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Demo WPL Real Estate + Organic IDX Plugin by Realtyna

WPL is an advanced and robust WordPress Plugin for Real Estate Websites. WPL has a flexible data structure that
allows you to add/remove/edit property data fields and shape the property details based on your requirements.
It also has a flexible and dynamic Search widget that allows you to add/remove certain search parameters
according to your needs.

Other features :

Complimentary Installation Service: Need help with installation? We have you covered with
complimentary service.

Configuration Support: Help and guidance through all configurations and installations of our

Priority Support: Get the attention you need and set priority for your support tickets.

Widget Shortcodes: Allows admin to publish a widget within page content.

Shortcode Wizard: Fully manage different layout views for properties.

Property Listing: Customizable displays of property results.

Property Show: Ability to display all details of a property on a single, indexable page.

Listing Type: Full control and customization defining listing types such as, For Sale, For
Rent, Vacation Rental, etc.

Property Type: Full control specifying and defining property types through the backend.

Agent Listing/Profile/Widget: Easily display agents that represent each property and create
profiles with contact information for them. With the widget, you can easily drag and drop agent information
where you want on your site.

Dynamic Metadata: SEO options are at your fingertips! Easily edit and change metadata and
insert keywords for your marketing needs.

Radius Map Search: Visitors can activate a radius (distance) parameter in their search.

Carousel Widget: Powerful widget with premium feel! Customizable and capable of filtering
properties to display in a carousel slide.

Advanced Sort Options: Ability to filter and sort search results based on customized defined

Scroll Pagination: Create a streamlined page by keeping all search results on one page that
loads as you go.

More Details: Declutter your page with the option to add a “more details,” tab to
separate a large number of data fields.

Sort Options: Fully customizable sort options with add/edit/delete functions. Ability to filter
and sort search results based on defined options.  

List/Grid Switcher: Be versatile! Give the option to visitors to switch between list and grid

Room Type: Add, edit and manage different room types as fits your needs.

Deleting/Restoring: Easy deletion and restoration of property records.

Purging: Ability to permanently delete records from the database.

Open House Info: Ability to include Open House information in the property details.

Access Control: Assign various levels of access to users/agents to the backend system.

Location Text Search: Ability to manually enter location fields into the system.

Hide Null Data: Automatically hide data fields without values.

Call For Price: This lead generating feature allows you to show a custom text, such as
“Call for Price,” instead of a data field with the dynamic Flex System.

Hide if Zero: Set a field to become hidden if value is set to 0.

Unit Management: Not from the US? No problem. Full control on unit measuring systems.

Multi Currency: Daily syncing of currency exchange rates so you don’t lose your
international clients.

Import/Export Feature for WPL Settings Menu: Easily export settings in XML, JSON, or CSV
formats to import to another WPL.

Abuse Report: Your website will have integrity! Allow visitors to report inappropriate content.

Location Database Search: The option to activate/deactivate specific location search criteria.

Property Confirmation: Ability to add admin confirmation before publishing new listings.

Map Type for Google Maps: Enjoy the ability to choose between 5 types of map views.

Mouseover For Property Markers: Allows visitors to view property detail by hovering over a
property with a mouse.

Solving Bugs: Bug fixes performed on a routine basis.

Frequent Updates: Updates rolled out as often as our developers can work.

Support Forum: Customer support for all things regarding our products and services.

Knowledge Base Article Access: Access to hundreds of self-help articles about our products and


WPL4.2.1 (7/30/2018 revision 4229)
  -- Removed overview control from map activities due to removing it from Google Maps API.
  -- Fixed some issues.

WPL4.2.0 (7/23/2018 revision 4207)
  -- [PRO] Added an option to change sort option view to list/dropdown.
  -- [PRO] Added "Hierarchical Dropdown" and "Hierarchical Multiple Dropdown" methods for
location field.
  -- [PRO] Added "Listing Expiration" feature.
  -- Added Right to left feature.
  -- Added redirect feature to property listing page when no listing found.
  -- Improved image lazy loading.
  -- Fixed an issue in "Request a Visit" and "Send to Friend" forms.
  -- Fixed some issues on search widget.
  -- Fixed an issue in property finalize.
  -- Fixed an issue in geolocation feature.
  -- Fixed column field issue in divi modules.
  -- Fixed a UTF-8 language issue on PDF flyer.

WPL4.1.0 (4/24/2018 revision 4086)
  -- [PRO] Fixed a date modification issue on sitemap feature.
  -- Added location settings per dbst field to disable / enable different levels and also change the sort on
listing details pages.
  -- Added an option to enable / disable property visits in property listings view.
  -- Added a lazy loading feature for WPL Carousel widget and some of gallery activities.
  -- Added Google recaptcha feature for WPL Forms.
  -- Improved the WPL unit manager.
  -- Improved the WPL runtime.
  -- Fixed an issue with listing ID search in location text search method.
  -- Fixed sitemap issue on yoast plugin.
  -- Fixed an issue regarding location searches on multilingual websites.
  -- Fixed an issue in property stats activity.
  -- Fixed some issues.

WPL4.0.3 (1/30/2018 revision 3937)
  -- Improved IDX feature.
  -- Fixed some tiny issues.

WPL4.0.2 (1/23/2018 revision 3919)
  -- Some improvements on IDX feature.
  -- Fixed some issues.

WPL4.0.1 (1/20/2018 revision 3910)
  -- Fixed some tiny issues.

WPL4.0.0 (1/12/2018 revision 3897)
  -- Added an advanced IDX system.
  -- Added WPL Presentation Tour.
  -- Added an advanced map markers / pins system.
  -- Added a new API key for Google Maps.
  -- Added location abbreviation to the location patterns.
  -- Added geolocation functionality to property listing.
  -- Added a feature to override listing type in similar properties of carousel widget.
  -- Added a new layout for carousel widget.
  -- Optimized location search.
  -- Improved functionality of reset button of search widget.
  -- Improved internal help tabs on all pages.
  -- Fixed an issue in property details page when WordPress jetpack plugin is activated.
  -- Fixed an issue in page builders related to search widget.
  -- Fixed an issue with property title in RSS.
  -- Fixed an issue regarding showing bathrooms instead of parkings.

WPL3.5.1 (07/10/2017 revision 3419)
  -- Fixed some issues on VC and Divi builder compatibilities.
  -- Fixed a Divi conflict.
  -- Fixed an issue in showing Price Request form.
  -- Fixed some issues regarding images on WPL notifications.
  -- Fixed some PHP notices.

WPL3.5.0 (06/28/2017 revision 3383)
  -- [PRO] Added ability to disable/enable auto conversion for area and min/max area fields.
  -- Added Divi page builder compatibility.
  -- Added Visual Composer compatibility.
  -- Added Avada Theme compatibility.
  -- Added Be Theme compatibility.
  -- Added Bridge Theme compatibility.
  -- Added Divi Theme compatibility.
  -- Added Enfold Theme compatibility.
  -- Added Genesis Theme compatibility.
  -- Added X Theme compatibility.
  -- Added Google Maps Widget.
  -- Added Google Maps display option in order hide the map by default.
  -- Added reset button to search widget.
  -- Added Array and Multi-Select field types.
  -- Added a cron-job command for running all WPL cron-jobs in order to speed up the process.
  -- Added a feature for disabling/enabling or changing label of ASC/DESC sort options from WPL backend.
  -- Added a Multi-Select dropdown search type for Location fields.
  -- Added property type category management for adding new/editing existing categories.
  -- Added category field in Add/Edit Listing menu and connect it to Property type field.
  -- Added tool-tips for most of WPL frontend icons.
  -- Improved WPL SEO by adding micro-data to the WPL pages.
  -- Improved search widget style and functionality.
  -- Improved database queries by adjusting table indexes.
  -- Optimized WPL front-end part.
  -- Optimized Sort by Listing ID.
  -- Optimized Location Search method of WPL in order to speed up the search queries.
  -- Removed some duplicate queries.
  -- Removed useless assets from WPL front-end in order to speed it up.
  -- Fixed some User Interface issues.
  -- Fixed an issue in target page of the search widget.
  -- Fixed a duplicate tel and email issue on agent activity.
  -- Fixed extra comma issue on WPL location text search.
  -- Fixed an issue on sorting locations.

WPL3.3.1 (02/27/2017
  -- Fixed some minor issues.

WPL3.3.0 (01/30/2017 revision 2938)
  -- [PRO] Added advanced property types and listing types sort options.
  -- [PRO] Added "Horizontal Layout" for "Add/Edit Listing" menu.
  -- [PRO] Added customizable energy tag levels to energy tag activity.
  -- [PRO] Added Price Rebate feature.
  -- [PRO] Added a new view switcher for property listings and profile/agent listings views.
  -- [PRO] Added a new option to disable/enable mouse-over effect of images on listing pages.
  -- [PRO] Added show/hide marker feature for listings.
  -- [PRO] Improved unit switcher widget.
  -- [PRO] Improved WPL update notification system.
  -- Added "Category Manager" feature in WPL Flex menu in order to add new data categories or manage existing
  -- Added zip-code option in "Similar Properties" feature of carousel widget.
  -- Added "Advanced Location Text Search" method into location options of search widget.
  -- Added new widget area at the bottom of property listing page.
  -- Added property type specific and listing type specific options for separator fields.
  -- Added "Media Confirm" feature for enabling confirm icon on media tabs of Add/Edit listing.
  -- Added an ability to import sample properties into the WPL.
  -- Added boolean field to supported field types in search widget.
  -- Added ability to place WPL main page as a child page under a parent page.
  -- Added "Field Specific" feature to "Add/Edit Listing" and "Search Widget".
  -- Added ability to filter listings on carousel widget by location.
  -- Added ability to automatically convert area values to Acre and Hectare if the value is high.
  -- Added an option to change multiple marker icon.
  -- Improved WPL I/O.
  -- Improved UI and UX on mobile devices.
  -- Improved SEO on WPL views.
  -- Fixed some issues of send to friend feature.
  -- Fixed converting none WPL images to place-holders issue in notification manager menu.
  -- Fixed some issues on WPL PDF Flyer.
  -- Fixed location text search issue on profile/agent listing page.
  -- Fixed an issue for saving date fields in user profile menu.
  -- Fixed some issue on datetime field type.
  -- Fixed some English errors.
  -- Fixed issue of printing " or ' in the notification emails.

WPL3.2.0 (07/11/2016 revision 2450)
  -- [PRO] Added clone feature for listings.
  -- [PRO] Some enhancements for currency switcher such as compatibility with search widget.
  -- Added SEO patterns section to SEO category of WPL Settings.
  -- Added ability to insert different SEO patterns per kind and also per property type.
  -- Added ability to sort select field options in the Flex edit screen.
  -- Added new maintenance options.
  -- Added remove all images/attachments at once to Add/Edit listing menu.
  -- Enhanced WPL cache clearing feature.
  -- Fixed Google Maps API key issue.
  -- Fixed some translation and multilingual issues.
  -- Fixed some UI issues.
  -- Fixed some date/time issues.

WPL3.1.0 (06/01/2016 revision 2368)
  -- [PRO] Added new layout for property details page.
  -- [PRO] Added currency switcher widget and activity.
  -- [PRO] Added MultiSafePay gateway to payment gateways.
  -- [PRO] Added interface compatibility with Bridge theme.
  -- Added ability to insert different price ranges for sale and rental listings into the search widget.
  -- Added help tab to all of WPL menus.
  -- Added pattern for property page title.
  -- Fixed issue of loading location levels in "My profile" page.
  -- Fixed marker icon up-loader issue.
  -- Fixed some translation issues.
  -- Fixed some encoding issues.
  -- Fixed some UI issues.

WPL3.0.1 (03/16/2016 revision 2207)
  -- Fixed profile image/logo uploader issue.
  -- Fixed an encoding issue.
  -- Fixed some UI issues.

WPL3.0.0 (03/05/2016 revision 2183)
  -- [PRO] Added "view shortcode" button for all WPL widgets.
  -- [PRO] Added dropdown search type for location fields.
  -- [PRO] Added pagination for WPL sitemap feature.
  -- [PRO] Added sitemap integrity with "Yoast SEO" and "All in one SEO pack" plugins.
  -- [PRO] Added print feature for WPL listings page.
  -- [PRO] Added location auto suggest for text fields of locations in Add/Edit listing menu.
  -- [PRO] Added compare feature for comparing favorited listings.
  -- [PRO] Fixed WPML language switcher.
  -- Added an option for specifying Google Maps zoom-level for Add/Edit listing page.
  -- Added integrity for WPL events and filters with WordPress events and filters API.
  -- Added new notification for adding new listings.
  -- Added ability to add WPL fields to available sort options.
  -- Added daily sync for updating WPL currency exchanges.
  -- Added some compatibilities with PHP7.
  -- Improved units manager of WPL.
  -- Improved WPL language.
  -- Improved WPL security.
  -- Improved WPL notification system to be more integrated with WordPress mail plugins.
  -- Fixed an issue on sorting WPL fields for more than 100 fields.
  -- Fixed an issue on generating property geopoint.
  -- Fixed an issue adding/updating zipcodes on location manager menu.
  -- Fixed issue of WPL uploader on windows servers.
  -- Fixed some responsive issues.
  -- Fixed walkscore responsive issue.

WPL2.8.0 (10/05/2015 revision 1887)
  -- [PRO] Fixed AJAX search issue for Min/Max slider.
  -- [PRO] Fixed QR barcode issue in PDF flyer.
  -- [PRO] Fixed some issues in walkscore activity.
  -- Added "between" search type for numeric fields.
  -- Added single and multiple search type for feature fields.
  -- Added captcha compatibility for WPL contact forms.
  -- Improved tablet responsive size in WPL.
  -- Improved mobile responsive size in WPL.
  -- Fixed responsive issues on WPL views.
  -- Fixed some PHP notices and minor issues.

WPL2.7.0 (08/04/2015 revision 1723)
  -- [PRO] Added "PDF Flyer" option to WPL fields and WPL data categories.
  -- Added new marker icon-set.
  -- Added request a visit form in links activity.
  -- Added send to friend form in links activity.
  -- Added linkedin share feature in links activity.
  -- Added new gallery layout for single property page named "pshow_modern".
  -- Fixed shortcode wizard issue on some websites.
  -- Fixed conditional images URL issue.

WPL2.6.1 (06/30/2015 revision 1639)
  -- Fixed WPL UI customizer SCSS issue.
  -- Fixed property images issue on listings pages.
  -- Fixed external images issue on favorites widget.
  -- Fixed multilingual issue of property description in PDF flyer.

WPL2.6.0 (06/12/2015 revision 1607)
  -- [PRO] Enhanced WPL custom style by adding code editor.
  -- [PRO] Added "more_details" field type.
  -- Added CSS class option for all WPL widgets.
  -- Fixed a conflict with WPML plugin.
  -- Fixed a decimal issue on price rendering.
  -- Fixed some multilingual issues.

WPL2.5.0 (05/15/2015 revision 1523)
  -- [PRO] Added UI Customizer.
  -- Fixed some style issues and PDF name issue in PDF flyer.
  -- Fixed some issues in Location Text search.

WPL2.4.6 (05/01/2015 revision 1465)
  -- Fixed Listing ID issue on carousel widget.
  -- Fixed sort issue on listing pages.

WPL2.4.5 (04/26/2015 revision 1432)
  -- Added discard button in add new listing menu.
  -- Updated Realtyna JS libraries such as light-box library.
  -- Fixed some PHP notices.

WPL2.4.0 (04/10/2015 revision 1333)
  -- [PRO] Added Import/Export feature to settings menu.
  -- [PRO] Added RSS feature for listings.
  -- [PRO] Revised PDF feature and adding some settings for PDF feature.
  -- [PRO] Added WPL log Manager.
  -- Fixed an issue on loading plugin language file.
  -- Fixed zoom issue in map of listing wizard.
  -- Fixed some issues on location text search.
  -- Fixed backslash issue.
  -- linked Listing ID to single property page in some notifications.

WPL2.3.0 (02/26/2015 revision 1195)
  -- [PRO] Added Report Abuse feature.
  -- [PRO] Improved WPL Multilingual feature.
  -- Added entity support for WPL search widget.
  -- Added List/Grid feature for agent/profile listing pages.
  -- Added Google API key.
  -- Added fill type feature for carousel widget.
  -- Fixed profile show issue.
  -- Fixed backslash issue on property description.
  -- Fixed some design issues.

WPL2.2.0 (01/22/2015 revision 1094)
  -- [PRO] Added Multilingual support for property alias and property location texts.
  -- Developed multiple Google map marker.
  -- New look for WPL search widget.
  -- New look for WPL dashboard.
  -- New look for date picker.
  -- Developed new WPL lightbox.
  -- Fixed an issue on editing feature field parameters.

WPL2.1.0 (12/24/2014 revision 1014)
  -- [PRO] Added online payments system.
  -- [PRO] Added Multilingual support for meta description and meta keywords fields.
  -- Added ability to define feature field type options.
  -- Fixed an issue in creating new listing types.
  -- Fixed some tiny design issues.

WPL2.0.3 (12/04/2014 revision 966)
  -- Added search form on manage users menu.
  -- Enhanced WPL form generation speed.
  -- Fixed some translation issues.
  -- Fixed PNG watermark issue.

WPL2.0.0 (11/19/2014 revision 919)
  -- [PRO] Added full multilingual support.
  -- Added List/Grid switcher to property listing page.
  -- Added Pattern for property alias.
  -- Added map type feature for Google map.
  -- Added mouseover feature for map markers.
  -- Added overview option for Google map.
  -- Added slide interval time option to carousel widget.
  -- Enhanced WPL notification system.
  -- Fixed an issue on scroll pagination.

WPL1.9.0 (10/25/2014 revision 882)
  -- [PRO] Added Scroll pagination.
  -- Added layout option in shortcode wizard.
  -- Added category query types for searching on listings by categories.
  -- Added "if zero" feature to text field type. 
  -- Fixed some issues related to property page title and property title fields.
  -- Fixed a label/placeholder issue on search widget.

WPL1.8.8 (10/15/2014 revision 866)
  -- [PRO] Added hide address feature.
  -- Added Boolean field type.
  -- Fixed some issues on watermark feature.
  -- Make latitude and longitude fields editable on flex menu.

WPL1.8.5 (10/05/2014 revision 853)
  -- [PRO] Added Google auto suggest to search widget location options.
  -- [PRO] Added map layout for carousel widget.
  -- Fixed some issues on multisite installation.
  -- Fixed an issue on creating location levels.
  -- Fixed some issue on elastic layout of carousel widget.
  -- Fixed an issue on open house feature.

WPL1.8.3 (9/23/2014 revision 803)
  -- [PRO] WYSIWYG Editor for property description and text-area fields.
  -- SEO optimizations for WPL core.
  -- Added twitter meta tags on single property page.
  -- Added location abbreviation in location manager for importer add-ons.
  -- Fixed an issue in WPL light-box.
  -- Fixed an issue for showing specified fields on single property page.
  -- Fixed some issues on rooms feature.

WPL1.8.1 (9/10/2014 revision 788)
  -- Added Similar properties feature to WPL carousel widget.
  -- Fixed shortcode wizard iframe issue.
  -- Fixed some interface issues.
  -- Fixed some PHP notices.

WPL1.8.0 (9/03/2014 revision 784)
  -- [PRO] Added sitemap feature for WPL items (Listings/Agents).
  -- [PRO] Added Dublin Core meta tags for SEO purposes.
  -- [PRO] Added an ability for hiding a numeric field when its value is zero.
  -- [PRO] Added Call for price feature when the price sets to zero.
  -- Added user contact activity.
  -- Fixed an issue on WPL SEF.
  -- Added price options to WPL shortcode wizard.
  -- Added WPL plugin links in WordPress plugin manager.

WPL1.7.7 (8/25/2014 revision 769)
  -- [PRO] Geo meta tag support is added for SEO purposes.
  -- [PRO] Italian and Serbian language files are added.
  -- Fixed some issues on WPL kinds.
  -- Added separators for setting fields.
  -- Fixed an issue on Widgets name and description.
  -- Updated WPL language files.

WPL1.7.5 (8/23/2014 revision 762)
  -- Fixed an issue on notification content.
  -- Fixed an issue on showing property neighborhoods.
  -- Updated WPL font icons.
  -- Added open graph meta tags to the single property page.

WPL1.7.4 (8/17/2014 revision 752)
  -- [PRO] Fixed an issue on PDF flyer.
  -- Fixed an issue on notification content.
  -- Fixed some PHP notices.

WPL1.7.3 (8/16/2014 revision 750)
  -- [PRO] Added ability to insert meta key and meta description manually for SEO purposes.
  -- Fixed an issue on file uploaders.
  -- Fixed an issue in WPL SEF links.
  -- Fixed an issue in removing unfinalized properties.

WPL1.7.1 (8/02/2014 revision 743)
  -- Added a new feature for removing user thumbnails after uploading new profile picture or company logo.
  -- Fixed some tiny issues on search widget and single property page.

WPL1.7.0 (7/31/2014 revision 740)
  -- [PRO] Added favorites widget.
  -- Added notification manager menu.
  -- Added contact agent activity.
  -- Added mailto feature for agent info activity.
  -- Some enhancements for WPL SEF.
  -- Fixed some PHP notices and tiny issues.

WPL1.6.0 (7/15/2014 revision 728)
  -- Updated language file with new keywords.
  -- Fixing an issue in Listing Wizard menu for fetching Geo point from Google servers.

WPL1.5.9 (7/12/2014 revision 725)
  -- Fixed auto complete style issue.
  -- Updated language file with new keywords.
  -- Fixed a Google map issue in listing wizard.
  -- Added a feature for updating Geo point.

WPL1.5.8 (7/06/2014 revision 722)
  -- [PRO] Fixed some issues in PDF flyer layout.
  -- Added location field in shortcode wizard.
  -- Added single property page and search widget handler for Flex fields.
  -- Fixed some issues in search widget.

WPL1.5.7 (6/30/2014 revision 715)
  -- Added new keywords to language file.
  -- Fixed a responsive issue on single property gallery.

WPL1.5.6 (6/29/2014 revision 711)
  -- Added street view feature to Googlemap activity.
  -- Added a feature for resetting other search fields after inserting Listing ID.
  -- Added a reset link to listing manager search widget.
  -- Fixed finalize button issue on listing wizard menu.
  -- Fixed an issue in location select boxes in search widget.

WPL1.5.4 (6/25/2014 revision 709)
  -- Fixed an issue in owl_slider layout of carousel widget.
  -- Fixed a js issue on WPL frontend.

WPL1.5.3 (6/17/2014 revision 704)
  -- [PRO] Added WPL widget loader (shortcode for widgets).
  -- Added new options for deleting property types and listing types.
  -- Fixed some issues in gallery activity.
  -- Added new keywords to language file.

WPL1.5.1 (6/08/2014 revision 683)
  -- Added resize handler to gallery activity.
  -- Fixed an issue on agents widget.

WPL1.5.0 (6/04/2014 revision 674)
  -- [PRO] Added energy tag feature.
  -- [PRO] Updated PDF library.
  -- Added property description to the text search by default.
  -- Fixed some issues on user manager menu.

WPL1.4.8 (6/03/2014 revision 669)
  -- Hide currency field when there is just one active currency on search widget.
  -- [PRO] Added User Flex menu for managing user fields.
  -- Added a feature for editing agents profile by admin.
  -- Added a search form on listing manager page.
  -- Fixed an issue on WPL bxslider.
  -- Fixed some responsive issues.
  -- Updated WPL fonts.

WPL1.4.5 (5/28/2014 revision 650)
  -- [PRO] Added Walkscore activity.
  -- Fixed image size issue on listing pages.
  -- Added property title field and use this field instead of default property title in listings, single property
and carousel widget.
  -- Added URL field type.
  -- Added a new sidebar in property listing page.
  -- Added WPL icon for WPL menu.

WPL1.4.3 (5/25/2014 revision 635)
  -- Fixed some tiny issues.

WPL1.4.2 (5/19/2014 revision 634)
  -- Fixed an issue on search widget.
  -- Fixed a style issue on WPL frontend.

WPL1.4.1 (5/15/2014 revision 630)
  -- Fixed javascript tmpl file issue with IIS and windows servers.
  -- Fixed text search issue for locations.
  -- Fixed an id conflict issue on widgets.

WPL1.4.0 (5/13/2014 revision 628)
  -- Fixed some CSS issues on carousel widget.
  -- Fixed image crop issue.

WPL1.3.9 (5/12/2014 revision 622)
  -- [PRO] Added radius option for google places feature.
  -- Added simple layouts to carousel and agents widgets.
  -- Added Hectare to WPL units.
  -- Trigger some events using WPL events API for notifications and logs.
  -- Fixed specifications issue on Flex menu.
  -- Removed useless CSS and CSS style options from flex edit screen.
  -- Fixed some PHP notices.

WPL1.3.7 (5/7/2014 revision 609)
  -- [PRO] Google Place feature added to google map activity.
  -- Fixed an issue in search widget layout.
  -- Cleanup on assets directory and some clean coding on js codes.
  -- Fixed some tiny issues.

WPL1.3.5 (5/6/2014 revision 599)
  -- Fixed user access issue.
  -- Fixed a tiny style issue on WPL light-boxes.

WPL1.3.4 (5/1/2014 revision 596)
  -- Fixed container class issue on property listing and profile listing.
  -- Fixed no image font issue.
  -- Fixed an issue in profile show page.

WPL1.3.3 (4/25/2014 revision 589)
  -- Added company logo and company information in agent info activity.
  -- Added random option in agents widget.
  -- Tweaked listing links activity styles.
  -- Fixed some tiny issues.

WPL1.3.2 (4/23/2014 revision 582)
  -- Fixed manual property title issue.
  -- Fixed some issues on activity manager.
  -- W3C compatible.

WPL1.3.0 (4/21/2014 revision 568)
  -- Compatible with WordPress 3.9.
  -- Fixed some js conflicts about requirejs.
  -- Added change user feature in listing manager.
  -- Fixed an issue about rendering datetime.

WPL1.2.6 (4/16/2014 revision 553)
  -- added 2 default sidebars to WPL.
  -- Changing property price position in listings page.
  -- Fixed an style issue on single property page.
  -- [PRO] Page association feature added to the activity manager.
  -- Fixed listing address issue on front-end.

WPL1.2.3 (4/13/2014 revision 543)
  -- Fixed thumbnail overlaying issue on property gallery.
  -- Make the rooms, bedrooms and price type fields editable.

WPL1.2.2 (4/12/2014 revision 540)
  -- Fixed an issue in property listing for showing commercial property rooms.
  -- Fixed some PHP notices.
  -- Fixed image uploader issue on my profile menu.

WPL1.2.0 (4/09/2014 revision 533)
  -- Added agents widget for showing agents on front-end.
  -- Fixing some plugin-check plugin warnings.
  -- Added new layout to carousel widget.
  -- Fixing some issues when STRICT_TRANS_TABLES is enabled on MySQL server.
  -- Fixing deleting field issue.

WPL1.1.6 (4/04/2014 revision 517)
  -- Added target page feature for linking WPL menus together.
  -- Added image and thumbnail sizes for carousel module.
  -- Added target page to search and carousel widget.
  -- Added external image feature in PRO version.
  -- Added profile show shortcode.
  -- Fixed some PHP notices on PHP5.4.

WPL1.1.3 (4/02/2014 revision 513)
  -- Fixed some tiny issues.

WPL1.1.2 (3/29/2014 revision 512)
  -- Added charts activity.
  -- Added a new shortcode for showing my profile view on frontend.
  -- Fixed some PHP notices.
  -- Fixed an issue in flex menu about saving the fields.

WPL1.0.9 (3/25/2014 revision 508)
  -- Fixed some tiny issues.
  -- Fixed some PHP notices.

WPL1.0.8 (3/19/2014 revision 502)
  -- Fixed sort image/attachments/video issue on Add/Edit listing.
  -- Fixed some upgrade issues.

WPL1.0.7 (3/18/2014 revision 498)
  -- Added requirements and maintenance view on settings menu.
  -- Added documentation and support section into WPL dashboard.
  -- Fixed some PHP notices.
  -- Fixed an issue in PHP5.2!

WPL1.0.5 (3/17/2014 revision 488)
  -- Fixed some issues on image uploader.
  -- Fixed a security issue.

WPL1.0.4 (3/15/2014 revision 483)
  -- Fixed some PHP notices.

WPL1.0.3 (3/15/2014 revision 482)
  -- Fixed some PHP notices.
  -- Fixed an issue on shortcode wizard.

WPL1.0.2 (3/12/2014 revision 476)
  -- Fixed some tiny issues.

WPL1.0.1 (3/11/2014 revision 474)
  -- Fixed search widget lightbox issue.
  -- Fixed location settings issue.

WPL1.0.0 (10/8/2013 revision 358)
  -- WPL1.0.0 is released.

TMDb Pro – Movie & TV Show Details Plugin For The Movie Database

WPL Real Estate + Organic IDX Plugin by Realtyna

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WPL Real Estate + Organic IDX Plugin by Realtyna

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