WPNotif: WordPress SMS & WhatsApp Message Notifications

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Wpnotif lets you send notifications using SMS or WhatsApp to your customers from your WordPress site. The plugin is also fully compatible with WooCommerce and you can setup automatic notification triggers for your customers whenever they create a new order or whenever the status of that order is changed. Site admins including, store owners, editors etc can also setup messages or WhatsApp notifications for themselves.

Different Gateway for Different Countries

You can also setup different gateways for different countries which can help you in reduncing your SMS cost and at the same time increase deliverability

You have the right to chose the cheapest gateway you want or use a combination of those.

Multi-Lingual SMS Template

Having customers from different countries who speak different languages is not a problem, you can setup SMS templates in multiple languages.

Why send same message again and again when you can make your customer feel special by sending different message to everyone or every subsequent message.

WhatsApp Message Notification

Send WhatsApp message notification to your customers alongside SMS or if you don’t want to send SMS notifications then you can turn that setting off and just use WhatsApp Messages.

Smart country code detection

It doesn’t matter if your mobile number field has country code in it or not, WPNotif is smart enough to find it out and if its not present then put the country code in place automatically


  • Multisite Support
  • 20+ SMS Integrated Gateways
  • Quick Send SMS (Manual)
  • Send SMS from Order Page
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Translation Ready
  • Full WooCommerce Support
  • Automatic WooCommerce Order Status Update Notification
  • Manually trigger order Status SMS
  • Supports Multi Country

  • Twilio
  • Msg91
  • Plivo
  • Nexmo
  • Messagebird
  • Amazon SNS
  • Amazon Pinpoint
  • Kalyera
  • Alibaba
  • Clickatell
  • Clicksend
  • Clockwork
  • Mobily.ws
  • Alfa Cell
  • Africas Talking
  • Textlocal
  • Unifonic
  • Melipayamak
  • Netgsm
  • SMSC.ru
  • TargetSMS
  • Ghasedak
  • Farapayamak
  • SendInBlue
  • IBulkSMS
  • Yunpian
  • Alibaba (Go China)
  • Infobip
  • CM
  • OperSMS
  • SMS123
  • SparrowSMS
  • ADP Digital
  • Spryng
  • Karix.io
  • Bandwidth
  • Engage Spark
  • KAPSystem
  • TeleStax
  • TTAG Systems
  • Wavecell
  • SMS Aero
  • GatewayAPI
  • Agile Telecom
  • Green Text
  • MNotify
  • SMS Broadcast
  • SMS Gateway Hub
  • Thai Bulk SMS
  • SMS Country
  • Text Marketer
  • TextMagic
  • QSMS
  • SMS Factor
  • eSMS
  • isms
  • Textplode
  • Route SMS
  • Skebby
  • Send Hub
  • Proovl
  • Messente
  • Spring Edge
  • Tyntec
  • Bulk SMS Nigeria
  • Bulk SMS
  • Esendex
  • WebSMS
  • SMS Global
  • Fortytwo
  • Primotexto
  • Spirius
  • ExpertTexting
  • Jusibe
  • Mensatek
  • SpeedSMS
  • Jazz CMT
  • Mocean SMS
  • Send SMS 247
  • Smsc.ua
  • 1s2u
  • TextAnywhere
  • SMS77
  • Verimor
  • Labs Mobile
  • Unisender
  • Aruba.it
  • Comilio
  • Smshosting
  • Gateway.sa
  • Uwazii Mobile
  • SureSMS
  • Easy Send SMS
  • Sinch
  • Semaphore
  • SMSEmpresa
  • Wavy
  • SMS.to
  • Telnyx
  • Telesign
  • D7Networks
  • iSMS Indonesia
  • SendPK
  • MiM SMS
  • OpenMarket
  • Mobyt
  • TM4B
  • Commzgate
  • Swift SMS Gateway
  • 2Factor
  • GupShup
  • Digimiles
  • CallFire
  • Skebby
  • NowSMS
  • Releans
  • Zipwhip
  • Message Media
  • TheSMSWorks
  • Mogreet
  • 46elks
  • Slicktext
  • SMS Idea
  • Tatango
  • SMS Edge
  • SMSMasivos
  • Camoo
  • Signalwire
  • Ooredoo SMS
  • Max-SMS
  • Payam Resan
  • Foxglove Connect
  • TxtSync
  • Serwersms.pl
  • 9 May 2020 - Version 2.0
      - New: SMS/WhatsApp Newsletter
      - New: Mobile App
      - New: Send SMS from your existing Phone plan
      - New: 110+ New SMS Gateways
      - New: Multivendor/Marketplace Support (all plugins)
      - New: User Groups
      - New: Phone Subscription Form
      - New: New Post Notifications
      - New: Contact Form 7 submission notifications
      - New: Gravity Forms submission notifications
      - New: Trigger WhatsApp messages using our app
      - New: WC Product Low and out of stock notifications
      - New: Recurring newsletter
      - New: Option to select specific admin/user for admin notification
      - New: 20+ predefined placeholders
      - New: Option to keep consent checkbox checked by default
      - New: Default country code option
      - New: RTL support in template boxes
      - Improved: Performance
      - Improved: RTL support
      - Improved: Translations
      - Improved: SMS template box is now resizable
      - Fixed: On/Off switch getting translated
      - Fixed: Quick SMS not working for store manager
      - Fixed: Removed deprecated jquery API from settings
      - Fixed: Issues with some SMS Gateways
      - Fixed: Admin bar getting hidden in Frontend when WhatsApp enabled
      - Fixed: Linebreak not working in WhatsApp Pending messages
    6 February 2020 - Version 1.8
      - New: Clear all and delete WhatsApp Web Pending list
      - New: SMS triggers for guest checkout
      - Improved: Removed html tags in message
      - Improved: Zero width character issues with tracking link
      - Improved: Login SMS priority given to Digits phone field
      - Fixed: & converting to amp in url in WhatsApp Web
      - Fixed: Custom order status not triggering in rare conditions
      - Fixed: Regsitration message not working with Digits one click
      - Fixed: WhatsApp web getting triggered even when turned off in some cases
    19 December 2019 – Version: 1.7
      - New: Low Stock notification
      - New: Out of Stock notification
      - Fixed: Registration message not working with Digits one click
      - Fixed: Custom order status notification not working in some cases
      - Fixed: WhatsApp Web getting triggered on manual trigger when turned off
    26 November 2019 – Version: 1.6
      - New: Date added to WhatsApp Web Pending Messages
      - New: User Signup and Login notifications
      - New: Password change notifications
      - New: 8 New WordPress profile fields placeholders
      - New: 1 New WooCommerce shortcode
      - New: ibulksms SMS gateway
      - New: Alfa Cell SMS gateway
      - New: Amazon Pinpoint SMS gateway
      - New: SendInBlue SMS Gateway
      - Fixed: Frontend console warning when WhatsApp Web enabled
      - Fixed: Twilio manual trigger SMS not sending
      - Fixed: Yunpian not working
      - Fixed: Site background getting changed for admin
    15 October 2019 – Version: 1.5.2
      - Improved: Loading icon when testing gateway
      - Improved: Translations
      - Fixed: Crashing when using Alphacell/Mobily.ws
      - Fixed: Translation issues in WP Admin panel
      - Fixed: Background getting changed for admin accounts
    21 August 2019 – Version: 1.5.1
      - Improved: Dashboard menu item out of WooCommerce 
      - Fix: Quick SMS only taking 2 characters
    8 August 2019 – Version: 1.5
      - New: SMS gateway africastalking.com
      - Improved: Line break support in WhatsApp Web
      - Improved: MSG91 integration
      - Improved: Updated SMS.ru API
      - Fixed: Same library used by other plugin conflicts 
    24 July 2019 – Version: 1.4
      - New: Placeholder for item names and count {{wc-product-name-count}}
      - New: Gateway Amazon SNS
      - New: Gateway Ghasedak
      - New: Gateway Farapayamak
      - Fixed: Pending list not working when not in admin panel
      - Fixed: Placeholder list button missing from fields
      - Fixed: Database issue with some character set
      - Fixed: select2 conflict
    19 July 2019 – Version: 1.3.1
      - Improved: WC Shipping Tracking now support shipping link
    18 July 2019 – Version: 1.3
      - New: WhatsApp Web (Free) Integration
      - New: 100% GDPR compatible
      - Fixed: SMS option not getting turned off
    2 July 2019 – Version: 1.2
      - New: Hooks to change message value from external function
    29 June 2019 – Version: 1.1
      - New: Array value support in custom placeholder
      - New: postmeta support in custom placeholder
    27 June 2019 – Version: 1.0.1
      - Fixed: WhatsApp API test button producing error
    26 June 2019 – Version: 1.0
      - New: Initial Release

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    WPNotif: WordPress SMS & WhatsApp Message Notifications

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    WPNotif: WordPress SMS & WhatsApp Message Notifications

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