organize your content in a way that suits your needs.


Efficiently search for specific folders by filtering them based on keywords or phrases present in their titles. Utilize wildcards such as ’*’ or ’?’ to represent multiple characters or a single character within folder names.


Effortlessly move individual or multiple media files between folders. Create, rename, delete, and arrange folders with ease, enabling swift organization of your media library.


Streamline the process of uploading new files by selecting a folder directly and uploading files into it. This time-saving feature is available both in the media library and the “Add New” media screen.


Adjust the size of the sidebar containing folders according to your preference. Toggle the sidebar on or off as needed, and your custom size settings will be saved.


Perform folder management tasks such as adding, renaming, or deleting folders with just a single click. When deleting a folder, your data is not lost; instead, all items are moved to the “Uncategorized” folder, allowing you to access them later.


Enhance folder organization by assigning colors to your folders in a single click, adding a visual element to your file management.


Supported languages include English, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and French.


If you require additional features that are not currently available in the plugin, please provide us with your feedback. We are open to suggestions and will consider implementing them in future versions.

Download WPCommander WordPress Media Folder Manager Nulled

Download WPCommander WordPress Media Folder Manager

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