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Yordy – Complete Multipurpose All in One Wordpress Directory listings theme for business directory, real estate, models/actors or any other directory

Create your own amazing experience website portal like, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, HomeAway with all popular and many more innovative features.

No coding knowledge or expensive plugins required, everything intuitive, visual, nice documentation, our support is always welcome to help you and you can even get refund if you will have some issue

Easy to customize with Elementor Visual Page Builder, nicely organized files, (different listing types, many homepages, half screen variation, detailed listing description, few blog versions and more).

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Technical documentation, Knowledge base, FAQ, Support center

Download Package

  • Source JS
  • Source CSS
  • Source PHP files
  • Documentation
  • Preview example
  • NOTICE: Any media/images used in the preview are only for demo purposes and may not be included.

Server requirements

  • PHP version 5.6 or newer
  • MySQL (4.1+)
  • Self-hosted installation for WordPress; does not support some plugin features


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Why is Yordy Multipurpose Directory WordPress Theme your best choice for Listing directory?

Template Features

  • Easy automated installation and demo content import tool
  • Fast and robust (same as custom build scripts)
  • Easy translation with standard WordPress translation plugins
  • Multilanguage support with WPML plugin
  • Auto translation with MyMemory or Google Translate API
  • Quick and simple listing submission
  • You can earn money by providing custom packages for submission to visitors at portal with PayPal, cash, or bank transfer payment support
  • Google Maps, Grid and List results supported
  • You can add custom fields (textareas, inputs, dropdowns, upload) direct from Admin interface (No programming skills needed)
  • Categories dependent fields (You can select visible fields dependent on category/type)
  • Visual search form builder
  • Visual result item builder
  • AJAX search results and pagination
  • Review system for listings
  • Favourites system for listings
  • Many widgets, shortcodes and visual composer elements support
  • Supported user-types/roles with submissions: Admin, Agency, Agent and Own
  • Facebook login for one click login
  • reCaptcha support to prevent spam
  • MailChimp email export support to build newsletter campaigns
  • Each agent/agency and user have public profile page with all listings and contact form
  • Inquiries system for you and your agents in administration
  • Extra easy to use, drag & drop multi image upload, reorder images, resize images, pages, fields
  • Email notifications for many important actions on website
  • Precise Responsiveness for any device
  • SEO friendly even without additional plugins
  • Elegant and clean code based on CodeIgniter and Bootstrap, so you can easily customize anything you want
  • Rapid support, documentation, knowledge base, FAQ section, and fast response to any issue

If you need Any Directory solution for WordPress, try our theme and you’ll love it!

1.2 Hotfix 2 – 18 April 20

  • Pandemia Demo example added
  • Small layout fixes

Update instructions: replace current folder “wp-contentthemesyordy” with new theme update and follow instructions in admin dashboard.

1.2 Hotfix – 15 September 19

  • Images addon on manage listings
  • Fix related to required field and dependent in same time
  • Layout improvements for Mobile and Desktop
  • Recurring payment fixes and improvements for Subscriptio plugin
  • for admin, enable to change property subscription
  • edit subscription issue in WPML for WooCommerce
  • add listing id in product description WooCommerce
  • favourite inform related to changes cronjob
  • Security improved

Update instructions: replace current folder “wp-contentthemesyordy” with new theme update and follow instructions in admin dashboard.

1.2 – 29. May 19

  • Testing feature for listing with multiple locations
  • Testing feature for listing in multiple categories
  • Booking search available dates on homepage
  • Datetime field for listings, also with search abilities
  • Facebook login support updated
  • Additional features in customizer and some widgets
  • Recurring payment plugin compatibility for subscriptions, compatibility with Subscriptio plugin
  • Yoast SEO plugin compatibility improvements (sitemaps + tags)
  • WPML and Polylang plugin compatibility improvements
  • User Profile Picture plugin compatibility
  • Layout improvements

Update instructions: replace current folder “wp-contentthemesyordy” with new theme update and follow instructions in admin dashboard.

1.1 – 2. March 19

  • Booking added, by hour by day by week by month
  • Subscription Membership
  • WooCommerce payment gateways supported
  • Some improvements in widgets
  • RTL fix in admin
  • Added few more examples for pages like map on top, slider on top
  • WPML improvements
  • Polylang beta support added
  • Report/claim listing in demo
  • QR code support
  • Compare added in demo
  • Table field functionality (like opening hours and restourant menu)
  • PDF export in dem oadded
  • currency converter in demo added
  • model agency homepage improvement
  • slider example added

Update instructions: replace current folder “wp-contentthemesyordy” with new theme update and follow instructions in admin dashboard.

1.0 – 7 February 19

  • Initial release

TMDb Pro – Movie & TV Show Details Plugin For The Movie Database

Yordy – Directory Listings WordPress Theme

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Yordy - Directory Listings WordPress Theme

Download Yordy – Directory Listings WordPress Theme Nulled

Download Yordy – Directory Listings WordPress Theme

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