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X4 Media Library

A new generation media library folders plugin for WordPress, that looks, feels and works similar to your desktop file manager, like on Windows, Linux or Mac OS.

X4 Media Library plugin allows you to easily transform a large set of unsorted files into a good-looking and easy-to-use media library with colored folders and subfolders, with no coding experience required.

Alternatively, you can simply drag&drop and upload already organized folders and files directly from your computer to the WordPress media library, and X4 Media Library will make sure that the structure remains exactly the same.

Need Help?

24/7 Premium Support Team answers your questions and solves your issues. We are open for your suggestions for new feature requests and plugin improvements. Your great ideas help us make this plugin better every day!

The Explorer-Like

X4 Media Library is the explorer-like media library plugin for WordPress, that helps to easily organize thousands of media files into a deep folders hierarchy, and it implements commonly used file manager functionality, such as:

  • folders
  • drag&drop
  • cut/copy/paste
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • selection frame
  • context menu
  • view mode
  • sort by
  • filters
  • deep search
  • etc

Physical Folders

X4 Media Library is the only media library folders plugin, that works directly with physical folders on your server. When you open the media library in a browser, you see the contents of /wp-content/uploads folder.

If you create a folder inside /wp-content/uploads via FTP, it will automatically appear in the wordpress media library. If you create a new folder via media library in the browser, it will automatically appear inside /wp-content/uploads on your server.

Nested Folders Upload

Select multiple nested folders and files on your computer, then drag&drop them all to the X4 Media Library at once, after the uploading process is complete, the structure of the uploaded folders in the media library remains exactly the same.

You can copy an unlimited number of folders and files at the same time, just make sure that there is enough free space on your server, because the wordpress core also automatically generates up to five thumbnails for each uploaded file.

Upload Progress

When you drag&drop folders and files to the wordpress media library an upload progress popup window with two progress bars appears automatically. It contains a per file progress bar, a total progress bar and a list of errors that appears only if any error occurred during the uploading process.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Like the desktop file manager you can use the same keyboard shortcuts in the X4 Media Library. For example, you can cut/copy/paste selected folders and files using CTRL+X/CTRL+C/CTRL+V, you can navigate using Arrows (navigation buttons), Enter and Backspace, you can rename with F2 and delete using Del, etc.

Context Menu

X4 Media Library provides various context menu for a single folder, a single file, current folder, multiple selected folders, multiple selected files, multiple selected folders and files. Just clich the right mouse button on the specific folder or file to open the context menu.

Selection Frame

This plugin allows you to use the selection frame to select multiple folders and media library files at once like in the desktop file manager. You can hold the CTRL key to select/deselect a specific file, the SHIFT key to select multiple files in a row, or you can use the Select All button.

Details Sidebar

You can click on a specific file or folder to see the details in the right sidebar of X4 Media Library that displays folders statistics, image preview, file details, action buttons, file URL, change folder icon, change folder color, edit file meta fields such as title, caption, description, alternative text, etc.

Resizable Sidebars

Resizable and mobile-ready sidebars, with this plugin you can use drag&drop to catch the border of the sidebar to start resizing. Both sidebars are hidden on the mobile devices, details sidebar is hidden on tablets, you can click on the sidebar icons at the top to show/hide them.

Folder Color & Icon

Instead of using the default yellow folders, X4 Media Library allows you to change the folder color using a material design pallete with a large set of colors. Moreover, instead of using the default folder icon, you can also change the folder icon using a large set of material design icons.

File Renaming

Like the desktop file manager you can rename files after upload or anytime you want to make their URL look pretty in the address bar of the browser. Just click on a specific file and press the F2 key to start renaming, or click the right mouse button to open the context menu and select Rename action.

File Extensions

WordPress has a limited list of registered file extensions allowed for upload, but X4 Media Library makes it easy to manage this list, allow/disallow certain file extensions, add your own unregistered file extensions. Note, you have to reload the page in the browser in order to apply changes to the uploader.

View, Sort By, Filters

X4 Media Library provides the explorer-like functionality such as customizing the view mode (display size of folders and files) – huge, large, medium, small icons, sorting by by upload date, file name and file type in both directions, filtering by upload year, month and day, file mime type and extension.

This plugin allows you to make a search in the whole wordpress media library or just in a specific folder, at the same time you can choose to include all nested subfolders in the search results. Moreover, the search field supports wildcards and some regular expressions, which makes it more powerful than the desktop file manager.


You can move selected folders and files from one location to another simply by using X4 Media Library drag&drop functionality. While dragging, you see the number of folders and files that will be moved to another folder. Note, you can’t move selected folders to some of their subfolders.

Mobile Ready

Ready to use on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, sidebars are hidden by default, but can be easily opened by clicking on the sidebar icons at the top. X4 Media Library automatically adjusts the size of folders and files to fit available free space so that it looks great on any screen size.

Note: don’t copy files to your server directly via FTP, you will not see them in the wordpress media library. When you upload files via media library in the browser, the wordpress engine automatically creates a database record and generates thumbnails for each file. X4 Media Library displays only those files that have the corresponding record in the database.


fixed issue with wordpress admin menus
fixed issue with short database string keys
added feature to upload svg files
fixed small different issues
added settings page for managing ignored folders
added some default reserved ignored folders
added progress popup for deleting folders and files
fixed small php notice in ajax request
added notification labels for cut/copy actions
improved performance of loading the image preview
auto-disable the year/month folders upon activation
massively updated release
initial release




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X4 Media Library for WordPress

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X4 Media Library for WordPress

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